10lbs by Spring Bank Holiday (27th May) Week 5 thread

-5lbs taking me to -15lbs total.

Final weigh in - 169.4 lbs (12st 1.4 lbs). Down 7.8 overall.


Sorry guys - me in me pants again! Couldn’t resist tho’ - loving the little belly :rofl: Technically still a ‘lump’, but hey a smaller lump :rofl:

Hi lads. Sadly Laid a friend to rest today. Took his own life on Easter Sunday aged 36. It was a huge shock to everyone as he was (outwardly) the silliest happiest bloke you’d ever meet. Think I’ve struggled with this mentally more than I realised. It’s led to lots of long walks (good) but also periods of binge eating (obv bad)

Let myself down on the Bank Holiday weekend. Felt like I ate non stop. Have just booked in for a gym class tomorrow and footie Thurs eve, so I’m looking forward to getting back on track

Well done to everyone who got to the end of the challenge

Sorry for your loss, mate. You’re grieving, don’t worry about what you’re doing at all. Take care.

So sad to hear my friend. I know from personal experience that when the darkness descends you hide it well. After all we are men, and can’t be seen to be weak. JUST TALK guys. Take care pal.

Thanks guys