11 a side games Spring/Summer 19


Morning lads, the guys at Northampton MvF are looking for some 11 a side games into the Spring and Summer of this year.
We’ve already set up a home and away game vs MK MvF and we’re hoping to repeat that elsewhere across the East Midlands/Midlands.

Anyone fancy it?


Leyton might be interested


oxford might be,ill ask around this evening


Oldbury will be interested if you want to come to West Midlands


MvF Stoke would be keen.

Same goes for any other leagues around the midlands that fancy getting some friendly games on. More football the better!!

Any leagues interested, send us a message on whatsapp - 07818353205


Kidderminster would love to have a game. We are playing Oldbury this Saturday and always happy to host a game or travel. Drop me a whatsapp or text on 07773182912


Leyton IS* interested.


Quite a few of us from the greens would be up for it mate if you want to set any up for oxford


Brilliant, my number is 07745114591 please feel free to Whatsapp me to get something in the diary.


Hi atb

Ipswich would like to play you.

can someone contact me on 07595055685 to get the ball rolling,

thank you, Regards Mark


yep - please let me know next steps as keen to start playing - cheers


Peterborough will be up for it



I’m sure Cardiff will be buddy we have just played our first 11 a side and the lads loved it and want to play more