11 aside anyone?


Good evening everyone, we at Leyton are looking for 11 aside friendly games and we are willing to travel. None of the local teams want to play us for some reason, maybe because we have beaten current SGP tournament winners both times we have played them😉.

Oh well if there’s anyone out there that’s willing to accommodate us or is willing to travel to us please let me know as we really want to play before summer is out!

Are you man enough? :rofl:


@Stunorm is one of the organisers of the Manchester 11 a side team. I’m sure he can get something arranged for a match in Manchester or nearby pretty soon.


I`ll get the word out to our boys from kensington…? that’s more local for you (london derby!)


West Brom league are looking for opposition for a game in Merthyr on 27/10


If you fancy a travel down to Cardiff then Cardiff MvF would be happy to give your 11 a game. Our facilities are second to none next door to Cardiff city stadium. Inbox me if keen