11 aside game anyone?

11 aside game anyone ?

Weston-super-mare man v fat are looking to arrange some friendly games with other teams if interested reply on thread and will be in contact

we are looking too, but we are a bit too far from you, Doncaster,
According to the Man v Fat site the closest leagues to you are in the following locations
We could do with a directory on the web site of people to contact from each location in relation to general queries, 6 a-side games, 11 a-side games etc… so that we can sort this kind of thing out. Obviously not expecting Man v Fat to do it for us but it is difficult to arrange these kind of things when you have no idea who to get in touch with
I have contacted Man v Fat and asked them about running an 11-a-side competition across the country and am waiting to hear back from them.
If you do ever fancy a road trip up to this neck of the woods then let me know and I’ll get something sorted. We normally play our 11 a-side games on a Sunday.

Might have team interested

For which team ?

Oldbury or West Brom I will check

A nice trip to the seaside or could do a two legged game

Two legged sounds great plan

What sort of dates would you be thinking of ?

Cardiff would be up for it mate, we have a couple already organised I’ll talk to max who looks after our 11 aside and get in touch

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I’ve made a Man v Fat UK WhatsApp chat for those clubs and town’s who want to get instant answers to arranging matches.
If anyone is keen on joining let me know, my number is 07791763533 Just let me know what league you’re from and I’ll add you, we have 14 towns/leagues in it at the moment and 5/6 & 11a side matches being arranged regularly.

That would be great

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Messaged you with message on what’s app maxi

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