12 months - DONE


I wasn’t going to write a victory post, as nothing has changed since I wrote my victory if reaching my goal 12 months ago. On reflection I thought about all the posts I read when I first started out and the inspiration it gave me seeing people not only hitting but maintaining at their goal.

So today sees my Birthday, which I’ve pegged as my anniversary of hitting my weight loss goal. Now the last 12 months has had some tricky weeks but I’ve not gone more than 7lbs above my goal and have returned and drop below on many occasions so I’m happy to say I’m successfully maintaining.

I’d love to say it was easy, but I’ve spent most of the year doing diet (1500 calorie days) to allow for a blow out. I’d much prefer to be hitting my daily allowance every day but I’ve pretty much accepted that my relationship with food will never change but I have the tools to deal with it now so am confident that I’ll never go back.

In the last 12 months I’ve climbed the 3 peaks:

I’ve won player of the season at #foxhollies
and captained a team to win the inaugural MvF St George’s Park tournament. Represented MvF at the Valley (won that too) as well as felt happy with being me.

So where ever you are on your journey, never give up. Hit every challenge face on and for every slip backwards make sure you take a giant leapforwards the very next day.

If you want to read a bit more about my journey, my amazing loser post is below:


I’m so glad you posted this, not just because you deserve to post it but because it means I can also say a massive thank you for the fact that you spend your free time helping out on the forum and advising other players on your league absolutely for free. If MVF is a case of us all helping each other then I think you are a shining light and I’m very happy to say congratulations to you.


Here, here :smile: :smile:

Well done Andy, catch up soon hopefully mate


I’m so glad you were a part of my journey and I wish you nothing but continued success!


Phenomenal work. Well done indeed.


Although much of the emphasis on the site is on losing fat, most people don’t appreciate the effort in maintaining the loss. In my case, it’s about the same amount of effort. Which makes sense if you think about it, none of the changes I’ve made were ever meant to be temporary. But you’ve certainly bucked the statistics and provide a great example of how to not only lose, but maintain. Congrats!


@Andy_Gallon really glad you posted this. Losing weight is incredibly hard but maintaining is tougher. I’m hoping to find a permanent solution and am resigned to the fact that this will have to become a life of using tools to maintain. As you can see from the below I’ve had a journey, losing 100lbs once, then a pattern of gain and loss. Currently sat at 48lbs down from the very start of the journey but a mile from my goal.

In summary maintenance is the key and knowing someone else has cracked it gives confidence!


My graph was very similar, yoyo between 17 and 29 stone for 10 years. Difference is I’d track coming down and stop when it was going up!

Key difference this time us whenever I have a high calorie day I take note and make sure I follow it up with 3 or 4 low days to even it out.

MvF football is helping as I know I’m accountable to my team every Monday. If I can get through a few years maintaining I’m hoping it will get easier and I’ll never go back.


Congratulations! :slight_smile:


well done great post and inspiration for all,


well done great post.


Well done Andy, a great achievement.

Joined Kidderminster last March and have lost just under 70 pounds since. MVF really does work and it’s great to be playing football again.

Baxter, agree, maintaining is definitely a challenge. I cant recommend recording calories / weight / exercise enough.

Ironically I’m finding losing the final 10 pounds to push me into the “healthy” BMI range harder than losing the significant weight loss before. Even shifting a pound a week is becoming a problem now.