16/8 fasting calorie intake

Hi all
I’m doing 16/8 fasting, my recommended cal intake is 2000 per day, my problem being I’m really struggling with eating the 2000 In my time period without feeling bloated and full, at the same time, I do a very active job not eating until 1pm getting up about 7am, the gym after 5-6 days a week (same with fasting 5-6days too) I’ve been fasting for around 3weeks and not once have I been lathargic or lacking in energy, complete opposite I’ve been buzzing but I’m lucky if I hit 1500cal a day sometimes as little as 1000, I am losing weight and seem to be building muscle I can see my body shape changing quite a bit (never having trained 35years old) so I guess my question is, is your recommended daily intake reduced due to fasting, or with no lack of energy should I even worry?

Why are you fasting it if doesn’t help?

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Fasting is helping, I’ve lost 6lbs in 2 weeks, it’s just that I can’t get my calories recommendations in the 8hr window, although it has not affected my energy levels I’m buzzing everyday lots of energy, so my question is do I need to worry about not reaching my cal intake, if its not having an adverse affect? Or do I just keep going as its working?

Hi mate, so 2 points

1 - If you’re not hungry, nope you don’t have to force yourself to eat

2 - How do you think is fasting helping you?

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I’ve lost 6lbs in a week and mainly as I feel brilliant, a very noticeable difference in energy, alertness everything real I’ve felt so much better on so many levels from day 2

Yep congrats mate, you’ve lost weight & improved overall health due to consuming less calories

But how is the fasting helping? As your initial post seems to indicate that fasting is getting in the way a bit

Well I was still only eating 1000-1500 cal a day before, I was seeing difference in my body shape as in building muscle but not a lot of weight loss, I started fasting and I’ve started seeing both and feel noticeably better in every aspect, I also have eczema and it has never been better literally the day after I started fasting, I had aslo stalled at certain weights but have managed to increase every weight in every exercise I do in the past 2 weeks since starting fasting

You know that weight loss boils down to one thing?
A calorie deficit.

2000 calories over 24 hours or 2000 calories a day with 16/8 fasting…nope, same 2000 calories.

My daily calories have not changed though, I’ve been training for 12 weeks (35 never trained although relatively fit) for 10 weeks I was eating 1000-1500 cal a day and had no weight loss, I started fasting 2 weeks ago and I’ve seen and immediate effect 6lbs in 2 weeks and improvements in nearly every health aspect, I definitely want to continue with fast as I have never felt better

Fasting doesn’t cause weight loss.

If I fasted for 16 hours then ate 6 large aero bars in 8 hours, I would be eating over 3000 calories & wouldn’t lose weight.

At the other end of the scale, if I fasted for 24hours, I would lose weight due to starvation.

As per my previous reply, the weight loss is due to a calorie deficit.

He’s right you know ^ :slight_smile:

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As per my previous reply, I am eating the same calories, not fasting for 5-6weeks, no weight loss whatsoever, I started fasting and still eating the same calories, again eating the same calories my calories have not changed, the weight is falling off, at the time of my first post it was 6 pounds in 2 weeks its now 10 in 3 weeks and again as you seem to to keep missing this point my calorie intake has not changed my only change is the fasting, I’m doing the same training also no changes apart from fasting

And again, fasting on the same calorie intake will not generate weight loss.

No weightloss = no calorie deficit.
Weightloss = calorie deficit.

Until you grasp this basic scientific fact, which you seem to be ignoring amongst the sarcasm, nobody can help you.

I’ll try again, my calories have NOT changed, I was training 5-6weeks with no weightloss at all, then NOT CHANGING ANYTHING, most importantly my calories did not change, no deficit or increase my calories have NOT changed, I started fasting, consuming the exact same calories I had for 5 weeks with no weightloss, 3 weeks of fasting with THE SAME, caloric intake as before, I have lost 10 pounds in 3 weeks, I’m not ignoring the fact that a caloric deficit will give you weightloss, this is very plain to see, what is also plain to see is that this has not been the case for myself as my calories have NOT changed up or down the only change I have made is fasting,
Calories = exact same
Training =exact same
Sleeping =exact same
The only changed has been fasting

The reality is SOMETHING has changed the energy balance going in v going out, whether that’s knowingly or unknowingly. That’s literally it. Once that’s acknowledge, you can then plan to address it, until then you’ll be looking under the sofa for your own face.

I can’t help here sorry lads, good luck.

Yes completely agree something has changed but the one thing I know hasn’t is my calorie intake, so something as blunt as,
Calorie deficit =weightloss
Calorie increase = weightgain
When that is the only definitive constant, this simply can’t be the answer

Cliff notes of this really good study:

1 - Subjects for this study were 10 female registered dietitians and 10 women of comparable age and weight who were not dietitians.
2 - The dietitians underreported their energy intake obtained from the food records by an average of 223 +/- 116 kcal/day.
3 - General population participants, as hypothesized, significantly underreported their energy intake (429 +/- 142 kcal/day.
4 - Dietitians estimated their energy intake more accurately than non-dietitians, but even they still had a 300kcal variance.

The real question to ask is 'where could these extra calories be coming from OR have stop being burned from?

Humour it for a moment, rather then get defensive & have a really good think, because this is what’s happening, once you find out where/why this is happening you can address is, until then you can’t

The mass of research shows the us humans eat significantly more than we think we do & move less than we think we do.

Caloric intake/output has changed, find out where.

That would make sense that it’s not necessarily my intake changing (I eat very little and the same everyday although not each day is the exact same meals I know my exact Intake weekly and daily, this has 100%not changed) but the way my body is processing or dealing with those calories?
Although would that not suggest that me fasting has had an affect on my metabolism and function of my degestive meaning I’m losing weight but not down to cutting my calories as I haven’t, down to my degestive regeneration due to fasting and metabolism working better? Which is what a lot of research is implying fasting does

Just humour it for a moment & ask yourself:

1 - If there is extra energy that I’m not tracking coming in, where could it be coming from?

2 - If there we’re less energy being used during the day, where could it be coming from?

You’re looking for a magical answer & assuming that human physics doesn’t apply to you, sorry mate, that’s just not how it works.