2 x 5% achieved and an exciting last week ahead



Well done to Marcus farnsworth and Matthew Maries both achieving there 5% weight loss this week.

In the weight loss top goalscorer chart Steven Leonard is breaking away with 13 goals scored

Recognition from captains and vice captains this week and big well done to:

Lewis west of real Madras for his pitch goal this week
Matt Maries ( again!).they think it’s moldova achieving 5% this week. Leading the way showing the team how to lose weight and achieve on the scales

Marcus Farnsworth for porky blinders for achieving his 5% tonight

Bayern munchies a team shout out as coming together as a team nicely only second time played as a team together. Also mention for captain Nathan’s efforts with the team and his performance out when moving from goalie to striker second half, this was echoed by ash captain of cereal killers.

Cereal killers was a team effort tonight with low numbers

Weight loss at week 13 is 187kg- can we top the 200kg with the last week ahead of us?

Weight loss per team
Bayern munchies 6.6 kg weight loss
Cereal killers 27kg weight loss
Flabletico Madrid 38.8 kg weight loss
Ivory toast 9.3kg weight loss
Porky blinders 40kg weight loss
Real Madras 16.3kg weight loss
They think it’s moldova 16.2kg weight loss

Weight loss team of the season in reverse order
1/luke stamps 8kg weight loss
2/Matthew Maries 9.5 kg weight loss
3/neil Hodgetts 10kg weight loss
4/Steven Leonard 10.8kg weight loss
5/Sean Derrington 11.5kg weight loss
6/Samuel burns 12kg weight loss

Amazing loser leading the way is Steven Leonard with 9.82% with Samuel burns on 9.77%

A reminder we have an 11aside next Saturday and we have some spaces available we need a goalie and 4 additions to the squad so if anyone would like to take part please let me know, should be a good game v Kidderminster league