2018 - Trailwalker and 3 peaks


Trailwalker and 3 peaks:

June and July:
£200 for a team of 4:
South Downs:

Oxfam Trailwalker event

So this year myself and @Hollywood wanted to push the challenge a little further and agreed to take on the 3 peaks with an aim to beat last year’s time. Then I stumbled across a charity walk, it seemed to be a worthy challenge for a worthy cause so we found some friends and signed up.

So in July we will be aiming to walk 100km (60 miles) in under 30 hours.

So the 3 peaks is the warm up, aiming for mid June before the walk in the 13th July. Feel free to sponsor us, due to matched fundraising and gift aid every £1 is worth £2.40!


Bumping this up, we’ve got the 3 peaks this week and the big walk in July.

Any sponsorship would be greatly appreciated, it all counts double due to the company I work for. We’re expecting to raise 2k plus, I’m sure there’s lots of people on here who @Hollywood has helped so give a little back.