2019 Goals


Evening, ladies (I know there are some of you out there) and gents.

This morning I decided to set myself some goals for the new year. I’ve never used goals and always used humour to deflect whenever I was asked the question, but I feel if I set goals now, I’ll be more inclined to strive for a better me and I know how happy I’ll be once I’ve accomplished them.

Season 1 of Man v Fat has been amazing and I’m already looking forward to season 2 and some of my goals are based around this.

So far, here are my goals for next year:

Goal 1: 7st 6lbs in a year is 2lbs a week - a healthy amount to lose and allegedly the weight loss rate which is the most likely to stay off. I’ve lost 4st 4lbs so far this season which is too much and I think may be causing my medical problems. It’s time to slow it down and focus on losing a healthy amount of weight and hopefully avoiding too much loose skin.

Goal 2: I haven’t scored at MvF yet and as someone who still struggles to kick a moving ball with any accuracy, this will be a real challenge! Why do I want to score? I don’t know but it’s a challenge and I want to give it a go!

Goal 3: I’m a season ticket holder at Everton, have been for 4 or 5 years now and in that time I’ve never attempted to get into the ground using the turnstiles as I’m afraid I’ll get stuck. The stewards let me in through a side door which is really accommodating and I can’t thank them enough but this needs to change either this season or next season.

Goal 4: I won’t get top scorer this season which I’m really disappointed with, that accolade should go to @Doug7923 who’s smashed it all season. Doug does so much for MvF in Leyton, I can’t think of anyone I’d rather lose to. That being said, next season is mine!

Goal 5: I’m not going to do this. I’m hopeless at this, I truly am, but I’m determined to get a grip with this so I know exactly what’s going in my body and I’m not spending a fortune on food each day. I’ve set the deadline as February as I’ll be moving flat during January so I won’t get to this as soon as I’d like. I’M GOING TO DO THIS!

Goal 6: I don’t do enough for charity and never have done. This is something that came into my head this morning after chatting with Doug. I haven’t decided on which charities I’ll be supporting yet or what I’ll do to raise money, although I’ve got a few ideas in mind. There are so many brilliant charities in the UK and as someone who loves to help people, doing this would be a great use of my time instead of sitting on my arse playing games.

Goal 7: You can’t read enough books! There’s so much knowledge out there and I’ve been notoriously awful at reading (except for Harry Potter, my God, what a series). A book a week is manageable with commuting so no excuses! Any recommendations would be ideal.

I’m keen to hear all of your goals, why you want to hit them and how you’re going to do it. If I can help you hit your goals, even better, let’s talk!


Thats class mate! V interested in the charity thing, any ones u thinkin of that u interest in?

Best of luck with all of them. I can see u bein in a magazine or newspaper or sumthing

Me i dont kno exactly about goals…obviously weightloss but i dunno exactly what my end goal weight is or whats realistic 4 it 2 take
I do hav a little goal maybe. Some ppl hav asked me about a thing well its a conference mid next year n i was thinkin naaah cos i just wudnt hav the confidence. I dunno even exactly what it means. But i figured 1 thing puttin me off is every1 will think im a stupid fat loser. I kno it daft 2think that way cos ppl wont think that but its in my head n id probs feel better n less self concious if i was slimmer. Mite give me abit more chance of actually gettin there. We will see
Also last yr sum1 who i admire alot asked me if i wantd 2do sunderland 10k n i said no cos i thought id just hold them back. I regret it, i do. Maybes this year if i get askd i will. Mebbes even 4 charity an all.

Also get a full time permenant job but obvs thats not a weight thing, just like wanna do it. Need 2 lol


Burn the bitter toffee. Grandma was a Scouser but #YNWA :joy:


Spot on. Once you factor in the gains last Christmas, Easter, Baby, Moving… the actual average weight loss I have had is 1.28lbs a week. Nearly 5 stone, no loose skin… remember your weight gain went on over a very long time.


Firstly well done for setting such great Goals for yourself.
Secondly well done for sharing with us.
Lastly good luck with them all.

Having got to know you well enough this season I think you can achieve all these things & im just a WhatsApp away for any support you need along the way.


Brilliant idea and what excellent goals, especially the turnstile one.
What a day it will be when you achieve it.


@Biffa94 - not sure on charities yet. Everton in the Community does so much good in Liverpool so it’d definitely be in there. British Heart Foundation will probably feature because my dad’s had some heart attacks and mine’s a bit f*cked at the minute! Really sad to see so many homeless people on the streets as well so maybe Shelter too.

Don’t worry about what others think about you. It’s none of your business and if it’s negative, it’s not worth your time. Let me know if I can help you with the conference, I used to fear leaving the house due to my weight, now I stand up in front of groups of professionals in the financial sector training them on how to do their jobs.

With regards to running, try a 5k first, then aim for a 10k. I’m gonna add running a 5k to my list, cheers for the thought!

@Darren_Welch - :fu:t2:

@Darren_Welch - that’s a good effort, mate. I’ve kept up with your thread and you’re an inspiration, keep up the good work!

@Doug7923 - thanks, mate, much appreciated as always. You’ve always got the right thing to say at the right time and I’m looking forward to challenging you for the top spot next season!

@mick - can’t wait to not have to go through the disabled entrance at away grounds too, in fairness to every away club, they’ve already helped me out, even those horrible lot across the park!


Some good ideas there. Are u originally from Liverpool?

Aye am sick of missin out on stuff cos lack of confidence. The daft thing is, well the organisers r lovely ppl whose always actually respectd me alot 4 some reason. Doesnt help them thoughts tho eh. Weew ur a super high flier! Maybes u been 2 a few conferences! I just dont even kno what happens at a conference, what ill need 2do, even how 2dress etc n i was embarrassed 2 ask. Just a total new thing 4 me


I’m Irish, mate, grew up in North Wales though. Got taken to a game when I was a kid and fell in love.

Confidence will come over time, mate. Believe in yourself, you’re a good lad, if those people have respect for you then you’re on to a good thing.

I wouldn’t say I’m a high flier at all, mate! Maybe one day but I’m enjoying what I do currently so we’ll see where that leads.

I’ve never been to a conference either so you’re not alone!


U must speak with a v interesting accent lol.

Ah cheers that good of u 2 say, aye ur right i mean this time last yr i was even worse so guess it comes over time. Reckon its that whole imposter syndrome thing haha
Suppose hopefully all bein well i find out next yr


Late picking up on this thread @atb88 , my apologies.

Great targets my man, I’ll be watching and, I’m confident, be applauding you. Naturally I’ll be quick to bolloc you should you £uck up, but I’m not expecting that.

By coincidence, having not read this thread until now, I’ve already messaged you with a book recommendation; fate meant that to come about…buy it.

On charity front; the charities my wife and I support (only two, both animal ones) I’ve ensured aren’t ones where the charity’s overheads are high (ie) look into who’s got their nose in the trough at the top.

The big ones are definitely out for me…£100k salaries are a no-no. If they’re all voluntary workers and you can personally see and read they’re doing an admirable job, well that’s not a bad start.

…but if you’re going to give, say, £100 to a seemingly worthwhile cause yet learn that £60 if that is going on admin and salaries plus bonus’ …have a ferret round and find the same target good-cause with much, much lower overheads…if any.


Really decent goals and great that you set them up. I am a keen reader as well as it takes your mind of stuff. Highly recommend this book


@Biffa94 - I have no accent, I sound as middle English as they come, which is strange, as I’ve only lived in England for a couple of years. Let’s get that confidence of yours back up this year, eh?

@Zero4 - appreciate the input, mate, I’ll definitely be expecting a kick up the arse if I’m flagging on any of these! I’ll do some research on my charities although I’ve a few in mind that’ll be included anyway.

@OnAGoodDay - thanks, mate. I don’t really read that much fiction, mostly non-fiction and “self help” books although these I mostly read for the ideas. How often I put them into practice is minimal! One I did read that I really learnt from is “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck” - would definitely recommend it if you ever peruse the non-fiction books.


Aye. I dunno if there is method for confidence like how there is for weightloss

Im samd i basically never read fiction books i only rly like true storys especially like inspiring ones about ppl who come thru hard times n that


@Biffa94 If I had to provide just ONE tip for confidence it would be ‘Fake it til you make it’.

Not particularly helpful as a statement on it’s own, it needs one-on-one explanation to put it into context, and stories around which I’d expand the (my personal) theory.

I’d refer to my time leaving school at 17, pretty shy, but joining the local rugby club and ‘suddenly’ having 30-plus mates around you and, knowing no outsider was going to dare try to put you down, the opportunity to joke around, say what you want within reason, became a possibility.

We were given the task as a club with selling hot-air balloons for charity and we’re given a stall in a busy London suburb High Street…I’d NEVER on my own have the courage to approach housewives and families to buy these things but, supported by a fellowship of chums I was able to bullshit my way to selling loads of balloons and demonstrating humour to chums and total strangers alike.

It’s a pity this forum is not quite the place to expand on this for your sake…but don’t hide your light under a bushel. Speak your mind…so long as it’s reasonable, or funny, or sensible to the audience (one or more) you’re addressing.


Yes that is a good point thank u. It sounds like belonging in a group helpd u alot. Mebbes i shud do sumthing like that, not rugby just sumthing.
I hav been very amazed at ppl whos wantd 2 listen 2 what i had 2 say n said it was good or whatever. Even the office of the childrens commissioner emailed me n i thought it was a windup lol. Thinkin about that made me feel more confident. But actually approaching ppl or meeting new ppl/situations, it is hard even tho i shud b use 2 it


It is hard, mate, you’ve got to channel your nervous energy into positive energy though. One thing I can say about being nervous is it shows you care.

I still get nerves when I’m delivering training even after almost 2 years in the role, I always will. I also get nerves meeting people for the first time and I expect I always will with that too.

@Zero4’s fake it until you make it theory is pretty much spot on too, if you appear confident, others will think you’re confident. It works for me!


2019 is fast approaching ladies and gents, anyone else care to share their goals on here? Making them SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, time-bound) will make it easier to hit them. If I can help anyone set some goals, feel free to message me!

I’ve had a blip today in terms of my attitude towards the weight loss in that I struggled to find clothes to fit me well even after losing almost 25% of my body weight this year. It’s the latter I need to remember to keep me going on this journey from fat to fit!

I’m not sure what weight I need to be to be able to fit into sizes below XXL, but that’s an unofficial goal for the year as I’m not sure it’s realistic just yet. We shall see!

Let’s see some of your goals anyway, I’m keen for 2019 to be truly positive and would love to be able to help others achieve their goals too.


Yes. I think id like 2 deliver training 1 day but thats a fair way off probably. Or b involved in it at least
I cant think how 2 make mine into smart, ill hav a think tho


Training is incredible as I get a kick out of seeing the penny drop for people. If something confuses someone and I can get them to understand it, I’m buzzed!

Your goals don’t have to be SMART, it’s just they’ll be easier to hit if they are. Let’s take my first goal for example, losing 7st 6lbs in a year.

Is it specific? Yes, it’s specific because I’ve quantified what I want to do. If I’d just said I want to lose weight, I’d hit my goal if I lose 1lb over the year which is nothing worth talking about.

Is it measurable? Yes, I can measure my success if I do or don’t hit that figure.

Is it achievable? Definitely, I’ve lost more this year so I know it’s possible.

Is it realistic? 2lbs a week is definitely realistic. If I’d put that I wanted to lose 15st, 4lbs a week every week might not be possible and certainly wouldn’t be healthy.

Is it time-bound? Putting a time limit on it, so 31st December 2019 for me, makes it set in stone that it needs to be done by that date otherwise I’ve not hit my goal.

Let me know if I can help you with it, mate.