2019 Goals


Aye. Ill hav 2do some calculations. Still not decided a target weight yet tbh. The 10k one is definitely measable, so is the conference one but iv not decided if am ready 2 pressure myself in2 setting it up as a goal
Thank u


Ok so I’ve come a long ways in the last few months. Lost more weight than I ever have in a space of time which is not me. I’ve a few goals this year. The 30lb was was amazing to get and I’m hoping for at least another 20 now going into the year.
I’ve a st Patrick’s day ball in March black tie even so I want to be nice and down for that. I’ve a suit but I reckon they’ll need to cut it to shreds to fit or just get a new one.
Going home for the first time in a few years in the summer. Some know I’ve lost weight but I want them to see it. I could boast on social media and video calls but it’ll be better in the flesh.
I want to be fitter. If I’m lighter I won’t have the various back and knee issues I have. I want to focus on different things at the gym when I am able. Weights and running. I’ve done body pump before so I want to do that without being sore for a week after. My gym is 24/7 so Ive no excuse not to go.


@atb88 I know what you mean - I worked @ the local hospital for a time as a ‘clinical systems trainer’. F*ck !!! - me, who’s only qualification was as a technical engineering apprentice, teaching doctors and nurses how to use systems to help them save lives! OK, I had some training experience by then tho’…

@Biffa94 previously I had worked as a ‘technical consultant’ for a software house (glorified ‘helpdesk’). I had fought to be given the opportunity to expand my role, and was given a product update launch to deliver. On the day, I arrived early to set up the room (PC, projector etc) to be told that some of our customers had already arrived (having flown in - no pressure then) and were in the conference room. I went in and set up everything, without making eye contact or speaking to anyone. Once setup, and with 15 minutes to spare I went to the loo, where I was physically sick. I thought “F*ck, I can’t do this”. A colleague came in and said “This is a new release. Only you have seen it. You don’t have to know everything… just more than they do” (as @Zero4 said - ‘fake it til ya make it’).

Anyways, the launch was gr8 - a few technical issues which I blamed on the techies, which everyone knew was me (humour is a gr8 diffuser). Long story short - I became senior technical consultant travelling the world (Dubai, Malaysia, Australia, USA etc), and earning £60k+.The point is if you don’t try you can’t achieve. Go for it mate - you’ll be amazed what u can do.


Its just goes 2 show u shudnt think ppl r better or cleverer then u, its just about ppl knowin different things. Sounds like u was v good at it its the thought of doin it worse then the reality!!

I want 2 help train social workers n ppl like that. Partly cos i like the idea of me bein the 1 in charge who gets 2 tell them, hahaha the shoe wud b on the other foot there like!!
In all seriousness tho i realised im actually not bad at talkin about stuff like this were ppl wanna listen which was how come the office of the childrens minister ann longfield emailed me. Wow it rly did suprise me. I didnt go 2 far with it cos i dont like wanna b defined by that plus its can b very stressful including emotionally talkin about topics like that. But i do think 1 day i can help in that way , the opportunities is there , the time just gotta b right.



@Biffa94 A second tip that really worked for me, was ‘armour’. Choose your armour well. I have a great suit - simple, black, ‘Nehru’ (collarless) jacket - looks mega, got it in the sales, and have worn it for years (even when I couldn’t do the buttons up anymore I still wore it - being black it is easy to match to trousers which i have from 32" to 44" waist (BACK DOWN TO 34" IF ANYONE IS INTERESTED :smiley:).

The premise being - ‘This is my armour and it will protect me. People are attacking the armour, not me.’ Kinda like a comfort blanket, but stronger - you are basically saying ‘You see the jacket, not me. You can hurt the jacket, but not me.’ Sounds like your setting will be far less formal, so you could have a pair of trainers/jeans/hoody that basically no-one can get behind.

Only you know what is right for you, but as you have previously said here you regret turning down some options you have had. I’ve wandered this rock for over half a century, and have some regrets - some of which I will never get to put right.

Also remember they approached you - so they want to hear what you have to say. Don’t let fear stop you being the person you want to be…

But most of all don’t ever listen to old guys like me telling you what you should do, 'cos we wish we had. Do whatever you do - for you, and be proud of it (even the ‘mistakes’ make you stronger). You have friends here that will support you whatever you decide.

Having read your reply while typing this - I too have a lot of ‘baggage’ relating to social workers, so if u wanna PM me, happy to chat further M8.


I definitely relate 2 the coat of armour thing! The only problem is it often means i cant take my coat off cos i only feel right with it on lol. If i was doin some trainin maybe i can wear a suit n it not b daft. I only ever worn suit.2 funerals lol.
Well thats true ppl only ask u about these things if they want what u got 2 giv eh! I dont wanna liv with regrets, iv made enuf mistakes that is human but rather not regret what i DIDNT do!
Aw cheers pal i mite do eh, one of them things life can b complicated


@atb88 hi! Came across your post. GreT goals, especially the 52 books. I’ve made my goal to “consume” (not eat!) more books so I’ve signed up to audible and listen while I’m walking or on super long drives! Recommend it!


I got my dad Audible as he can’t see very well, isn’t for me though, I get too easily distracted. Currently on to my 2nd book now and it’s such a difficult read. Already regretting this goal!

I’ve also lost 4lbs in the first week of the year which puts me ever so slightly ahead of target.

@Doug7923 let me know about DeChox - giving up chocolate for February for British Heart Foundation. I’ve set up my Justgiving page and I’m ready to go, aiming to raise £150.

My only concern is the meal prep. I’m potentially going to be crashing at a friend’s house for a few weeks from Monday so I’m not sure I’ll be able to get started on that one yet. May evaluate that goal and push it back a little until I can find a flat of my own.

Season 2 of MvF starts in 2 weeks so I’ll be hitting those goals hard!

  1. Be on Primetime TV :joy::joy::joy:
  2. Lose 30lbs
  3. Find a job doing something I enjoy


Good start. :joy::joy::joy:


Nice 1 mate. What sort of job u after ideally?


Not sure really, just a change from what I do at the moment.


Good luck. Am lookin 4 sumthing meself cos my jobs finished now


Right, gents, I’m in danger of not hitting one of my goals and I need your help.

I’ve set a goal to meal prep at least 4 days a week by 1st February. In all honesty, I was confident I wouldn’t hit this goal and now I’ve got a great excuse not to hit it. I’ll be living out of a hotel for the next 3 weeks, with the potential for it being fairly long term. I doubt the room will have a fridge so prepping at home on the weekend isn’t really an option.

In my previous life of being a fat degenerate, I would’ve gladly chucked in the towel, however, in my current mindset, I don’t want to do that.

I think I’m going to prepare overnight oats for breakfast in work before I leave in the evening and can leave that in the fridge overnight, so that’s not too much of an issue.

For lunch I’m thinking of grabbing a bag of salad each morning and some other salad items like tomatoes and cucumber, maybe some spring onions etc. As a vegetarian, getting my protein is going to be difficult living like this, so some suggestions around this would be much appreciated. I’m intolerant of Quorn, so unfortunately, that’s a no go.

I’ll have access to a microwave in work and I’m thinking of bringing my scales down with me to weigh out my oats and stuff. There’s a fridge and a freezer as well, so over to you, any thoughts please?


That sounds rly rough like, soz if this is a stupid comment but can the council not help u or sumthing? Just like its not good if u hav nowere 2 live :frowning:

As 4 the food thing, how about jacket potatos? U can do them in a microwave. U can do beans on them an all so thats protein. Also soup, obvs u cannit rly make ur own right now but if u get tins its easy 2 keep, lots of them is quite healthy (lentil, veg etc) an u can do them in the microwave.
U can even do pasta in the microwave https://www.tablespoon.com/posts/how-to-make-pasta-in-the-microwave
Mebbes do with tomato sauce or summit?

What u got planned 4 evening meals? Thats gona b hard if u got.not cooking facilties :frowning:


Nah, I’m not homeless, mate. Stay with my parents on the weekend, I’m just working away.

Jacket spuds are a good shout, mate. Will definitely think about looking at those although I can get them from the canteen fairly cheap.

I’ve actually got a soup maker but I don’t think I’d be able to bring it down with me for the next 3 weeks, after that I might be able to so that could be an option, would need to work out when to make it if there isn’t a fridge in the room, maybe first thing when I get up.

Cheers for the suggestions, mate! Not sure about evening meals, most likely be healthy wraps and salads. Might go out once a week as well for a bit of a treat.


Ah right sorry i was worryin u was like homeless. I hope things get sortd soon ne ways


Quinoa is high protein and you could pick up supermarket quinoa salads, most do them. Nuts and cheese are again high protein. Feta cheese salad abound I’d say, but could get plain variety of s’market salads and add your own cheeses.

Chick peas, pulses purchased …and likes od Endama soya beans, Lidls protein pots, 99p says my missus says…they come with sugar snap peas, kale and a dressing. (I have these 3/4 days a week).

If you like eggs you could pre-boil (and de-shell them or stored in shells they get smelly) and store in fridge. There again Lidls do those protein pots with two boiled eggs with spinach.

Avocado (high protein plus many other good nutrients);with good quality balsamic vinegar, or with French dressing, or Worcester sauce.

Peas are also high in protein. Go well with feta cheese, salad dressing, sweet corn…any of those could be tinned, or boil your own.

Sweet potatoes done in microwave. Add sour cream or creme freche. Cottage cheese…Seeds of any description are high in protein and healthy fats, as are nuts.

No charge @atb88 …thank my missus.

(Personally in your current situation I’d be advocating taking full advantage of your ‘nomadic’ lifestyle to embrace IF with a 20:4 window protocol, eating only between 6 and 10 in the evening, then scoffing any of the above, listening to feedback from your stomach, and rather than overeat, eat only til satiated. I’d also leave your food scales at home and, as I say, get back to listening to your tummy). IMHO…which you’ll read, smirk, and ignore! Zero the Evangelist signing off :grinning:!



Keeping in mind that the quality of non-animal based protein sources is usually of much lower quality with a poorer amino acid profile, to get optimum amounts of protein, you’d need to eat more than a meat eating counterpart

0.8g per kg is the RDA, but that’s really low & to prevent malnutrition
1.2-1.6g per kg is best for health, so for you I’d sway to the higher end of that (1.6g)
For leaner people who strength train, they’d be best off shooting for 1.6-2.2 for optimal protein synthesis

Or just keep it simple & try to have a portion of protein with each meal, 3-5 x per day

As far as the goal, I’d consider adjusting it if it ultimately doesn’t fit ‘into’ your lifestyle… the harder something is, the less likely you are to stick to it. Rather than seeing it as a failed experiment, look at it as a learning experiment of what fit’s into your lifestyle & what works best for you