2019 Goals


I didn’t want to give up on the goal, but after a bit of reflection, I think you’re right. I’m going to postpone it until I find out what’s happening with my contract at work. If it’s extended, I’ll start looking for a flat again and once I move in, I’ll start meal prepping then.

Based on your calculations, I don’t think I ever get enough protein in my diet, not even the 0.8g/kg. Think it’s time I started looking more at macros than I have done in the past.


Dunno if i shud mention this cos it can b controversial… but also i wanna say it…av got 2 the point this month were am only rly smoking on friday + saturday evenings. Iv just had 1, i think it was my 1st since early last saturday.
So i think i mite see if i can keep on that pattern. Ill save up the money 4 something nice like payin off some debts lol.
Also wanna smash them lies that smoking has 2 effect ur weight