2019 Goals


I didn’t want to give up on the goal, but after a bit of reflection, I think you’re right. I’m going to postpone it until I find out what’s happening with my contract at work. If it’s extended, I’ll start looking for a flat again and once I move in, I’ll start meal prepping then.

Based on your calculations, I don’t think I ever get enough protein in my diet, not even the 0.8g/kg. Think it’s time I started looking more at macros than I have done in the past.


Dunno if i shud mention this cos it can b controversial… but also i wanna say it…av got 2 the point this month were am only rly smoking on friday + saturday evenings. Iv just had 1, i think it was my 1st since early last saturday.
So i think i mite see if i can keep on that pattern. Ill save up the money 4 something nice like payin off some debts lol.
Also wanna smash them lies that smoking has 2 effect ur weight


Hows ppls goals gettin on?
Bad news is i cant go 2 the conference cos theres more ppl who wanna go then can so u hav 2 like do an expression interest thing n there mite not b loadsa notice so i dont think i can deal with that tbh so am giv it a miss for this year

Strugglin with the work side cos i kind of lost my job, i werent sacked or owt just it was a tempory zero hrs type thing whatever. But am gettin back in touch with the employment project thing which helped me b4 so see if they can again. Feelin good about that

Iv also decided 2 look in2 how u get 2b a councillor n what it actually is exactly


Just picked up this thread anyone got any inspiring books they can recommend or maybe do a book swap with me. I’m on my 8th book this year after deciding to read more. Also keeping a diary which I find quite relaxing at the end of the day


Andy Holgate – Can’t Swim, Can’t Ride, Can’t Run
For anyone overweight who thinks they can’t do something this is a brilliant read

Currently reading David Goggins - Can’t Hurt Me and enjoying it, some life story!

All my books are kindle now so can’t offer a swap I’m afraid


Am gettin back in2 reading an all. Even fiction books which not normally me
I like inspiration ones an all. Not necessarily just about weightloss but like about ppl overcoming bad times n achieve etc. Luv owt like that


Time for an update!

Started the year at 26st 8.25lbs… had a sneaky weigh in this morning and clocked in at 23st 13.75lbs! Goal 1 is going incredibly well. Once this season is out the way, I’m going to include weight training in my exercise which will see gains as well as losses no doubt. I’ve given myself a nice little buffer so I can add weights without worrying I’ll not reach my goal.

Nowhere near scoring at MvF, I got played through a few weeks ago and scuffed the shot so that it went out for a throw in… this one’s gonna be far more difficult than I expected!

I’ve not tried the turnstiles yet, still too nervous. I might go early to the next home game and see if I can get through them! The weight is going down so I expect I’m close!

Top scorer this season is in contention. I’ve lost weight consecutively each week and am close to my 10%. One guy ahead of me is in my team, if he stays out front, I’ll be happy to know it’s a teammate who’s beaten me! Still gonna do everything I can to get the award though!

I amended my meal prep goal as I’m still living out of a hotel during the week. Once I find a flat or a room, I’ve given myself 2 weeks to begin meal prepping.

I’ve raised £265 for the British Heart Foundation through giving up chocolate in February. Almost a quarter of the way through the year and a little over a quarter through my target so I’m happy with that! Not sure what’s next for me in terms of raising money, but it’ll be worthwhile and challenging!

I’ve just finished my 9th book of the year, so I’m a little bit behind on my challenge. My only fictional book this year has been A Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time and it was amazing, well worth reading. My favourite non-fictional book has to be Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. On to book 10 today which is my second fictional book called Suspicious Minds - it’s a prequel to the Netflix series Stranger Things which I loved, so should be good!

Thanks for some of your book recommendations too, I’ve added some to my list. Any more would be gratefully received!


Great work @atb88.


I posted these originally in the parkrun thread, as they were all related to my participation for the year. They’re probably just as suitable to track in this thread, so I’ll use @atb88’s update as an excuse for my own:

Parkrun Participation: At least ‘Bronze Level Obsessive’ - 30 parkruns in a year (NB: 40+ is silver, 50+ is gold).

Saturday’s aborted attempt was my first week of not completing parkrun this year, so I have 11 credits to date in 2019, including the New Year’s Day double. Well on track to complete this goal, although I’m not running on Saturday due to the plans for Sunday.

PB: Something in the 30’s by the end of 2019 (currently 46:56 as of 1/1/19). Would love to think sub-35 is achievable by then, but will be happy enough breaking 40 minutes.

I hit a plateau after New Years Day and didn’t improve my time until 23rd Feb, which is my current PB of 46:11. Still a long way to go on this one, but it should get easier to get faster as my weight drops further. It was a year-long goal for this reason.

Volunteering: At least 50 volunteer credits in 2019 (most of these will come from junior parkruns).

18 volunteer credits so far. Should hit this comfortably.

Milestones: Qualify for a 50 run shirt (currently on 16 after 1/1/19 double).

Halfway there, on 25 at the moment. Should get there in late autumn, barring any injury lay-offs.

Tourism: Participate in at least 5 different parkruns during 2019 (have already reached 2).

Still on 2, as have been running and volunteering at my home parkrun each week. Will plan to travel more in the summer months and take in a few new courses.

Non-parkrun Running: Complete at least 3 x 10k events during 2019 (NB: Have registered for 2 already, in March and May). Improve time by 10 minutes from first time recorded by end of year. (Bonus goal: Complete a 10k without walking during 2019)

The Bradford 10k takes place this Sunday, so I’m on track to complete the first one of 3 at last. I did a training run using intervals a couple of weeks ago to cover the distance, so that I had the knowledge of having done so ahead of time. It took me 1hr 45 minutes along the flat canal towpath to do this (miles 5 and 6 were noticeably slower than the first 4). Would like to target sub 1hr 40, but will just be happy to cross the finish line.


I am doin canny with the weightloss goal n not smoking in the week goals.

I cant go 2 the conference cos its oversubscribed n that uncertiany put me off. Mebbes another time. If am being honest with myself i dunno if it was ever really on the cards 4 me, wasnt ready.

My new goals is about go 2 circuit training at least once every 2 weeks ideally weekly. Its mainly going ok. I hav a LOVE HATE relationship with it lol

I also helpd the ymca by campaigning this year so i was proud about that. It was good 2 get back in2 campaign stuff cos iv always liked that sort of thing in the past

I wanna see about getting back in2 writing cos in the past ppl has said im good at it, including a goverment minister who askd if i can they can put it on a website. Those sort of go in 2gether cos alot of my writing is to help campaigns n sh!t


Nice 1 pal, them park runs sound like they been great 4 u. What volunteering u been doing? I volunteer at a community furniture place


The parkruns around the country are run by individual teams of volunteers. Each one has a core team who then try and ensure they have enough volunteers for events to go ahead. Each volunteer gets a credit for doing so, so they’re named on the website each week and their profile will show how many times they’ve done each role. After 25 volunteer credits you get a free parkrun running shirt, similar to the ones you get for completing 50,100, 250 and 500 runs.

For the last few weeks I’ve been doing the welcome briefing at the main parkrun, so at 8:50am each Saturday I go to the meeting point and outline the route to new parkrunners and any tourists visiting from other parkruns, and give them a quick briefing on how it all works with barcodes, etc. This is the one role I can do which still allows me to do the run aswell.

I’m not running on Saturday, due to the 10k on Sunday, so I will be timekeeping instead, which is a role that many people are reluctant to do (as it has a direct impact on result accuracy) but which I enjoy.

On the Sundays, I do volunteering roles at the junior parkrun my kids attend, and have done everything from being tailwalker to Run Director. We have a small core team of volunteers, mainly parents, so we tend to share the duties around according to what people want to do in a particular week.

The picture is the volunteering summary from my parkrun profile, which will give you an idea of the roles people can do. It’s a good way to discover parkrun for people who are nervous about running it as you get to be part of the experience.


Hey thats class, bet it feels good 2 help ppl especially who mite b nervous n that cos we all kno how it can feel in that situation. Good 2 hav that list of achivements an all


I hadn’t updated the list to include a goal that I’ve smashed today!

I managed to close the seatbelt on a plane without using an extension today! Smiled the whole way from Gatwick to Alicante! Made up. :grin::grin::grin::grin::grin::grin:


Must have a sore mouth after all that smiling.


Nice 1 enjoy ur holiday!!


Im not going 2 the conference. Part of mes abit down bout that but thats how it goes
Got some new short + long term goals
Short term.i wanna get a forklift licence this is lile a subgoal towards me work and career goals
Long term i wanna b a councillor i think. Id probs b good at it like


@atb88 no update from the weekend?


Will do soon, mate.

@Biffa94 - smash those goals, mate. Conference next year maybe?


Aye hopefully. Will b interesting 2 see how this 1 went an what it involves