2019 Goals

Belated update but I checked off another goal last Sunday!

I tried the turnstiles at Goodison for the first time since being a season ticket holder and I got through with relative ease!

I’ve tried uploading a video but it’s too big. It’s on my Instagram if you want to have a look - https://www.instagram.com/achievingandy

It’s fair to say I was absolutely over the moon and the boys in blue followed it up with a 1 - 0 win over Arsenal. Unforgettable day!


Let’s not talk about this weekends result

Nice 1!! Smashin it

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I was rly regret that i not been 2 the conference. I seen about it online n it looked absoluty amazing n afew ppl after said 2 me they wish i had been. I wish i had. I told myself am just not some1 who travels 2 liverpool gan all conferences in that. But i can b some1 who does that. Why not. Am gonna do it next year no matter what!!!

You’re going next year if I have to drive you from Sunderland to Liverpool myself!

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Aye. Hav to!!

Ooh, a bot reminding me to update this! I’ll get something up later after reporting the post. :joy: