2019 New Year's Resolution



I am running in the Men’s 10K Glasgow on 16th June 2019. I have never run a 10k below 60 minutes, although I got within seconds of it in 2018. Despite now pushing past 50 years old, I still want to crack a sub one hour 10K. I weigh in at 194.0 lbs as at 1st January with a 30 day average of 192.9 lbs. At my highest I was c 208 lbs

Here is my resolution - to get to 168 lbs (12 stone 0 lbs) in the first half of 2019, and never rise above that number in the second half.

By the end of January I will weigh no more than 187 lbs, losing (7 lbs).
By the end of February I will weigh no more than 181 lbs losing (6 lbs).
By the end of March I will weigh no more than 176 lbs losing (5 lbs).
By the end of April I will weigh no more than 172 lbs losing (4 lbs).
By the end of May I will weigh no more than 169 lbs losing (3 lbs).
By the 16th June I will weigh no more than 168 lbs losing (1 lbs).

On the 16th June I will run a 10k in under 60 minutes.

By the end of December 2019, I will be at my target weight of 154 lbs, having lost a further 14 lbs in the second half of the year. My 30 day average weight in quarter four will be no more than 160 lbs.

I’ll revisit this thread at the end of each month to update it with my progress.


I want 2do sunderland 10k


Good to hear from you @Biffa94.

When is it?. What training will you do? What weight do you plan to be for the starting line?


12 may. Some1 asked me last yr but i didnt cos i was worried id hold them back, i regret that. Gona see of theres an app 4 it n practice outside. Im not sure what weight. I want 2do it regardless what weight i am even if i gained weight!! Hopefully not tho


Good luck. I didn’t do my first until I was about 36, then one every year or two since, sometime more often. Don’t worry about doing it with someone else, they are friendly events in my experience.


Aye. The person who askd me last time probs do it again but they do loadsa runs n that so yea i get stuck behind. But am not bothered were i finish as long as i do!!



Run = 1000km
Swim = 150km
Cycle = 4000km

Weight = 168lb 30 Day average by 30th June

Events Committed to:
Edinburgh 10k (May)
London Triathlon (July)


On target - weighted in at 186.2 lbs v;s target of 187.0 lbs.

How are things going @Biffa94 & @Doctor_Bong?


Am just about 2 go under the next stone mark :hushed:
Doin a rly hard gym class tryna get better everytime. Proud of my self stickin with it. Proud of myself proving some ppl wrong lol


Great @Biffa94, but be proud of what you did for yourself. Those other people shouldn’t affect how you feel about yourself - don’t give them strings to pull!


Aye true


I’m down to 180.8lb today, so that’s 5.8lb off since the beginning of January. Next target is to get below 176lb by the end of February.

Well done guys. It’s a long slog but it has to be that way to keep it sustainable.

Keep it rolling


This wasnt a new year resolution but av noticed i gone from smoking everyday 2 to only smoking fri/sat evenings. Honestly cut right back. I use 2 belive i was ‘addict’ cos of all this stuff u read. But obvs not. Its sort of happenes hand in hand with the diet how these things can, i didnt rly need 2 try, concentrating on the diet thats been 1 of the side effects. So am gona try n stick with it, just smoke on them times unless a v particular reason