20lb before pancake day (5th March) challenge weigh in thread


2 weeks in a row😂


Consistently puzzled!


Target 20lbs

15th January: 250lbs
22nd January:
29th January:
5th February:
12th February:
19th February:
26th February:
Pancake Day:

Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 3

Let’s see those weigh ins folks. Quite a few have dropped off from what I see.


Nearly 2lb

Time 2 start mentally preparing myself 4 gon under the next stone mark, cud b on the horizon ???



Challenge yourself. 20lb before Pancake day.Posters may be subjected to slagging and derision WEEK 9

Wont let me edit it,236.5 whatever


Good work and good to see you still recording.


Can’t edit my post for the last weigh in so copy and pasted and entered it here in new post:

1st January: 183.5lbs
8th January: 181.5lbs (-2lbs)
15th January: 180.5lbs (-1lb) total -3lbs
22nd January: 179.5lbs (-1lb) total -4lbs
29th January: 179lbs (-0.5lb) total -4.5lbs
5th February: 178.2lbs (-0.8lb) total -5.3lbs
12th February: 177.4lbs (-0.8lb) total -6.1lbs
19th February: 177lbs (-0.4lbs) total -6.5lbs
26th February: 176lbs (-1lb) total -7.5lbs
Pancake Day: 174.8lbs (-1.2lbs)_ total -8.7lbs

Personal aim is 10lbs by pancake day

Didn’t quite make my target, but really chuffed I lost weight every week and stuck with the challenge for whole 9 weeks


01/01/2019 372.25lbs
08/01/2019 368lbs
15/01/2019 364.75lbs
22/01/2019 363.75lbs
29/01/2019 357.75lbs
05/02/2019 352.25lbs
12/02/2019 350lbs
19/02/2019 344.5lbs
26/02/2019 342.5lbs
05/03/2019 337.75lbs

34.5lbs lost in total since 1st January. That’s 9% of my weight gone! Chuffed. :grin:


1st January: 286.8lbs
8th January: 282.4 (-4.4lbs)
15th January: 277.8 (-4.6lbs)
22nd January:278.4 (+0.6lbs)
29th January:273.4 (-5lbs)
5th February:279 (+5.6)
12th February:275.4 (-3.6)
19th February: 274.2 (-1.2)
26th February: 270.8 (-3.4)
Pancake Day: 271.4 (+0.6)

Total loss 15.4lb. Can’t not be happy with that. Roll on the next one


1st January: 190.4 lbs.
8th January: 184.8 lbs. ( -5.6 lbs. Overall -5.6 lbs).
15th January: 185.4 lbs. (+0.6 lbs. Overall -5.0 lbs).
22nd January:183.2 lbs. ( -2.2 lbs. Overall -7.2 lbs).
29th January: 180.2 lbs. ( -3.0 lbs. Overall -10.2 lbs).
5th February: 183.4 lbs. ( +3.2 lbs. Overall -7.0 lbs).
12th February: 179.6 lbs. ( -3.8 lbs. Overall -10.8 lbs).
19th February: 179.0 lbs. ( -0.6 lbs. Overall -11.4 lbs).
26th February: 177.4 lbs. ( -1.6 lbs. Overall -13.0 lbs).
Pancake Day: 174.2 lbs. (-3.2 lbs. Overall -16.2 lbs).


Ok my thingy wont let me edit but 8lbs lost since 1st jan, over half a stone, buzzin


Well done and shows why it’s important to stick at it. Get in the new one


Cheers pal


@admin any idea why we can’t amend the details we have here. A few reporting issues