24 hrs


I feel like I’ve just lived an episode of the hit tv show 24! But in a manvfat style!

So from this time yesterday until now il run you through my 24hrs.

Arrived early for Leyton manvfat football weigh in.
Lost 1.2kg.
Played 30 minutes football.
Scored two goals.
Drew 3-3(an improvement on the 7-0 loss 1st game).
Went to see get out at the cinema.
Pepsi max & skinny popcorn of course.
Slept 5 hrs straight through the night.
Breakfast Yogurt cereal & toast +Pint of lemon water.
School run.
Checked bank paid early. (Much needed)
Paid bills etc.
Met the wife for our payday lunch treat.
Got my payslip online to see a pay rise.
Received my weekly manvfat email update.
Moved up from 10th to 7th in the league.
My team lost to a 5% bonus after weight loss.
Qualified for Colchester friendly end of season.
Bought new boots for grass pitch.
Was eyed up by a cougar with a wink.
School run reversed.
Went gym smashed my session & class.
Was mistaken for gym instructor as I looked the part.
Prepped my salad whilst cooking family dinner.
Cut my left thumb chopping peppers.
Got dressed for work.
Belt feels looser.
Arrived at work for a meeting before a 10 hr shift.

Ok so not as dramatic as 24!
But still a very busy day with lots of ups & downs.

Here’s hoping for a quieter day tomorrow.


Oh and I forgot to mention I appeared on German tv promoting manvfat at Leyton :grimacing::tv:


Haha! It’s the typical day in the life of a MAN v FAT Footballer!

Have you seen the German piece then?


pahahaha! :smiley:


I’m waiting for a link or for it to go on the website!

Also popped in to my gp for blood pressure check results and they came back normal no action required so all in all manvfat has inspired me to be a better person a little fitter a little slimmer & a whole lot more confident!