30lb before xmas challenge weigh in thread


395.78, @rkr786.

Cheers for this, mate, look forward to seeing you Thursday, should be able to weigh in now!


@rkr786 I don’t know how but I’m going up on the scales. :man_shrugging:

313 lb, up by 2 lb.


@rkr786 a Terrible 200.2 lbs for me today. That’s UP 3.8 lbs on last week.


@rkr786 down again to 241.5


Saturday weigh in was a disappointing 2 lbs increase! 242 lbs.


390.72lbs, @rkr786.

5lbs off. :grin:


I’m weighing in on Friday from now on otherwise I’ve got 3 weigh in days so @rkr786 weight hasn’t changed from last week. 311 lb.


I’ll do the same @rkr786 to clean it up a bit. 282.8 today . Few more to go.


@rkr786 193.6 for me this week - that’s a loss of 30.8 lbs overall :boom:


Evening, all.

@rkr786 apologises for the delay in getting the table updated; fear not, our hero will be on it soon.


wow, I’ve been not nearly committed enough this week, to this group or watching what I eat.
242 lbs, which puts me up a half pound from last week.


I weighed in on Tuesday at 384.78lbs, @rkr786.


@rkr786 192.0 lbs this morning. Ta.


@rkr786 240.5 this morning. Back on the right track at least.


Keeping Friday weigh in of 281.2 @rkr786


@rkr786 This past weigh-in, December 1, I came in at 275.6.

I missed the two previous weigh ins, please use the number above.


385.66lbs @rkr786.


Would someone please copy and paste the link to the 30 lb chart. I can not seem to locate it. I think I am still in the teens for pounds lost and hoping to break twenty by Christmas; not the thirty I wanted, but still a good loss.


He hasn’t been on in a bit so it wouldn’t be updated. Don’t think it’s open for editing