30lb before xmas challenge weigh in thread


237.5 for me! @rkr786


377.52, @rkr786.

Think that’s 60.28lbs done!


Awesome job @atb88!


Updated league table.

Well done @atb88 and @Unimatrix0!!! you get a shiny yellow star! (well not really, you get your names highlighted in yellow for hitting the magic 30 mark!! and some smaller sized clothes which you must fund yourselves…!)


236lbs this morning


282.0 @rkr786


Hi @rkr786, I was hoping your being busy had let my slip go unnoticed :slight_smile:

08/12 - 198.8 lbs
15/12 - 194.6 lbs

Cheers mate.


377.52, @rkr786 - maintained weight.


277.4lb @rkr786. :+1:t2:


@rkr786 Almost - but not quite embarrassed by loss (dehydrated by booze)

187.8 mate… and going str8 up as soon as I take on much needed water :slight_smile: