30lb before xmas challenge weigh in thread


Don’t forget the weigh ins lads. And record👍🏻


and tag me please! Your spreadsheets are being inboxed to you now. Anyone who has not received one, pls message me!


@rkr786 thanks for the spreadsheet link - looks great, I’ve updated my weigh-in above but here it is again, as not sure if it’s easier for you to look back through this thread or just each tagged post!

Saturday 1st Sept - +2.5lbs! to 275.5lbs


I think tagging me will be easier pls mate. Just tag me in your thread (incase there’s anything that needs to be looked at etc).

Thanks for the positive feedback.


Could i get a speadsheet pls?


@rkr786 for spreadsheet

9lbs lost in my first week back on it.

Down to 285lbs.


@Brickhouse well done indeed!..but this thread is for chastising people for ++++ing up, not applauding them for beating you!..good start my man! Keep at it…Give @TommyD some tips!


285.0 logged for W/C 1st sep mate :+1:t4:


@rkr786 can I get a league sheet too, I can’t seem to find it. Is it easier for YOU to update it once a week after each Saturday’s weigh-in.

Thanks for all your work, and the league table was /is a good idea…it’ll keep me and some others closer to the straight and narrow (literally I hope, rather than just figuratively speaking).


Thank you :slight_smile:


I DMd it to you a couple of days ago? Check your messages.

Ill be doing it weekly - but where possible, Ill do it as each weigh in comes (this is why there is a capability to change the dates on everyone’s individual sheets because our weigh in dates will vary)


Saturday weigh-in from (getting) little old me: 200 lbs.

That’s 10 lbs off and just 20 to go !

I still haven’t managed to locate the league table @rkr786 …me being thick. Will you be messaging the updated one as and when?..and I’ll keep an eye out for it.


Great effort @Zero4!


@rkr786…I have found the table you kindly sent. !!


Bit of a recovery week for me after last weekend’s activities! Down 4lbs to 271lbs and back on track!

@rkr786 can you work your magic to (hopefully) get me off the bottom of the league table! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi can you send me the weigh in sheet pls and keep me in the loop with league tables etc?


Didnt lose anything this week. Maintained current weight. Eating been fine thorught the week and gym everyday. Had a few more carbs than normal so gonna assume it is water weight. Sure will balance out next week


5lbs off for me so I have lost a stone since I joined this challenge.

Weight is down to 280lbs.


You’re in the green and looking good!

The table is on a tab at the bottom see here and you can see when it is updated as well on the same page:


I’ll get you setup mate. Have you got any weigh ins etc to send over?