30lb before xmas challenge weigh in thread


Well done :clap:t4:

lol - discuss bribes on personal message not public forums!! haha


@rkr786 can you get me set up also please - just joined this challenge in the last few days. Starting weight 288lbs. Down 4lbs as weight today 284lbs. Many thanks.


Got the spreadsheets, thank you. looks great.

here are my previous weeks if you could add them in please. thank you

sat 11th 357.6
fri 17th 353.4
fri 24th 348.2
fri 31st 346
fri 07th 346


No worries.

What week is your start date for? W/C 1 Sep or W/C 8 Sep?

If it was in the same week, I`ll input 284 as your start weight, W/C 8 Sep?


@rkr786 Thank you. I started during week commencing 1 Sep and my starting weight was 288lbs. My weigh in at w/c 8 September is 284Lbs. Cheers. Much appreciated.


@rkr786 have we a fresh league table for those still posting and done weigh-in last Saturday morning…the official time.

Maybe we should have a ‘Championship ‘ table for those who have claimed desire to be in 30byXmas thread but who’ve failed to register weight this weekend past?


I updated my post @rkr786 but when I looked, at first it didn’t have this past Saturday, then it suddenly had someone else’s results under my name lol


yep - was updated on Monday.

And I`ve added more weigh ins… take a look at the latest standings…


Oh sorry - that’s due to me having to add in new people and the data getting shifted! I’ll correct this tomorrow morning sorry!!

Corrected now @theseventensplit


@rkr786 thanks! Though it’s still missing last weeks weigh in (didn’t change but still throwing things off I think?)


Sorry - just added now, it’s about me trying to remember who is updating posts and who is tagging me. I`ll add a note, to remind myself to do this and maybe bookmark some for ease of access!


Thanks! And thanks for doing this! Determined to not have a weight repeated again!


Keep at it @theseventensplit… keep the 30 figure in mind and almost all your efforts directed towards the target…the weeks will soon run out…


@rkr786 weigh in 15/09/18 = 340 pounds

Thats another 6 pounds in the bank


@rkr786 …weighed in at 198 lbs. Bosh…get in there!


284lbs so flat compared to last week. I have no doubt I lost a few pounds and then put those back on following Friday’s excessive lunch.


@rkr786 weigh in 22/9 293.4lbs


Flat?.. that’ll be your stomach to which you’re referring @gary1966 ? …better obviously than an increase…go again for next week, but it’s another week struck off the calender…


@rkr786 …195.4 lbs…under the 14 stone mark (196) for first time in many a year, but still only halfway to target this 30lbXmas group.


@rkr786 weigh in 22/09/18 = 337 pounds