30lb before xmas challenge weigh in thread


@rkr786 258.5 for me, again. I’m sure you’ve seen my rant in the main discussion forum, just a frustrating day all around.


@rkr786 22 September weight 275.8


22 September = 271lbs.
No loss this week, but have recovered from being ill at the start of the week.

Leaving it all to do with 26lbs req over 13 weeks!
Game on.


@TommyD I can’t see anything for you for W/C 15th Sep? Please let me know of your weight if I missed it!


I don’t think he weighed anything that day; he was away with the fairies.


Would need about a hundred million fairies to carry me away!
But @Zero4 is right I didn’t weigh in that week!


There’s plenty of fairies down here…I’ve seen them playing football in the park on Sunday mornings… sorry Drums.


@gary1966 …is that a long windied way of saying you lost FA, but you’re gonna do better next time?


Apologies for tardiness - 282 lbs at weekend so 2lbs loss last week.


Hi all,

I`ve made a minor tweak to the spreadsheet to actually calculate things better for some of the guys who joined the mission later than those who started from the beginning. This will show the ‘latest weight’ more accurately - therefore result in a more accurate ‘weight lost’. The league table has been updated. Apologies - due to the complexity of the formulas I had to write, and ensure this was good for all of us, I was never going to get it 100% right from the off. Don’t worry there’s no drastic changes here.


You’ve did good. And without you there would be no spreadsheet. So credit to you for sorting that for all of us


@gary1966 I bet you were just waiting til you lost 2lbs before you checked in, weren’t you?


Don’t worry @rkr786 …there’s no dramatic changes in some weights either!


:joy: you never stop


No worries, cheers!


yup, he’s a moster, this group has created a monster.
But, it’s a friendly monster. I think anyways…


@TommyD last minute.com


@Greenballs never will! If this ‘meet up’ was conducted daily in a real coffee shop!


192.5kg - down 6.5kg or 14.3lbs. Wooooooah, we’re halfway there! Wooaaaaaah, living out of Pret!


Living IN Pret…