30lb before xmas challenge weigh in thread


I’m taking a bit of a ‘Time Out’ this week. I’m not anticipating putting ON and weight, but not losing any either…I’ve just got a little bored with being healthy ALL the time; week in week out for past 12 weeks…

Bought on in the main by site undercarriage which is preventing (and likely caused by) me from any form of cycling…add the fluey-like illness over past week and I’m taking time out to reboot next Monday, 1st October…and then watch out!

I’ve ordered replacement chain from Concept 2, plus a seat cover so @TommyD …I can cruise through October in readiness for RowVember…

Time out doesn’t mean out from posting, just going to have occasional capacino instead of Americano, which doesn’t taste too nice and maybe a wine or two before the Big Push from October 1.


Well if a man can’t pamper his undercarriage and drink cappuccino - then what’s the world coming to? :rofl:

In all seriousness, have you tried cycling padded shorts for rowing? do they make a difference? or is the pad in the wrong place?


Take the time and come back stronger than ever. I had my day at the start of this month and paid for it so don’t go overboard. If you maintain we are still looking at 1lb a week aren’t we?

Recharge and look after number one.


Padding in wrong place…and the rowing pain in the a£se has highlighted the problem that can result from a loss of personal padding in the seating area!

The pained bit for cycling is bang on the right groin seat bone and, although pretty obvious if one wants area to heal, doctor has ‘banned’ cycling for me.

Oct 1 seems to provide neat little target start date for ‘We go again from here’.

I’m going to use October to get down to 190 lbs and start the reshape of body, and RowVember to lose the final 10 lbs down to 180, and complete the 30lb loss three weeks before Xmas.

I’ll be utilising my Home (cabin) gym rather than the local one…I’ve got all the kit in there anyway and, since a recent revamp, the local gym has got busier, so I’ll go it alone - honed to perfection by December 1st.


:-). Correct.


293.6 today @rkr786


273.6 @rkr786


330 today @rkr786


@rkr786 up3 lbs at 198.4 lbs whoops.


@rkr786 336.2


@rkr786 251.5


Hey mate,

Did you have a weigh in last week? If so, can you give me the weight for last week please


270 for me - single solitary lb loss for me this week…

stressful week with work and packing up the house for the move next week - 11 days until the off!


420.2lbs weighed in tonight.

17.6lbs lost in total. Getting that 30lbs in a few weeks.

Let’s keep it up, gents!


@atb88 …I think you mean down, not up…


Keep it up @atb88


up or down?? @Zero4


F#ck me. Keep it down @atb88 lol. Don’t let @Zero4 know.


Added to the table!


Morning all. @rkr786 here is my first week weigh in… 217.4 lbs

I know 7 lbs is a great loss, but first week on WW I lost 8.5, and SW 9.5.

Body fat has dropped from 32.9% to 31.2%, and BMI has broken the magic 30, going from 30.48 to 29.53. I know the first week is the ‘honeymoon period’ on any diet, so it’ll get tougher going forward.