30lb before xmas challenge weigh in thread


327 lbs @rkr786.

Do I leave a new post every week so you get my weight or can you read my edits to my original post on this thread as I’ve highlighted you in there as well.
Cheers for doing a great job.


@rkr786 down to 269 for me this week.
Broken the 270 barrier for the first time in ages! Not huge losses like some, but progress!


Who’s a good boy then @TommyD…a loss is a loss. Barriers are there to be broken through…and there’s a satisfaction in both getting through them and then the nice feeling of staying through them for a prolonged period, as in I’ve been under 200 lbs for a few weeks now (although plateaued around the 196 / 14 stones, itself another barrier.

@rkr786 … 196.0 lbs for me.

Plateaued here, but I think I’ve turned a corner coz I’m trying a secert experiment next week in an attempt to counter the effects of less exercise for me, which is as the result of trouble with my landing gear and being unable to cycle.


@rkr786 330.4


@rkr786 Orion1 comes in at 271.8 pounds which is a loss I will gladly take.

Its been a tough week with eating and all. Went to the country fair last weekend and then last night was my son’s 15th birthday party/dinner, so I was very wary of stepping on the scales this morning. I guess my extra walking paid off.


What @Orion1…you mean you were walking on the spot whilst on the scales, losing weight in front of your very eyes?!!..clever thinking…


probably be best for you (and me) to add it to one post - so it’s nice for you to have a quick glance at (and feel some pride!) and for ease for me to pick it up from there! cheers mate, appreciate that. Just trying to help!


Thanks for the update @rkr786
Could you add the other 1lb off my total? by my reckoning I should be at -6.3lbs not 5.3?


@TommyD needs all the - lbs he earns, coz he soon gathers +lbs when he’s got a celebration on! Lol.


Hi mate,
Although this is technically true… the spreadsheet is working off consecutive weigh ins. In the ‘Latest weight’ column, your most recent weight is returned (as you did not weigh in Week 6, it is not returning your latest weight. Ill try fiddling with the formulas etc. but unless I make a manual adjustment (which means I have to do this each time...) it may be a bit tricky to adjust! Ill try and working something out. sorry!


no worries @rkr786 i’ll just work on the current numbers - not as if I couldn’t benefit from loosing that extra 1lb again - plus it would drive @Zero4 mad if I make it to 31lbs down :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hi @rkr786,

I think the league table is a bit screwy? It shows @Drums1875 at position 0, and me at joint 12th, even though we both show a loss of 7 lbs? I think we should both be joint 8th looking at the losses, but I can’t see how it works out the positions, or is that a manual process?

PS. You are doing a brilliant job, Vlookups and Indexes - very impressive. I can do vlookups after a lot of trial and error but indexes are still beyond me.


@rkr786 …you already know this, but the only way @TommyD is going to lose 31 lbs in a month, nevermind a week, is through a miss-type…


295.2 @rkr786


I figure one foot in the air should net me a loss of at least three ounces.


I’ve lost 10 lbs over all pal. It’s hard enough as it is so I can’t afford to miss out on the loss lbs. Lol


Sorry @Drums1875 , I wasn’t dissing you, just pointing out they were both wrong. Yours shows you as only losing 7 lbs and top of the table and mine showing me losing 7 lbs and next to bottom. tbh I thought I was pretty good with spreadsheets until I started looking at this one. Its well complicated.


I know you’re not mate. Just pulling your leg. I can’t get it up on my phone so not to worried about it. But it’s all relevant to those that can see it.




Hi @Unimatrix0,

A slight bit of confusion here, although the date says: Last Update Monday 8th October 1pm, this actually shows the data has been input up until this date and time. So if you have given your weight I have added it.

Secondly, I may/may not have updated the positions (this works with a sort function).

Thirdly, and perhaps most importantly, I said as of a week or 2 ago, Ill share the latest/updated table on the relevant week's posts, so that everyone knows 'it's official as of then'. Ill try and keep things updated i.e the weight and the table at the same time, but if it’s not correct (i.e.the positions are not updated etc., just assume it’s not official!).

Sorry for the confusion!! lol

Standby for the updated post on the week 9 thread