30lb before xmas challenge weigh in thread


Hi Mate,

Thanks for explaining. You are right I was confused having seen the ‘last update’ timestamp and seeing the weights had been updated but the table hadn’t. As you know I only joined last week, so hadn’t seen your ‘its only official when its posted’ post. Now I know, I’ll wait for the official post.

Thanks again for all your hard work doing this for us all, it is appreciated.


No worries @Unimatrix0 - it’s a little bit of me making the process smooth etc, and yes I appreciate you joined last week. All good!

No worries - thanks for your kind words and support. :kissing_heart:



Weighed in at football again. Overjoyed that I’ve lost 5% bodyweight and scored a hat-trick of losses at MvF!

Is 70lbs before Christmas unrealistic? :thinking:


so that’s 413.6lbs? just checking!




@rkr786 …I think one of his legs dropped off in Pret. Good loss @atb88


@rkr786 I’m registering 320lb. I can’t seem to edit my original post where it’s all stacked up so need to do it here. 7lb loss for this week


Excellent @Drums1875… exceptional week. Go for it again after tonight’s blow-out.


@rkr786 bad week…UP 4 lbs to register 200 lbs, but it’s a (not) nice round number, and after a weekend celebrating a friend’s wedding I’m back on with the exercise…


I think it goes to show that my job sitting on my fat Arse doesn’t help at all. The wife is going up to Argos as we speak to get some new scales. The ones that link up to your phone so hopefully get a better idea with the loss. If they show I’m heavier then they’re going back lol.


Great result @Drums1875. @rkr786 I just weighed in @ 15st 1.8lbs (211.8 lbs), down 5.6 on the week.

BMI is now down to 28.77, but strangely %body fat up to 33 which I don’t get - will need to investigate! Blood pressure is 116/76 and resting heart rate 58. I really struggle with %water though - I think for men it is recommended to be 50-65, but I almost never get beyond the high 40s no matter how much I drink. Maybe as the fat goes down the water will go up.


I’m not weighing in this week @rkr786.

Well done to all of you registering losses…

@Zero4 - not you.


@rkr786 2 down on last week to 293.2. Back where I was 2 weeks ago and I have momentum. I’m looking to break 290 next week


I’m like Arnold Schwarzenegger old son…”I’ll be back”.

You’d better believe it…


@rkr786 - my scales are still in a box somewhere in the house, so will register 269 lbs this week and correct it on Friday if req!


@rkr786 I weighed in on Friday at 250.5


Hi mate, you mean you’re not weighing in on Tuesday?


Yeah, I’m in Spain, mate.


They don’t have scales in Spain, thought you’d know that @rkr786 ?