30lb before xmas challenge weigh in thread


Oh, they DO have some scales in his hotel, but they are in the main reception…and @atb88 only weighed himself when he’s starkers…

…maybe we should not traumatise the Spaniards…:joy:


I’ll just bust into some random Spanish person’s gaff and get arrested or find out their scales don’t go up to fat b*stard.

Not sure which would be more humiliating.


thought you were gonna say you might break the scale and then have an altercation with spanish people… it’d be like a bull fight lol


All done today. Peppered mackerel with salad for lunch.
Beef stew with broccoli, carrots, mushrooms and sprouts. Stayed away from the potatoes.
Nicked a small drumstick which is for my lunch tomorrow. Also had some strawberries and blueberries with a spoonful of full fat Greek yogurt.

Night night.


wrong thread mate! lol


Yeah…get off @Drums1875


Oh shit. Sorry lads.


Ok. I’m checking in this morning at 318lb. Down 2lb from the old scales. These are my new scales. The new ones showed I was up last week but that’s after my weekend so to come back with this loss I’m well chuffed. @rkr786


Morning all, morning @rkr786. Just weighed in @ 207.8 lbs.


1 lb loss this week. Weighing in at 199 lbs…got a week off work, so I’m hoping an upping if the exercise will lead to better resolve in the consumption department.


That’s some awesome news there @Drums1875! Congrats.
@rkr786 I just weighed in @ 249. Only 1.5lbs this week but super happy, first time below 250 since
… I don’t know when. Wish I’d weighed myself a little in highschool to know if I’m getting close to that weight


Weighing in this week at 290.4 @rkr786


269 for me gents - still off games due to moving / painting etc… roll on Rowvember!


407.7lbs at the weigh in tonight. @rkr786

Think I’ve hit 30lbs?


I think you have mate! spreadsheet doesn’t like the fact you didn’t weigh in last week though! lol


You could just put the same weight for last week if you wanted?

Thanks, mate! I’ll keep on posting and see how much more I can lose in the remaining time!


@rkr786 I’ve got two holes on the spreadsheet Orion1 Week of October 13 was something like 274.4 and October 20 was 275.4. It will be lower this coming weekend as I’ve been attentive again. Thank you for your work in making this sheet happen. I like to look at it and see that I am in the green and that I have been making progress as in my body I cannot feel it.


Sorry mate, I don’t think I saw these - hence why I didn’t add them! done now.

No worries, thanks for your support and kind words!


Morning all, morning @rkr786. 204.8 lbs for me this morning. Another 3lbs gone. Yay.


291.2. Can’t get below that 290. New week and I’ll smash it this week. @rkr786