30lb before xmas challenge weigh in thread


@rkr786 got down to 246.5


@rkr786 …wasted four bloody weeks, or maybe ‘only’ three, but today I’m at 196.0 lbs, so 16 left to go in eight weeks - how neat is my average to go!


@rkr786 Weighing in at 271.4 It was a good week.


317 lb. Down a full lb. Woop woop. @rkr786


405.7lbs, @rkr786 - 2lbs off.

Think I can put that disappointing return down to last night’s Turkish. Going harder next week if I want to hit 60lbs!


Start weight. 337lb
Current weight. 311lb

Total loss. 26 lb



204.6 - a miserable 0.2lbs down @rkr786. Better than a gain I suppose.


I 288.8lb. Broke 290 last week so a 3 lb loss on last week. So so week with some booze and few days over my 1700 cals but I’m going to be stricter this week @rkr786


@rkr786 Today’s weight is 270.4. Weight is down, but really want to break into the 260’s for next week.


@rkr786 just realized I posted in the wrong area, I’m at 247 today


399.3lbs @rkr786.

I’ve broken 400lbs for the first time in years! Not going back up there either.

Feeling so good after getting a win on the field tonight as well!


Awesome job @atb88. Breaking those big barriers is something to really be proud of!


you also wrote 257 in the other group! lol. Big jump!!


Haha really? Whoops. 247 was the correct one lol.


287.0lb loss of just under 2 @rkr786


No losses to record. :man_shrugging:
311 lb @rkr786


Hi all. @rkr786. 196.4 lbs this morning. No idea where this has come from. that’s exactly 2 stone down from when I started in September.


@rkr786 243.5 lbs this week


@rkr786 271 lbs this past weigh in.


196 lbs again @rkr786 …cheers again and still, for your efforts!