30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Enter at your own risk 😉


Hi folks, myself @Zero4 and @bigalster52 and anyone that fancies it have challenged ourselves to lose up to 30lb before Xmas. This is a big challenge to myself as I’m a bit of a yo-yoer at the best of times but I think with encouragement we can get there.

Plan is to check in to encourage and ridicule and keep it fun but more importantly to support each other which is what we are all here to do.


I’d be up for that :+1: Is there a prize or a forfeit? :joy:


I would definitely be up for a wager: how about a tenner each, and everyone who hits target shares the pot?

However, I definitely don’t want to manage it! What do you think?


@Steve_Green @bigalster52… house rules: Sense of humour the basic requirement… must be open to ridicule and derision for poor decisions. Must announce resignation if abandoning the challenge early… don’t just melt away, well not melt away online that is, we’re ALL going to melt away physically by Christmas!


No holds barred grief and abuse within forum rules of course😂


Sounds good to me… count me in!


You don’t know what you’ve let yourself in for! Team FINIT …no holds barred says @Greenballs !! …and I agree


Bring it on.

What’s the start date? In the groups I’ve done an average weight loss weigh in on a Saturday, so I’m happy to start then.

20 weeks exactly yesterday.


Next day or so. Soon as the new group starts. Looks like we’ll be lumped in together anyway. Or start away when you want. This thread is for the journey and abuse


Oooh, Picklerick… you’re another one that doesn’t know what you’re letting yourself in for!..gentle ribbing and chastisement for not keeping promises…no wishy-washy “I might do this, or I MIGHT do that”. What started as two chunks in Team FINIT has grown and you’re most welcome, but melting (into the background) or shrinking (out of the pact) are words only to describe where your excess is headed…

I think @Greenballs suggested start to coincide with start of our hopefully impending new group, but as that should be due around Saturday, then Saturday morning seems as good a definite date as any.


Sense of humour
Absolute determination and adherence to the goal
Participation in banter

It’s probably essential for everyone who gets stuck in to appreciate that we’re each likely to be at different stages of our respective journeys. Some just starting out with maybe a way to go some, which I confess like myself who, when I lose 30 lbs will likely float away, maybe metaphorically, as such a loss would take me to 12st 12lbs which I’ve not been before I got stuck into weight training to beef myself up for club rugby, aged 20…forty-three years ago! I willed and ate and trained myself mad trying to get UP to fourteen stone, and I’ve spent the best part of thirty-three years trying to get back DOWN there again!

So, @Greenballs @Steve_Green @rkr786 @PickleRick @bigalster52 @Zero4 …and anyone else deciding to join between now and saturday morning’s weigh-in…you/we have just two days to withdraw…or we’re off and running!


I would really like to join this group. Is there anything else I need to do to become a part of it or will this post do the trick. Two more days of my summer job working at a camp. Weight has stayed the same, which I am counting as a victory since every meal is a buffet style, so excessive eating for sure, but also a good sized camp, so excessive walking for sure too.


Nothing else Orion1… you’re in the sh1T just like the other six in the group!

Above rules apply. Hardcore weight losers.


For those non-Alpha types (like me) please join in.

As an English teacher the first thing i’m goung to do is lose 30lb and then i’m going to write lovely poem about it.



Are you drunk?!


He’s excited. I’ve been in a group with him and this is the most excited he’s been. He’s drunk on excitement. I’ve said excite too much.

Plus man is straight sober all month so it’s def not that


Fair enough. I can handle a giddy kipper.

I’m in the middle or end of a rut, I’m back putting weight back on so a bit of energy and enthusiasm might help me because for a few weeks IDGAF. It may be coincidence or chemical or whatever but I lose a few stones, get down to 250lbs and my head goes to shit.

It happened in November too, the down days take over and nothing much else matters. I’ve experienced this before and had to deal with the damage, even though it’s happening again it will be controlled better.


Well this sounds like a challenge. I started at 384 lb last Feb. Now currently below 340 lb. I’d love to get to 300 lb. So trying to get to that weight will be a huge challenge. So can I join. I support Birmingham City so there’s a joke in there somewhere. Also my grammar is poor. So you can rib me about that.


Count me in :+1:


I’m up for it but I’ll be checking in once a week. Every week!

Let’s start Saturday?


@PickleRick…wtf is a giddy kipper? … you’re certainly not handling MY giddy kipper, you’ll have my missus after you… hopefully this, intended to be, hard on ourselves and just maybe anyone in it, might be a way for you to get back into gear and continue your good work to date…

Btw…why would I have been drunk? …and btw again, that would have been difficult as I’ve been dry since August 1st…and yesterday my copy of Naked Mind finally turned up from Amazon, so eight days into my abstinence and now I’ll be able to READ why I’m doing it!