30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Enter at your own risk 😉


Yeah, when i’m At the gym, I use the Boditrax machine once a month to keep an eye on everything - muscle mass, visceral fat, water retention and lots of other variables, all of which are heading in the right direction so i’m not too upset about a small gain, as you said, I could have packed some muscle on! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

More likely it’s just some water retention after a full on couple of days. - Saturday will give the answers!


Could swim instead!


@TommyD …good self control. It’s always good when you can stop and take stock of the situation before launching yourself into some action you may later regret. Smug Zone for you!


Today, so far, I’ve been a good boy. I went on my now ‘usual’ fasted ride…42 miles. Going to keep doing this daily, if results come good.

So I resisted having the protein bar part way back like I felt I had to yesterday, and although hard work maybe I can console myself with hope that it will pay dividends come Saturday’s weigh-in.

I was going to test the MvF censorship button again for you @TommyD…coz I was f##ked when I got back … deliberately tampering on the edge of the dreaded ‘bonk’ is lunacy…but I’ll do the experiment on behalf of 30 lbs by Xmas group… because I’m good to you.

Some salad (beetroot, spring onion, cabbage/carrot slices, lettuce, vine tomatoes, and avocado) was already made up, so I dived into that as soon as back whilst 'er indoors grilled a steak for me as I recovered!

Chicken breast and ratatouille planned for supper, so should be a good day. Feeling a bit jaded an hour after our return, as the ‘dice with edge of The Bonk’ tactic is still with me, but at least I’ve resisted any temptation to gorge myself on any more food…just water!!


Tea was a late affair tonight. I needed to pick up a scooter from the shop so had it at 7pm.
I had haddock fillets on cauliflower rice and veg.
Nicked a chicken wing that’s been cooked for tomorrow lunch. No more food for tonight hopefully.
Good luck everyone


Morning all. Back on the exercise horse. Second class in 2 days and all was good. Need the scales to be nice this week but I’ll smash it for next week either way. Simple breakfast today with porridge and coffee. May be my go to for a while. 250 cals and it’s filling


Had my lunch at 11.45. No breakfasts. I ate a tinned tuna and salad. Hopefully I’ll be going to boxercise tonight. Then I’ll eat my tea afterwards.


Got to boxercise tonight. Put in a really good work out.

Tea was chicken wings and an omelette. Another good day eating to plan.

Day 31 in my monthly group tomorrow so I’ll let you know how I’ve got on. Hopefully I can get another good day in tomorrow for Saturday weigh in.


Hi. New here but am certainly up for losing 30lb before Christmas! :grinning::santa:t3::christmas_tree:

I’ve been recording my food and drink intake for the past week since I got back from holiday and eating well coupled with regular exercise has lead to a loss of 9.5lbs in just a week!

I’m currently 15st 12lb and to get anywhere near 13st 10lb before Christmas would be amazing.

Is there a WhatsApp group set up for sharing diet/exercise or is it all done in this chat? :pray:t2:


No WhatApp coz of privacy some prefer. Good weight loss first week @LeeBeardshaw…and welcome. We appear to have several pop in and SAY they want to join in (and claim too that they can take gentle ribbing if not abuse for failing in certain promises…see early-post rules), but we’ve never heard from them again!

What is your modus operandi Lee?


Weighed in at just one pound off last week’s post! One pound after all that fasted cycling ffs! …I’m not however too cheesed off because I am mixing it with holiday enjoyment too and I’m confident it would all drop off when I do similar stuff on my return, but without the wine in the evening.

Today I’m giving fasted cycle a day off but will still fast til lunchtime as we’re off house-buying area hunting…not so much actual house hunting, but trying to narrow down where in Pyrenees we might live.

Back this evening and might give battleropes a bashing, along with weights. My missus reckons that the six lots of 42 mile fasted rides might well have added muscle to legs which could account for minimal loss.

Still, a loss is a loss so I’m 5 lbs down and 25 to go…


Well I finished off my month group today, day 31, and lost a staggering 17 lb. That’s 52lb since March. That’s with having a wobble.

Lunch was eaten at 12 midday. 2 boiled eggs, 2 chicken thighs, and salad.

How are we recording our weigh ins on Sat.


@Drums1875 That is great news, congratulations. You are on the right path. I will be a few weeks before I can say that I lost 17 pounds. It’s got to feel good. Be mindful not to tell yourself you can overdo it for a few days since you’ve lost so much. I’ve self-sabotaged too often. Cheers.


amazing @Drums1875!

Do your weigh ins on the relevant chat and tag me in your posts please. I have done a spreadsheet but Ive been hesitant to release it without locking down cells (where if edited will bugger up stuff for the users). Ive taped a short video guide as well which will hopefully explain how to use it too - but need to edit the video. I`m hopeful this will all be in place for next week, apologies for the delay. CC @Greenballs (sorry tagged @Zero4 in error)


On the scales @Drums1875…on the scales…that’s where we’re recording them!

You’re doing a great job… @Drums1875


Had 3 small thin pork chops with stirfry vegs for my tea at 6pm. Hopefully that’ll be it for the day. Weigh in tomorrow. I’ll be off to London in the morning. Going to watch a band down the 100 club. Can’t wait. Then I’ll be coming back in the morning. Got our wedding anniversary party from 3 till late so I’ll be on the beer. Dont give me any stick. After 30 years I deserve it. So ill post update my weight on that page. But nothing on here till Monday. Have a good weekend everyone.


Is it possible to still join up? Been away for a while.


Amazing loss @Drums1875 go and enjoy the weekend now knowing how far you’ve come. You should nail the 30 easily.
Happy anniversary

Myself not so good this week with being laid up. Got 2 spin classes over 2 days so good to get back on it.
Big week this week as I want to push on and bring it down.


Join away. Just keep contributing and as @Zero4 said be prepared for some slagging and ribbing if we fall off. There’s another post for recording weight also


I just weighed myself today as I hadn’t done it. I was only 1/2lb up on last week so not as bad. 307.4 so 28 to go