30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Enter at your own risk 😉


@Greenballs…I had the thought overnight that this thread should be re-branded: We’ve had some welcome additions to group, but there is no actual way of telling whether ALL those who’ve joined in late have actually read and taken on board the initial premise of what started as almost a private ‘wager’ …no get placed…between you and me.

It was supposed to be ‘no holds barred’ probably harsh goading and cajoling of each other to achieve the goal. Early other joiners seemed to be putting their hands up to agree “Yes, it’s only the harsh-speaking truth and pointing out the blindingly obvious faults I’m making” type of comeuppance I’d get from a non-politically correct thread that will make me lose that weight.

A number too have come in, said ‘Can I join please?’…answered us ‘Yes’…and we’ve never +++king well heard from them again!

Well no-one’s being rude, no-one’s being politically incorrect, everyone’s being polite and it’s kind of become like a normal 30-day group. No-one’s slagged me off for only losing 1 lb in the second week and for failing to build on the 4 lb first week loss, even though I’ve knocked back some glasses of wine that I’ve already admitted will be the downfall of my personal weightloss effort.

What are your thoughts @Greenballs…and can we have a handsup as to who is still in and confirmation that you’re definitely still on for being slagged-off for NOT keeping promises made?

Here’s a couple of hometruth observations at the end of Week 2:

@Zero4 you will definitely NOT lose 30 lbs anytime soon if you state that “the calories you intake from alcohol will prove your downfall” …and yet you continue to undo good work on the exercise and food-intake front by drinking wine still in the evening (and covering it up by saying 'yes, well I AM on holiday!)

@Greenballs…htf are you going to lose 30 by Xmas at a rate of 2 lb every two weeks?

Finally: don’t get me a, there are two or three excellent efforts emerging, but there are some also-rans and a good few non-contributory lookers-on too… controversial?..the thread was SUPPOSED to be!


Yeah no worries. Might be better to keep track on whose involved when we have names on sheets


Lads need a roll call on whose in for this challenge.

Also @Zero4 you need to stay off that fcuking wine or that weight isn’t going anywhere. You need to take a good look at yourself :kissing_heart:

On me I’ve disappointed this week and eating wasn’t great but we can still do it. I was up at one point and got it back down. I’m looking at my gym routine and meals are being prepped today for the week.

Today is quiet for me. We are going to a baby shark performance later. Those with young ones will know this shit


Maybe a thread a week to keep track on whose in. Be a lot tidier than this current one


I’m still here, but only posting once a week. Will add my weight from the monthly group.


@Zero4 From across the pond, I say keep my ass in. I read everything, but need to commit at being way more frequent at posting. I walk at this juncture and it is all I basically do for exercise. I’ve been doing five miles a day for the past week. Last night, I had to go walking at 10:30 because I hadn’t finish my goal yet and wanted to not let the group down.

In regards to food, the wife and I have been home from our summer camp work for two weeks and we still have not gone a full grocery shop, soooo too much eating out at fast food places. I don’t get the fries as part of the meal, but still crappy choices. The other day I consumed a pint of ice cream because my boy wanted one and it was buy two get one free, so how could I pass that up; stupidity.

Weight is down for the second week in a row and that hasn’t happened it well over a year. Will post the results in the weight in thread.

It’s the weekend and a fine time to get off one’s arse, so get it moving all if you haven’t already.


Alright, I’m in. Need a kick in the pants to keep me on track. I’ve gone back lately and need to start pushing forward.


You’re gonna have to walk what, all day? To get rid of that ice cream you took in. (please don’t hit me, I’m a people pleaser so tough talk ain’t my strong suit lol :flushed:)
Next time get your kid to go in on the buy one get one carrots deal. I’m sure he’ll thank you… One day.


It’s looking like most, if not all, need swift kick up backside if ANYONE is going to get 30 lbs off by Easter, nevermind Xmas.

Reckon need daily tail of exactly what we individually intend for the coming day, and to report in same format to what extent we achieved our set goals, and where and why we failed or surpassed our expectations and goal.

Along the lines of:

Today my consumption will be:

My planned exercise is:

How my performance yesterday consumption wise aided my goal of 30 lbs by Xmas:

How my exercise related to my goal of 30 lbs by Xmas:

Can anyone set that up as a ‘permanent’ format, and we each and all agree to complete it daily? (Any suggestions for improvement more than welcome before it gets set in stone).

I personally think anything other than daily posting and full accountability is pretty much like setting sail in a dinghy from Portsmouth with a destination of Dublin and only plotting and checking and re-setting your navigation system once a week whatever the weather!!..next stop Oostende!

I know what this post should really be like:

We all know inside that we both want and need to change our ways and our shape…for the good of our health and well-being…and sometimes for the well-being of others too.

Many of us have someone, a wife, girlfriend or someone who is quite capable of watching pretty much our every move and habits, and could very well tell us where we’re going wrong, or indeed right, sometimes. I know I have…but if I let her indoors correct my every move and point out where I’m about to f**k up my efforts, I know I’d see that as her nagging me…and I’d HATE that and it just wouldn’t work…

THIS THREAD REQUIRES TO BE THE PLACE FOR SOME SERIOUS AND ‘WELCOMED’ NAGGING and a place to go where you’re accountable to your peers…

Comments welcomed on the above format which I’m going to start on from tomorrow morning…based on what I’m doing today, given I post historically…this needs to be a serious effort on our individual parts or not worth the thread… lots of love!

Everyone who confirms they are joining in new format can start from, say Monday?..if not tomorrow…


Right, well here we go…No replies as yet, so possibly still up for some possible editing, but as it seems to me to be a harsh, yet potentially brutally honest way to get 30 lbs off me (or any or every one who follows it) by Xmas PLUS it invites derision for fzzzking up, it admirably matches this thread’s objectives:

SATURDAY 25 August:


Limited to healthy-only choices purchasing salad ingredients to accompany chicken breasts in fridge. Black coffees only. See how hunger goes later in day.


Fasted 20 mile road cycle with missus accompanying


Not applicable…first day


Not applicable…first day

Footnote: Remember the intention of this, at first private thread was to be an irreverent and hardcore effort to lose the challenge weight. Only serious contenders with thick skin for derogatory comments need and should apply (see rules early in thread).


A good point, and well made sir! @theseventensplit…more of that


SUNDAY 26 August:


healthy-choice lunch post bike-ride. Black coffees only, no sneaky sugars.

Fairly large, but ensure totally healthy evening meal because missus is planning on us doing fairly hard ride up mountain tomorrow.


Fasted 20 mile road cycle


Fast broken by tin of sweet corn and lasted til lunch an hour later.

Great!..lunch of 2 x chicken breasts and healthy-only salad stuff all fine.


On track. Fasted exercise ensures body doesn’t simply hang on to fat and keeps metabolic rate up.


Never got a chance to sit and read through stuff for last few days. I see where you are coming from and a wee bit more structure is good. I’m for it anyway. I’ve lost more weight since Friday soni take it. 25.4 to go😉

Calorie deficits are helping me.

I’m for the gym tonight so I’ll post my day after that.

Still need a roll call to see whose in. A lot of interest then people haven’t posted at all. I know we have around 6 or 7 anyway. @Drums1875 is away celebrating this weekend so will hear from him Monday.

If people are in or out then fair enough. I’m in and that’s what matters to me but we are here for each other and other joiners


Absolutely excellent @Drums1875… agreed though, don’t self-sabotage.

I bet you feel great?


Seems good summary. Have a think about the structure / format…I’m all for it because it sure does focus the mind and asks the question about whether one is actually serious about (a) losing the weight and (b) doing so within a time limit


The time limit thing is intense, dropped my weight loss calories deficit down to 2lbs/week,which should leave a bit of flexibility while still letting me get down to my goal of 231,which would be amazing.
Already did my planned exercise for today, which is stronglifts 5x5. I had to stop for a while due to an injured rotator cuff, so I’m back at zero but watching form. I figure with the calorie deficit, the low weights will be a good thing.

Yesterday I kept myself around my goal of 1852 Cal. Plan to keep this up and see where I end up at the end of the week!

Exercise on cardio days will be focused on sprinting/walking/jogging.


I’m only recently back from rotator cuff injury…a bugger isn’t it, when you want to be all guns blazing.


It’s rediculous, but I know that it was due to bad form, doing bench presses and other arm exercises without keeping my shoulders supporting everything.


I thought I’d had a good week but I’ve stayed the anew eight 111kilos and holding!


Today my consumption was : porridge at 7 this morning. Cup of coffee

Mid morning about 11 bowl cornflakes

Lunch sandwich kerrygold slice 2 slices meat

Dinner shepherds pie with chopped onion and peppers on the side

Snacks white chicolate biscuits apple banana laughing cow cheese and crackers

My planned exercise was :rpm class I’m just home from 45 min spin

How my performance today consumption wise aided my goal of 30 lbs by Xmas:

well hit me wth it. Mfp tells me I only ate 1625 cals then my exercise cals is 300 estimated from the spin. The snacking on sweet stuff and crisps are just wasted calories so they are just little fillers in the day. I usually drink water or now coffee so get rid of any hunger. 4 litres today. Must have done something as I was uncomfortable on the hike tonight but managed through. Nearly puked a few times and gave up.

How my exercise related to my goal of 30 lbs by Xmas:

my exercise will help me a long way. It’s the start and all I can do with bad knee and recurring back issues. But it counts towards me getting fitter. 22 stone or just under and I can do more. Every little helps. The spin class is usually around 400 cals burned and I never usually eat them.

My daily recommended calories is 2250 a day but I feel this is way too much. I work off 1600.

On a side note my reason for this challenge for we were planning a trip to euro Disney. This is now booked so it’s all systems go for me.

Scales are down today. Need to double check tomorrow but in the right direction

Fire away @Zero4

Give me your best.