30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Enter at your own risk 😉


Interesting read on the thread. It is abit messy so some structure is welcomed and accountability is paramount! Good few days for me. Lost another 4pounds this week so thats 8 pounds over the last 2 weeks. Trying to hit the gym everyday combining weights and a little cardio. Seems to be working so far so gona stick to the same next week. Downside is i find it tough to fast over the weekends but eating been ok…not entirely clean tho! Went to GBK and swapped the bun for salad and a few sneaky chips…Back fasting 2mo.


Have you considered asking @admin to help create a group format whereby you can add members and create daily threads like in a 30 day group, but for a four month period to Christmas?

Failing that, why not all sign up to a four consecutive 30 day groups together?


Good work @r3m1ni55… nothing to pull you up in there…you sound on track…


@Greenballs…I’ll comment later…I’m a bit busy…had bowl porridge before set out on current bike ride. Suffice to say not doing it fasted today as it’s a bit lumpy and need energy…just stopped for coffee after 20 warmup, we now turn towards foot of Port de Bales, a climb that featured in 2007 and 2010 Tours de France…it’s a 19kilometre ascent, then same down the other side in to Bagnerre du Luchon where I will report in in my current format as, on reflection since starting, it definitely gives focus and definitely makes one accountable!!! …and there’s no hiding place!


How do I download a photo please chaps! …I can’t see which symbol to press!


Bottom right corner


I tried that, and it didn’t work for me! I’ll maybe try again…


That’s how I do it on the phone. Prompts me to choose from photo library



Today’s Consumption will be:

Porridge… enough to get me up a f##king hill!

Today’s exercise is:

An undulating ride to the foot of a Pyrenean mountain… The Port de Bales…then UP it, a 19 km climb …then another 19 kms down the other side …Weeeeeeeeeeee… all the way home!

How yesterday’s Consumption will aid me losing 30 lbs by Xmas:

Broke fast with tin sardines in tomato sauce
Lunch…fresh smoked salmon and salad
Supper: In restaurant, loading for challenging ride next day. Foie gras (insides a duck delicacy)…on toast. Duck breast with courgettes and new spuds. Blackberry meringue.

Need calories on board to burn today!

Overall… calorie intake for day about equal, but ‘overload’ required for mountain ride to follow.


Evening all. Wind down here for the night


Breakfast cornflakes with semi skimmed milk and coffee

Lunch cheese bap.

Dinner shepherds pie.

Snacks some bugle crisps things the daughter had we shared them during a movie.
White chicolate biscuits mini size pack of 6 wth tea these are 198 calories so built into the day

Boring as similar to yesterday. But it’s well under calorie total

How my consumption aided me:
Under calories again for day even with snacking. I am 200 below daily calories and I haven’t even recorded the exercise.
Weight is still going down which is what it’s all about. Happy with scales this week.


Not long home from a hard rpm class. Easily the hardest workout playlist they have in a long time. I nailed it tonight and I’m proud of myself. In fact I keep up more than most of the skinnies in the class. Go me👍🏻

@Zero4 fair play for all that cycling. Some mileage being done there. :clap:t2::clap:t2:


@Greenballs has recommended this to me.

I am a lapsed member previously losing 70lbs. As is the way most have that has crept back on over the past few months so time to take action!

I guess the clue is in the title…30lbs before Christmas…I am happy to give it a go.

What do I have to do?

I have started the exercise again with 2 x 5km (at a brisk pace) walks yesterday and today. Also started tracking my calories on MFP again and been under both days.

Back to work tomorrow and I need to focus on getting in to a good routine with good habits.

When I lost the 70lbs I started with 5 x 5km(minimum) walks per week with the walking at a brisk pace. I built up to doing a C25K that I almost completed before injury derailed me.

I also had a calorie target of 2200 per day. No bread so salads at work, no snacks at work so no crisps or chocolate etc. I also cut out all fizzy drinks and only drink water which doesn’t bother me as I don’t drink tea or coffee.

My guilty pleasure is lager when I go to watch football at the weekend (with no takeaways!).


Forget if I did yesterday’s, whoops.
Today I did an hours workout, a combination of walking/biking. Breakfast was cereal, lunch was a fish sandwich, and supper is Greek chicken with olives, artichokes and cherry tomatoes. No breads with supper, and sticking to my calorie goal for today.
Also, I didn’t eat till after my exercise to help boost fat burn during the workout.
Been feeling really hungry in the afternoons but nothing too bad.


can i join in please , this would be amazing if i can manage it


More than welcome @Darren1 quick read of a few of the posts get the jist of what we are attempting here. Every little of motivation helps


i have recently had surgery for diverticulitis and put on all i lost before the op
so loosing 30lb would be amazing before xmas , i just need to find a calorie number that works



Today’s Consumption will be:

Breakfast: school sponsored, so probably a bagel, which I did . Instead of having another. I had watermelon.
Lunch: tunafish sandwich, yogurt, and sugar free jello.
Dinner was supposed to be grilled sausage, but ended up being a Whopper no fries with some chicken nuggets.

Today’s exercise goal is to walk five miles:
As I get ready for bed I was able to get 6.1 miles in.


I’m back. I took everything on board of what you all said about not ruining all the hard work I’ve done and not go back to the excesses. Well it went in one ear and out the other. Food wise ok but beer wise .mmmm

Back to it today. Weighed my self Saturday and put 1lb back on from Friday. How’s that worked as I was well under food intake for Friday.

Here goes. Let’s do this.


I can’t find the weight recording page. Got a link please so I can record



Good stuff @Greenballs…neverrmind if stats and info is the same, if scales going down and fitness/feelgood factor going up, all is well