30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Enter at your own risk 😉


Well played @Drums1875…back with a vengeance…that’s what we need…


Welcome @Darren1…especially earlier posts, not meant to be for feint of heart on commentary for any bad stuff you could possibly do!

Let us bad folks know how YOU intend to lose 30lbs by Xmas…and we’ll harass you in to sticking to it…


@theseventensplit…sometimes the ‘feeling hungry’ can serve as a reminder of what we’re up to here…and we should all bear in mind we’ve all eaten too oftentimes when we WEREN’T hungry! #payback

Oh, and very often it isn’t true hunger anyway, but thirst. Water required…


@Brickhouse…be warned, the title hides the full initial agenda which is to lose 30lbs by Xmas; post HOW you propose to do it; make statements of intent…and DONT TAKE OFFENCE WHEN YOU GET BOL£CKED FOR NOT DOING IT.

See early posts. Irregular posts and wishful thinking don’t cut it on this thread…hardcore weight loss, hardcore assessments… ARE YOU STILL IN?


Winding down a bit after yesterday’s c1,000 calories IN…around 3,200 calories OUT!

The 12 mile road bike climb UP the Port de Bales, Pyrenees took me 2 hours 35 minutes… and the drop of same distance down other side into Luchon took 16 minutes, 30 seconds!

For some interests sake, my 8.5 stone wife got up it in 1 hour 55… but 23 minutes down! …and THAT is difference between taking 205 lbs up and down a climb and only 119!!!

THAT’S why I need to shed 30 by Xmas.


Fasted one hour ride. Might break the fast with tinned sardines if can’t make it til lunchtime.
Lunch with friends: SpagBol. Avoiding French bread and alcohol.

That should be it.


Decent day for me yesterday, morning session at the gym, little bit of strength and 15min Hiit on the heavy bag. Struggling a little with my workouts now since I slipped a disc whilst dead lifting and current rotator cuff injury so poor planning left me twiddling thubs abit after squatting with weights. food ok aswell, chicken thighs and spinach for lunch then BBQ for dinner, only protein and leafy greens consumed. Didnt bother tracking calories. prob around 1500 so defo in deficit.

Today: just about to go to the gym, some strength exercises and heavy bag cardio. Will prob only eat once again today at about 8pm. not sure exactly what I will eat but as per usual, will be some protein ,leafy greens and some healthy fats!!


@Greenballs …I rather think the title needs to include some reference to the fact that derision and scorn could be poured upon those who promise much, but deliver little.

30 lbs by Xmas sounds attractive and most MvF members will in theory aspire to it…whether they are all thick-skinned enough to be cajoled and insulted for failure en route is another matter!


For me I like to count calories but 30lb is a big lump so I don’t want to start to low then end up with nothing in reserve once I stop loosing. So I’m thinking around the 2,100 a day for 2 weeks with daily weigh ins and record the results to see what happens.




@Zero4 water is not a problem, 3 liters minimum a day. Though feeling hungry while filled to the brim with water is a weird feeling. I’m gonna assume some of the hunger is just stomach shrinking. Will have to see.
Plan for today is, cereal for breakfast, with a coffee prior to my 5x5 routine for today, then for lunch, leftover Greek chicken from yesterday. Snacks consist of a protein shake with banana added this morning, and peaches/Mandarin oranges the rest of the day.
Supper will be fun as we are doing laundry today which usually involves supper grabbed out as no time to cook, I’ll have to look for a healthier choice.


right, back from a trip away for bank holiday w/e - what did i miss? :joy:


First day back at work after 10 days off.

My intention is good habits. 3 proper meals per day and no food after 7:30pm. No snacking, no bread, I have swapped sarnies for salads.

First couple of weeks back I plan for 2200 calories before reducing to 2000.

I have done a 5km walk this evening at a brisk pace and just over 10,000 steps in total.

This is the regime that helped me lose 70lbs when I first joined the site.


I messed up, we had pizza for supper (wife’s request), and I ended up eating way more than I needed to.


You know what I’d love some pizza but I seem to over do it also. Like 6-8 slices. And that would be a large. Been a few weeks mind you.


Not much to report for yesterday.

Breakfast cornflakes
Lunch chicken frankfurters and 1 bap
Dinner chicken curry.
Cheese and crackers for snacks

My exercise I left til today as I was a bit tired. Lots of driving around Dubai takes its toll.
Took my daughter to a hotel pool yesterday so she could get some swimming in.

My plan today already is going well.

Went to rpm class this morning early doors at 7am. Plan the same tomorrow. As I’m for Oman on Friday. Didn’t eat til 11. Which was 3 eggs scrambled. Lunch is potato and leek soup whbsome strawberries and pineapple after.

I’ll see what happens with dinner but we are planning veg omelette with beans. Quick and easy.
Weight still down so been a good week. Everyday has seen a calorie deficit with no eating out or takeaways.


Also it’s my birthday next week. The plan is was to go out to a brunch. All you can eat and drink in a 4 hour period. These usually result in a gain for me. There’s also a night out before for someone leaving. I’m skipping both as I don’t want to undo what I’m doing here. I’ll go for a bite to eat on the day and keep it within reason. May have a beer or two but I have the end goal on my mind.

At present 24.4 to go.

And since this challenge started only 3 beers consumed.

Check in lads when you can.


Goodly start Mr @Brickhouse


Yesterday got in my more ‘normal’ 20 mile fasted road bike ride after exertions of day before.

Fast broken by very small snack of Bolognese sauce that had been made during my ride and had been intended for lunch, but as that lunch postponed we went to restaurant (I’m still on holiday in France)…had chicken (small slices of breast) salad…big on lettuce, small on meat! …a downside of eating out, but better for my health!

Afternoon tea consisted of an ice cream cone…hardly a good choice if I’m being totally harsh, but we’re I counting calories I’d still be in profit for the day.

Today I’m kind of feeling the effects of yesterday’s fasted ride on top of the 3,000 + calories burned on previous day’s ride, so I’m deliberately not riding today and resting as we’re off to view some houses with view to our impending move out here…

Breakfast is going to be half a melon. Lunch will be carefully chosen to avoid French bread… I’ve cracked the ability to resist the temptation by telling staff in restaurants that BOTH my wife have a wheat allergy…which stops them forcing the issue.


Back on the wagon today after the long weekend.

Started yesterday with an FTP test on the wattbike at the gym, not the most fun 20mins you can have in a day, but felt good for it afterwards!

My wife is taking the kids up to london this evening to watch Les Mis with her sister (thankfully I got out of that one), so the choice is mine as to this evening’s activities! - Trying to decide between a ride outside - MTB through the mud! or back to the gym - A buddy of mine has given me a 5km row target to aim for and I’m tempted to give that a crack.

Food wise, has been good so far, nice protein porridge for breakfast with a benecol yoghurt and my usual codliver oil with a berrocca chaser!
I’m planning on nipping home for lunch today to avoid the cafe next door and have poached egg on toast. Dinner will be decided on the outcome of the MTB/GYM debate.

Scales showed me back where I was on friday last week, so only slightly behind the curve at the moment, still time to drag it back on track.

surprised at the lack of abuse for being AWOL for 4 days :wink:


@TommyD There does seem to be a lack of abuse. Maybe if you’d shown up more often you’d have been around to help spurn on that abuse instead of letting the weakling like myself get away with half a pizza and no punishment. Way. To. Go. slow clap