30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Enter at your own risk 😉


Btw, Les Mis is amazing, don’t know why you’d want to get out of that. :yum:




I’m not a fan of musicals!
Much better to hit the trails on the bike!


Did I read your post right? Are you chugging ragu as a post ride snack?:astonished:


Well my day is going well.
Started with cardio. I tried a new HIIT spinning app that does timings. I made it through 13 minutes of a 30 minute routine before I had to stop and walk on the treadmill (I hate biking over running, but my leg/hip has been bugging me so I’m trying low impact exercises).
Breakfast was cereal and a peach, with coffee earlier in the morning.
lunch will be porridge with some low-cal syrup, cinnamon and raisins.
supper is going to be a frozen high protein chicken pasta dish that’s been sitting around for a while (fits my calories for a portion, and it gives me an easy 40g protein meal).

I’m anxious for my weigh in on saturday as I’m not sure what to expect.


Yesterday was a good day food wise. My tea was a steak and stirfry vegs and a fried duck egg. Was knackered all day though because of my heavy weekend. So we didn’t get to boxercise.
Today has been good so far. 2 slices of cured ham mixed with a salad and 2 boiled eggs. I ate this at 11.30.
Tonight I’m having roast chicken with a Portobello mushroom with soft cheese wrapped in bacon and some stirfry vegs. I’m supposedly going to the gym afterwards but might have to cancel ghat s ive booked someone to come around to look at my boiler. Ill see how long it takes.


Good work lads. Nice to see the weekend shenanigans as bad as they are are being left behind. Let’s just leave it there unless the main man @Zero4 wants to give you a bit.

Today for me was ok. Everything went to plan other that my late lunch resulted in me not having omelette. Can be tomorrow breakfast instead. I just had a bowl of crisps when I got in with some tea. Well under calories for the day. Shite calories but it’s counted towards the day. In fact mfp tells me I’ve not eaten enough with the exercise calories added.

Rpm booked for tomorrow 5.30am so see how that goes :muscle:t2::100:


So day 4 of being well and truly back on it. Starting to feel much better in myself again even if work is a pain in the arse!

Eaten to plan again:

Small bowl of shreddies with skimmed milk
Chicken salad, protein bar and cheese triangles for lunch at work
Meatballs and pasta for dinner

No snacks, no fizzy drinks and approx 3 litres of water.

Foot is a bit sore today so opted for 30 mins on the exercise bike.

Challenge for tomorrow is working out of the office. Have to resist the services and eating crap on route.


Just to confirm that I went to the gym. My lad is a fit buggar. Plays football at a decent level. Trains nearly every day except Sundays and plays Saturday’s and Tuesdays with gym work other days. My plan is to try and get to gym twice a week with boxercise twice with the wife.
Really enjoyed tonight. Our gym has been taken over so had a full make over with all brand spanking new equipment. We worked on back tonight and felt really good. Went on the tread mill for 10 minute warm up and breezed it. Usually I’m blowing big style. Went on cross trainer which I could never get past 3 minute. Done 5 to end the session. So feeling good. Got back home and sneaked some chicken, so that’s a bummer.
Let’s hope I have a good day tomorrow. Need to get 2 more good days to repair some of last weekend’s damage for the weigh in.


@Greenballs don’t you be counting those MFP exercise calories! They don’t count!!!


Today is just a day that sucked, so I am in a mood of I don’t care, but I really do care. ^&^&^

Breakfast, Lunch were good. Dinner was okay. Had a brownie and a bunch of Pringles, which I didn’t need and don’t really like but overstressed and that is a fall back. A behavior I have not mastered yet.

Exercise is about 3 and a half miles and too tired to want to go out tonight to finish. Temps were in the mid-90’s today and a bit spent.


I know but when mfp adds them to your day and you try to complete it says you are bit eating enough. I used to use them as a buffer but not in a while


I let them add, as I’m already at a low caloric intake for me, and so is use the extra to allow myself the room to eat a bit more.


Lads this may be useful to us. It’s out about a week and half or something but you get the jist


last day of a failed 30 day challenge. put on .5 of a kilo.
Trying to diet whilst on holiday was not such a good idea. I thought in the sun and heat I could eat less bad food whilst hitting the fruit and salad counter. Unfortunately forgot about the alcohol intake.
Plenty of exercise walking, cycling and wild swimming but too much Rose undoes any good you are doing.
Still its ages to christmas so I’m sure I can catch up with the losers.


Folks from Saturday whoever is still in we will start a new thread each week. Easier to keep track. Over 250 posts in this one and I wouldn’t have a clue where to look. @Zero4 if you pull out ur rules post on the day we can direct people to that. We should have the spreadsheet up and running soon. :+1:t2::sunglasses:


Just ask @Zero4 to stop waffling on. That should save some space.


‘working from home’ today (looking after the kids!) is there an option on MFP to log that? Must be worth a couple of thousand cals easily!

Sensible breakfast to start, then off to the shops to source some ingredients for the lasagne tonight.
Good 17 miles of single track ride last night - albeit a bit muddy, I must remember to put the mud guard back on the bike soon!

Aiming to be back on track by saturday for the weigh in…


Need to post properly later… exercise being challenged by an ‘outsider’ to group… coming to last few days of holiday in France and my missus wants to up the number of areas we visit with regard to where to focus our search for place to buy a house out here…so my daily fasted rides finished, or so it would appear.

Reluctantly (for me) we’ve extended rental car hire for two days, then Saturday we’ll be back in motorhome for journey from south to Calais, eurotunnel train Tuesday lunchtime.

I’m going to hit the gym f£££king hard on my return, and bike straight out of moho garage and into action once more…in meantime food intake will require concentration…

I am actually looking forward to the organisation and formality that can be result of being home again, and reforming of gym habit plus making meal choices more rigid, that you can’t necessarily do on holiday.

September 6th is re-birth of my regime. In the interim you lot may just get a little less slagging whilst I’m at the wheel driving north…and looking at countryside in meantime.

There looks to be some serious contenders posting, and weekend shakeup and roll-call by @Greenballs would be useful and welcome.


Yeah I’ll post a link to a new clean thread and those who post can transfer. As mentioned there is quite a few here who like the idea then didn’t start around too long or start.
Credit to those involved actively.