30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Enter at your own risk 😉


Today is starting off well. Still hotter than hot. Looking to rebound from yesterday. Breakfast was a turkey sausage, egg and cheese wrap; 130 calories and a coffee 330 calories. Lunch is being provided today by a parent, which is pizza. The good news is that there is a 2 slice limit,so that makes it easy not to over do. Dinner is planned to be chicken.

Walking the five mile goal may be hard today. Usually try to start the day with a mile walk, but didn’t sleep well and had trouble pulling myself out of bed today. Still going to give it a go. The thing is I know I can still do it. So then I will do it. If life worked out with just thinking, I wouldn’t be fat anymore. I must walk. There,I am hoping that this rant is me talking myself into it.

Update: It is close to noon and 1.5 miles thus far. Food has been on point as planned above.


Ha just read it when you get home again to remind you. 5 miles is not to be sniffed at either


30 mins heavy bag workout completed at home. My target is to lose 2.3lbs per week. Would appreciate the daily push to hit 15k steps plus, a dedicated cardio workout 3-5 times per week and a lifting/resistance workout twice per week.

Im also just starting a Couch210K program. Currently not much of a runner.



New post each week is a good thing, easier to follow for sure!
Days starting off well, as I did weights today,
Meals so far are small muesli cereal for breakfast, and a protein shake with a TBS of peanut butter and a banana.
Lunch will be porridge with cinnamon, raisins and low Cal syrup.
Supper is the rest of that frozen chicken pasta that I had yesterday.


What weights are you doing? be interested to see your routine and weights for reference if you don’t mind posting them?


Bit of a day today with one thing and another but kept on track.

In terms of food I have had my usual shreddies with skimmed milk for breakfast. A wholemeal ham sandwich, trek bar and cheese triangle. This evening I have had jacket potato with home made chilli.

No snacks which is a miracle as I have spent a few hours on the motorway.

I have had my usual fill of water :slight_smile:

Foot feels so much better today but didn’t risk a walk, had 30 mins on the exercise bike and walked 7000 steps through the day.

Feeling good approaching the weekend.


Nothing to bo££ock you about yet @Orion1…but it will happen. Keep posting truth and one day you’ll slip up…good stuff again so far today.


Came home after work. Was a little hungry and found a chicken leg in the fridge from last night. As I wasn’t eating till 8 which was 3 hours time I ate it.
Went to boxercise tonight. Put in a good session. Got home and had sausage, bacon, mushrooms and 2 poached eggs for tea.
Well under on the carbs but calories and protein over. That chicken leg put me over. Maybe I’ve worked it off during my boxercise class.




I didn’t quite follow maxnas plan correctly. It’s the one he posted on the forums recently.
I’ve switched to that from the stronglifts routine.


I didn’t want to, but I managed to get the five miles in. Didn’t want to catch any crap from you guys. Decent day-looking forward to a good night’s sleep. Hoping I have been enough on track to have a loss on Saturday.


Alright lads. So up and at it early today. I’m driving to Oman for to renew my visa. 5 hour round trip. Sandwiches packed for the journey. Should be back lunch time when I shouldn’t really need to eat. No exercise today cos of the journey. I’ll get on later when I can and report.

Yesterday’s food was ok. Scrambled eggs for breakfast followed by cheese on toast. Lunch was the last of the potato and leek soup. Dinner chick franks and fried egg. Few cups of coffee but they are only 8 calories a cup before the milk.
No booze again so on track for a good month consumption wise. Only 2 days in the month.

Rpm class yesterday morning was the 4 in 5 days so happy this week with my exercise. I don’t know do people record their water but I’m averaging 3-4 litres a day.


Awesome, thanks - will replicate and post here for accountability as well!


Started the day with a 4 mile walk. Plan is to hit 15k-20k steps today. Who else is planning cardio?


My cardio (road cycling) on hold sadly whilst we’re on the move from south France en route to north in motorhome…back with a vengeance when return to routine of gym and bike around Work schedule. Then…watch this space. Keep up the good work @Steve_Green


@Steve_Green might be best to read maxnas post about it and tailor the workout to you:
Beginner workout


Love it mate, this is the exact point, the template is just a guide to help you create something that works best for you & you enjoy #FREEDOM! lol :slight_smile:


another couple days of clean eating and IF, struggled abit on weds with hunger so ate lunch at 3 pm then dinner around 7pm. Yesterday i felt alot better and one meal for the day was easy! still getting them work outs in 10-20min hiit and some resistance. Just like @theseventensplit I’m trying to migrate from 5x5. Interested in the @maxnas workout. Lost another 2.2pounds this week so i’m happy. a little less than lastweek but still a loss!


are you doing 5:2 IF?


@Steve_Green not strictly speaking. I try to just fast for 22/23 hrs and have 1 meal a day. Failing that it is just time restricted eating. Nothing before 12 nothing after 8. Always at a calorie deficit though! what about yourself?