30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Enter at your own risk 😉


have been trying 5:2 - eating about 600 calories on the fast days. am considering moving to 18:6, where you skip breakfast, eat a late lunch and an early dinner, but still consume about 2400 calories


Good day today.

12500 steps including a 5km walk at a fast pace.

Well under my calorie target with circa 1600 consumed.

Popped on the scales this morning and showing a very healthy loss from last Sunday when I got back on the waggon. I fear it may be one of those dreaded fluctuations…we will see tomorrow!


Out of interest @Steve_Green…do you know what your MAXIMUM heart rate is? I don’t know if you’ve been able to challenge yourself to do that , not that I’m encouraging you to do yourself a mischief… I’m very familiar with my own heart rate because I’ve done so much road and Wattbike cycling with computer screens/polar monitors on the bars in front of me for 20+:years… I can state my probable HR at any time of day or any exertion, or lack of…but it’s all a useful tool - working to percentages of max.


When I post this, I imagine most of you are sleeping due to the time difference. Well I am grumpy and you all suck. (not really). I usually like to start my day with a mile walk, so it makes the goal of 5 miles manageable. Not today, I slept in and then ran some errands with the Mrs. in the afternoon and lounged about. But I still needed 4.1 miles to walk and off I went because you’re in my head. Thanks all.

Hoping for a loss tomorrow. Feels like a long week back with the start of school and all and I did very poorly keeping track of what I really did eat, sooooo we’ll see.


Day off today, took it easier.
Food wise did well though. Breakfast was cereal, lunch was a schwarma pita, and supper was homemade pizza (thin crust=less calories)
Looking forward to the weigh in tomorrow as I’m positive in my progress this week


Did the trip yesterday. Had some scrambled eggs with toast before I set off. Wife made some sandwich baps for the journey so got them into me on the drive. Some wotsits and a a cearsl bar.
Got home got soup then we went out for the day.
Pasta in the evening around 10 as I was out playkng pool.
I totalled everything I ate to the letter and it was 1774. Still under daily recommended allowance of 2240.

No alcohol even tho I bought a load yesterday.

Starting a new thread so I’ll need a holla to see whose in. Need to keep it tidy.



I think it’s 185


Now I’m guessing I can assume there’s no health issue for you…have you actually gone through pain of bike maximum heart rate test?

Mind’s 180 near as damn it… although I’ve set my printed sheets for the Zones based on the 180 I hit on test, I have actually seen 182 pop up on a real ride when I’ve maybe gone for sprint at end of long ride when well and truly warmed up…but you can do some good steady-state training and conditioning work between 65 and 75% …and it’s all good fun anyway…

What your max is is almost irrelevant; it’s the time taken to get rate back to resting rate that is the indicator of fitness, or otherwise. My resting is 44, but in prime it was 32 (Bjorn Borg’s was 30!)…for the average person it is 72.


wow, that’s insane! My RHR is 50-55 & I thought that was pretty low, but 44, wow!


Double work out yesterday. Once in the morn strength and little cardio then on the boxing bag n pads with a mate in the afternoon. Food ok aswell didnt fast but ate teice within window! Day off from gym today as need the rest! Feeling the burn from yersterday. Business as usual with food and then back training tomo. Im hoping this level of training and restricted eating is sustainable for me. I feel good though


This is what I get using a Fitbit Alta hr tracker. Might not be totally accurate


Interesting posting you guys! I think it’s not too late to lose 30 lbs by Christmas. Still in the S of France on honeymoon. That’s no excuse for drinking and eating too much so I’m sticking with the lifestyle change program.
No booze, no red meat, everything else in moderation.
Currently 115 kilos (253lbs) target 100 kilos (220 lbs) by dec 25.
How much is that per week?


16 weeks or something so just over 2 a week.


thats doable.


@LeeBeardshaw …what happened to you on 30 lbs by Xmas ??