30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Enter at your own risk 😉


Went to boxercise. Good work out. Had my tea afterwards which was 3 thin pork chops and a cheese omelette. Again way over on the protein and under on the carbs. Need to readjust my protein intake. Need to get a good week in as I’m out Friday on a beer bus around the black country and food. I’ll be using this day as my rest day. Hopefully.


I’m stuck in a self sabotage cycle.


Snap out of it @PickleRick - before @Zero4 sees that post!


The good news is that cycles can be broken @PickleRick


You know I’m joining as well as my new group can’t let @Zero4 get too above himself.


Ok. I am in currently at 232 so to get downt to 200 at Xmas will be a bonus. Let the battle commence :+1:t2:


Had 2 boiled eggs at 11am to break my 15 hour fast . Just eating my lunch at 11.35. Tinned sardines with a salad. Need to get back on track with the macros. Fingers crossed for the rest of the day. Good luck everyone.


For tea I had 5 piri piri chicken wings and stirfry vegs. May go for a walk to get some practice for my memory walk.


Day 2 of sensible packed lunch completed and thus avoiding the cafe next door!
Also got stuck in a meeeting for 3 hours, so no afternoon snacking either…
Just have to have a good dinner and not ruin the day this evening.
Keep it going lads.


Not saying 700 is going to be the norm…but if you ensure big fist size of protein (chicken breast, fresh salmon or Mackerel are my weapons of choice…that is the filler. Add two fistsful of vegetables or salad with variety…and I’ve genuinely not felt hungry.

Remember last four days of posts involved no exercise, that starts again Thursday when I can get bike, some dumbbells I’ve brought with me…PLUS my secret weapon on calorie-burning exercise front. Purchased via Amazon in readiness for this trip. Never used by me before. My partner’s used them and says they’re very hard!



Is it TRX?


No! … although we’ve bought those in motorhome too! Have another go… it’s free!


@TommyD…burns HUGE calories…my missus does it for one minute and apparently is —ked (not by me!)…and I’m going to aim for one minute on, one minute break one minute back on x 30 minutes coz I’m (a) missing my weights and (b) a sadist


Ah - skipping rope!


@TommyD… you’re guessing the contents of our motorhome garage…and you’re correct that I’ve brought a skipping rope too…but it’s not my secret weapon… have another go… it’s still free!


Must be a kettlebell. Wife use to do a class in gym years ago. Said it was quite the workout


@Drums1875…you seem to have pulled your finger out and slapped in some healthy choices… I’m on the verge of being impressed… consistency would be a good follow-up…


10/10 effort…wrong though. Free to go again…


Elastic band?


No walking tonight. Was going around to my mom’s but they were out all day so left them to recover. I’m might try and get jiggy jiggy with the wife later. You never know. Lol