30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Enter at your own risk 😉


It’s all exercise :+1:t2: Good to see you up and at it.


What about this vibro/power plate things. Too heavy to carry anyway but you’ve the wheels.


Rpm class done today no breakfast as yet. Weighed myself this morning and still downwards. Over ate last two days to my recommended calorie limit so will go back to 1600 for the foreseeable


Managed to stick to the sensible meal last night and avoid snacking so that’s Day 2 in the can.
Still riding the wave of motivation, so aiming for another good day today - just trying to string them together - 3in a row is almost halfway to a week.




@Greenballs… I’ve never understood those vibroplate things… there’s only one way to exercise… although through a variety of variants…get off one’s arse, get moving and get sweaty.

Need some more guesses on my secret weapon… we’re travelling some more miles today to get more central in the Pyrenees than the eastern part where we are now and will be setting up my gym and locking bike in the awning off motorhome and from tomorrow morning I can get exercising once more… and I’m getting reminded that the reason exercise is good for you when you’re endeavouring to lose weight (bearing in mind you’ll never out-train a poor diet), is that all that effort and sweat serves as a reminder that you need to control volume of consumption AND think about the quality of what you input or you’re simply wasting the effort involved in the exercise.


Tuna salad for lunch with 2 boiled eggs.
Have to take my grandson training tonight so no boxercise tonight and won’t be home until about 8.15/30. A late tea for me it is then.


Mother in law had one and like any house t gathers clothes. I don’t know the benefit but like you say nothing beats getting all hot and sweaty


@Drums1875…eating late is not that good…any way round it? On the road I take salmon fillets and the protein fills you up. …or mackerel, maybe tin or two if not fresh…and fresh fruit . @Drums1875… anything but not stuff with long list of contents on labelling (ie) manufactured shite… don’t do it. Go fresh, go skinny. Don’t be a tw#t…you were doing well.


The thing about self sabotage is that you only have yourself to blame. I think you have just identified me; I am in the same (or similar situation) at the moment. Only we can pull ousrselves out of it.
Fancy it?


@Zero4 please don’t call me a tw#t. I can take criticism but name calling isn’t very productive. I won’t shirk away from trying my best. It took me 53 years to get morbidly obese. I’m now trying to get to a reasonable weight. I will rock from time to time bit hopefully will get back on track. In not that far off it. Just not quite on point at the moment but not far off it. I get up at 5.45 every morning from Monday to Friday. I’m down to 1 meal during the day which usually is a salad. I get home around 5 then have my tea. I’m working hard to keep going so I don’t need anyone to start abusing me. I’m not a shrinking violet. I meet people head on. It’s taken me a lot of courage to sign up to a group like this. But I have and it’s working for me. Today I left my house at 6.20 am, got home at 8.30 this evening. A long time for 1 meal.
Anyway, enough said.
Tea was 2 Portobello mushrooms stuffed with cheese wrapped in bacon and stirfry vegs.
So far I’ve lost 46lbs since March. And I’m well chuffed with that. To lose another 30 will be amazing. I look forward to hearing off the group their successes and failings, but as long we support we’ve got a chance.


Hi all quick update.

I am an ‘aspiring perfectionist’ so the spreadsheet is not ready yet. I am trying to figure out some excel formulas/the logic behind how much weight one has lost, if they fluctuate. So if I lose weight for 2 weeks, put it on in the third week… and lose again for 2 weeks, how much weight have I lost… Ill get there eventually. Trust me I have spent hours on it! Im nearly there. In the meantime, keep posting your weight (maybe tag me so it is easier for me) and preferably put it in pounds (if not kg/stones AND pounds please. As the aim is to lose pounds, my spreadsheet refers to pounds. If you don’t want a spreadsheet, let me know by PM. Cheers


Absolutely no offence meant @Drums1875… I thought this thread was ‘no holds barred’ within reason and only for that reason did I admonish you in, what I’d intended to be a ‘friendly’ way. As I said you were doing so well in previous group posts and no one would deny you’ve been doing brilliantly in your endeavours since you started out on your journey…crack on being brilliant and ignore what I said.

I’ve just come out of motorhome on first morning we’ve settled in one spot…the first day of not being on the move and I can exercise and it’s raining!!

Is that going to put me off? (I wanted to do it in fasted state as not eaten since last night at 6 o’clock)…well @Drums1875…as I was so horrible to you I’ll take my punishment and cycle in the rain for an hour, underneath the climb up to Superbagnerre that has featured before in Tour de France, but I’m going on flat whilst fasted…sorry Drums.


You bad man. And make sure to cycle that twice today. And it has to be in the rain.
Nearly a week gone so looking forward to seeing progress tomorrow. :muscle:t2::clap:t2:


@rkr786…keep working on it! Pounds is fine I reckon, coz that’s what we said


yep - but one or two people put kg in or something in their posts and it takes me a few mins (not complaining but not ideal) to convert it to pounds etc. So I hope it’s not too much to ask that people help me out a little and save me some time lol


Morning Gents,

Hope all of you are well - even if you are avoiding the big hills in favour of an easy ride along the flat bit :wink:
Smashed a great PT session this morning, PB for bench press and a decent time sub 8 mins for a 2km row so feeling pretty pumped today.

managed to cook some chickens last night to break up for salad at lunch, and a curry for dinner, so hoping to ‘stay on target’ for today’s cals. Although we are going to a wedding reception this evening, so will need to be good. I’ve volunteered to drive, so that will negate the booze, just need to avoid the fizzy pop!

@rkr786 switching to lbs os no probs, will do that from now on. Keep at it!



Yo @TommyD…stopped for black coffee halfway into my out-and-back flat, fasted ride. Was keeping to around 75% max heart rate , in fat-burning mode…but then some French (I assume) rider came passed…I’d probably been in his sights to go passed for a while…it’s always easier when you’re chasing someone who’s not aware you’re there. Red rag to a bull, so I upped the pace to keep 20 meters behind him so reckon heart rate bounced up to 85% but settled as I was then flying! He turned into village and I’ve now stopped in same village and realized I’m going to be in shite with missus as I’ve ridden 45 minutes and got return leg to do…and I said “no more than an hour as I’m running on empty!”…whoops.

Just for you Tommy, maybe a lump tomorrow .


Good row @TommyD…I got into a ‘virtual’ challenge over 2k against my nephew who rows in his gym. He beat me (age 29 v 63, but we’ll forgive him that) and I was going to train up and go again, but stuck instead to cycling…maybe you and I have a crack when I’m back in Blighty. Nothing like a challenge to up the pace.


Sounds good @Zero4 - rowing is one of the few elements of the gym where my size is an advantage - doing all those burpees is a pain the proverbial - and the smaller whippet types are bouncing up and down like nobody’s business, but once we get on the rower, being 6’7" and 19+ stone is a real advantage!

We used to have concept 2 rower when we lived in london back in 2005, but we sold it when the kids came along, as not enough room for that and the nursery! Now they’re all a bit bigger and so is our place, it would be good to pick one up again. Trouble is, they keep their value so much that you don’t often see one for a decent price, so its’ almost better to get a new one!