30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Enter at your own risk 😉


True…I bought mine probably 18 years ago and not really changed that much over the period. It seemed a bit dated when Concept admin tried to determine what model it was to send me a replacement circuit board for the face. Newer ones in gym seem a bit smoother, but still!


I’ll only accept your apology @Zero4 if you can wheelie like all the kids do nowadays all the way back to the wife. I think you’ll be more in trouble with her rather than me. Maybe I was feeling a little down yesterday to have a pop back. Probably hungry plus I’ve been suffering with piles of late and one has been bleeding for the last couple of days making me a bit worried, but I think it’s ok now.
Anyway, pulled over at 12.30 for my lunch, which was a chicken breast salad. Good luck tomorrow. I’m not holding my breath as I weighed in this morning and 1lb down but going out tonight on a fun beer bus and food which is pie only. It’s a wedding anniversary gift from friends who are going so can’t bailout.
Good luck for tomorrow everyone. Including you Mr @Zero4. Lol


I’ve just got back from my fasted bike ride and… good decision, broke fast with fruit salad of half apple, half orange and dozen grapes mixed in natural yoghurt. I say good decision because it’s easy to scoff loads as you may FEEL really hungry (I didn’t actually), but can find just a little food is sufficient. Save myself for nice wholesome meal later in the day…

On way back from coffee shop in town I went to purchase food for today and tomorrow as shops shut, it being France and it occurred to me…not for first time of course, but it’s worth repeating:

For the most part: all our good (or bad) food decisions are made in the supermarket, not the cupboard/fridge at home. Discuss.


Been a good so far with the challenge. I know my weight will be down for tomorrow’s weigh in. 30 pounds are in the bag; feeling very optimistic.

Went to the doctor’s today for a check up and had an A1C of 7.1, which is basically Type 2 Diabetes. No medication given today, but a 6 month check up to see if I can lower it with diet and exercise. I told him no problem as I am commited to a 30 pounds gone by Christmas. Let’s keep it going. Looking forward to hearing how others are coming along at tomorrow’s weigh in.



Don’t forget today lads. Same weight at my group which weighed yesterday. It’s a loss and. Ow leaves 27 to go


You can lower it and this challenge will sort that. I’m 22st or thereabouts I got a health check a few years ago and for diabetes. Fortunately it came back well befow the level.
And you are not the first to mention this to someone outside of the site. My wife thinks it’s a great idea tbh.


First week gone and I’m in at 4 lbs down, 26 to go. Given I couldn’t exercise for first five days through travelling I’ll take that as a good week.

Let’s see all the weights in and see who’s throwing down the gauntlet…


I’m in for 3.3lbs down this week, which considering the wedding reception I went to last night isn’t too bad as far as i’m concerned!

Great start by those who’ve already posted on the weigh in thread - how are the rest of you getting on?


Good stuff @TommyD


Looks like a good first week for a bunch of us. Still loads and loads of time to keep things moving off of us. Down a little over 4 pounds, which is a good start. Totally understand there has got to be some water weight there, but I spent the whole summer not moving the numbers to there is something to eating healthier. It looks like I took the last five days off from walking due to being overtired from the summer work. Looking to hit my mark this week.


good effort @Orion1 seems like we’ve all made a good start - waiting on @Drums1875 to add his numbers and blow us all away…


Had a few beers last night. Was in work for 7 this morning and had a sausage bacon and egg sandwich. First bit of bread since March.
Lunch was 2 Portobello mushrooms with cheese and wrapped in bacon and scrambled eggs.
Had a late tea as watching my lad play. Had a beer at half time and went for a curry buffet style and over ate at 8.30.
Poor choices but I love my weekends. Back to it tomorrow. Need to get a good week in. As I’ve got a busy weekend infront of me. It’s my 30th wedding anniversary. Off down to London Sat morning. Coming back Sunday afternoon to host our anniversary party.
Lost 1 lb this week. Need to get next weekend out the way. But I’m busy most weekends.
No swearing at me now. I await your response.


Good week for my. On holiday in the south of France so living on salad and fruit.
Weight down 1.5 kilos so a great start.
Walking in the hills with my bitch Lola every day helps. Then swimming for about half an hour.
Downside is pink wine, rose, tastes like pop. Had 2.5 weeks on the wagon but a house full of chums made that difficult. Drank a little for 2days. Back on the wagon Sunday. Watch this space!!!


Congratulations on 30th. That’s a rare commitment these days.

Just married my self, in fact on honeymoon.

Been with the girl for 36 years so no rush! Take care.


@Big-Bren,where are you in south France? We’ve been to Limoux, Pamiers and Mirepoix first few days in motorhome but now across to Bagnerre du Luchon in foothills of Superbagnerre and Peyresourde climbs of Tour de France.

Pretty easy on food intake as we’re eating primarily in motorhome on a site, the choices are made in the supermarket, not from our fridge.

Exercise started again once we’d stopped travelling so I’m doing a fasted road bike ride each morning and being careful to break the fast without consuming massively in one go.


Yesterday, Saturday…second week off to good start. Out with missus for road bike ride …me on fasted ride on way out…25 miles. Was intending to ride back fasted too, but as we stopped for coffee at halfway point my blood sugar levels dropped and not greatly altered by 130 calorie protein bar so we had lunch:

Duck leg, frites, lettuce and slice soft cheese. Took a while to get back into full mode as body no longer burning fat like in first part, but burning off lunch. Going to stick to straight out and back fasted rides and only break the fast when ride complete, not part way. It’ll be less distance, but all fatburning.

Bottle of wine in evening cocked up a perfect start, but apart from that good intake and calorie profit.


In Provence in a village called Villecroze. Buying local lettuce and tomatoes in the market. a healthy lifestyle until you crack open the Rose.
Lots of walking, swimming and water should do it!


So you can see the mighty Ventoux in your distance, can you? The hardest climb I’ve done I’d reckon. Hard coz road (from Bedouin) has only gentle bends rather than hairpins like Pyrenean and Alpine climbs. Tis just a slog up there, particularly when you’re two and a half stone over your best fighting weight!

I hope you’re both enjoying your honeymoon.


Congratulations to @Big-Bren - Hope you’re having a great time on your honeymoon!

Good day for me yesterday, managed to have a health breakfast and skilfully dodged the cafe next door to the office in preference for scrambled egg on toast, then a cheeky nando’s for dinner before the cinema.

Conscious decision to have an extra chicken breast in nando’s rather than any pick’n’mix at the cinema.

also managed a gentle 13mile ride as the mrs wanted to head out for an hour or so, was a fair bit slower than usual as she’s not a frequent cyclist and I may or may not have been wildly distracted by her arse in some lycra a few feet in front!

Back in the office today for a few more hours catch up, then home for a chicken roast with a bit of luck.


I returned from my one hour fasted ride. Met up with missus in town of Luchon anticipating she was about to go for a swim in public pool, but after steak lunch she says not right food for her to swim on so she wants to cycle the Col de Portillon which heads out of town upwards then drops down over border into Spain. Got to check length and average gradients…