30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Enter at your own risk 😉


Alright all. Need to take a few days off exercise. Back is done in so need to give it a few days. Need to try stay active tho. On the meds again ffs


@Greenballs…you can take solace in the fact that you can’t out train a poor diet. It’s been said many a time on this site, not least by me…so make your bad fortune a reason to be more vigilant and caring for your input and NOT an excuse to say “f**k it, I’m gonna eat what I want”.

Along the same sort of lines I’ve just had a wake-up call as to why I want to shed another one and a half stones minimum. I’ve just aborted my attempt to climb Port de Portillon around 8k into the 10 kilometer climb from French side. It MAY just be that I’ve not fueled properly and early enough in the day and / or ate too immediately before ride after fasting all morning…but I’ll take it as a reminder that I’m too hefty yet to be climbing at same speed as my 9 stone ringing-wet missus who’s gone on without me…at my insistence .

30 lbs before Xmas back high on my agenda…26 to go!


Up at 7 . Just lounging around watching the football and boxing from last night. Ate around 11. 2 sausages, 4 rashers of bacon, mushrooms and 2 eggs scrambled.
It’s now 5.25 pm and I’m having Louisiana bbq wings with some veg.
Been out up town inbetween shopping for clothes. Loads of walking. After my tea I’ll walk around to my mom’s. It’s only 15 minutes away.


I’d be up for this. I bring an overweight body, the desire to lose and a thick skin for the ridicule.


I’ll admit @Zero4, I did have a wince when I saw the gradient of the climb earlier when you posted about it! Definitely a case of rather you than me.

Then I thought, if you’re pushing for that today, then I should put some effort in as well…

Cut to a 70min gym session with the Mrs! She beasted me pretty hard, and I also had a crack at a 2km row as a marker for @Zero4 to beat… came in at 7:29 so pretty chuffed with that!

Also managed to be good food wise, and stick with a healthy chicken stir fry for dinner.


Work away. There also a weigh in thread to keep track.


Morning gents, am I to late to join the party? I’m new to the site and desperately need to get my health back on track.
I did C25K a couple of years ago, ran a few half marathons and lost weight. 2 years ago I changed jobs from walking round all day to a desk job (which I love and am so much happier in) and I have gradually lost all motivation. I’m now 10 minutes away from my best parkrun time. Having some accountability would be great.
What else do I need to do? I have bookmarked the thread, where do I post my weight?


I’m defo up for this aswell. i’m up to 6 days pw in the gym now and waiting to join a league! Got a hell of a load of weight to shift but ‘a problem shared’ n all that jazz. Will try and post every couple of days


@csstamper…ready ridicule?..No?..behave then. Eat well, move a bit. Wear a tin hat. Welcome. Thick skins welcome.


@Heinzster you’re not too late and you’re not too light. Can you take s++te if it’s dished out I your direction? Oh good. Serious efforts at weight loss here…not chatting about it. Welcome. Show off your stats on weigh-in thread somewhere…


how do i find the weigh in thread?


@TommyD…‘chapeau’ as they say in Tour de France language. That’s quicker than the 7.56.7 that I did against my nephew, and after which I decided I’d need to train up for it a bit before having another crack at it.

I’m giving bike (or rather my quads) a rest today and have the gym equipment I’ve bought in the motorhome garage at the ready:

Dumbbells, Swiss ball, Weighted Vest (pressups), bands (stretching?) and the secret weapon of my MvF motorhome holiday campaign makes it’s entrance later than expected due to daily efforts on bike up til now…an apparent calorie-burner that @TommyD STILL hasn’t guessed correctly…

Yesterday: Fasted one hour road bike at c70% heart rate. Lunch: steak, french-type new spuds and salad. 2 glasses white wine. 8 kilometre climb on bike after 3k ride to start…11k deflated roll back to base camp…still it’s all exercise.

I think I have concluded that the failure to finish the 10k climb was the overall shortage of calories in seven days leading up to it. I’m not sure you can go around five consecutive mornings fasted over 18 hours of the 24 and expect to expend c 1,200 calories in one hard ride.

What I AM going to do in 30 lbs Xmas challenge is now to continue these fasted flat rides for another week, THEN have two full days/evenings properly calorie-loading and do one of the Tour de France climbs fully prepared this time.


ok, I’ve got it…

Space Hopper!


Sorry for my absence last few days, I’ve been away with work and also had a spot of fatigue but things are getting better. My scales have been confusing, all over the place, so I’m having a break from them for a couple of weeks.


Good job lads and good to see more joining. Just add yourselves to the weigh in thread. We should have a spreadsheet soon. 19weeks I think and counting. Loads time to get that weight off.


One and a bit gone, @Greenballs 17 and the remaining bit to go…get losing chaps.


I’m going to put you out of your misery @TommyD, even though I didn’t actually get to do them (missus didn’t go swimming which is when I was to have time on my own to get sweaty on the secret tool… : Battleropes.

Have Google and view YouTube videos. Around basic twelve exercises with variations on them. Around 120 calories burned in ten minutes.

Today I did weights, upper body only. Walked about six/eight miles too.


I’ve had the pleasure(?) of using them before in a PT and it was definitely a good calorie burner - I was shattered at the end of that session!

Just out of interest, how big is your motorhome? there’s more stuff in there than in my local gym! :wink:

about to leave work early to try and get a few miles in on the bike before we smash Crystal Palace later tonight!


I reckon on around 30 calories burned blowing up the Swiss Ball this morning! (Used it for de-stabilised dumbbell ‘bench’ presses and planks).

7 metres Moho , but stuff easily packed in ‘garage’ with bikes. Using ‘all angles’ on patio chairs for dumbbell presses…I just hope the plastic supports and arms are up to it. Battleropes are curled in a ball, and dumbbells only about 50 kgs weight brought with us. Skipping rope, TRX straps plus two bands for stretches…no real weight, no great space taken.

What’s doing at C Palace tonight?


So far a good day for me. Chicken breast salad at midday and a sirloin steak, fried egg with mixed stirfry vegs.