30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Enter at your own risk 😉


C’est bonne…as they’d say down here. Good choices @Drums1875 …keep at it.


Cheers bruv


I’m rocking a crash diet for a fortnight to shake things up. Repentance and all that bollocks.


Yo @PickleRick…we like a bit of repentance…and especially loads of bollocks… Good to hear you’re back in the game…and that’s what it is.

I’m an hour and half into fasted road ride and aiming to complete the out and back course still fasted…fuelled by black coffee and my fat of some years building!!


Aching from my workout this morning but feel good!! fasting today so struggling abit with hunger…inspired by this group so will keep going!!!


+7kg in 4 weeks needed to be stopped.


@r3m1ni55… can’t beat a bit of aching…you can use the time to think back to all the scoffing we’ve done in past that led us to require to ache!

I take it your on 5:2 or similar if you’re fasting for the day. I’m doing fasted mornings whilst on hold in France and have taken to doing road bike in the morning whilst fasted. Just back from 1 hour 20 ride out , cup black coffee and same 1 hr 20 ride back. Had to have half energy bar 50 mins into return journey as must have switched from fat-burning mode into muscle. About to break fast with two eggs scrambled with salad.

30 lbs going to be gone…not quite in a flash, but gone nevertheless.

Assuming you are 5:2ing …do you tend to overeat on non-fast days, or are you a good boy?..maybe share for the 30lbXmas group…


Good to have @PickleRick back with us - you can do it fella!

Had a busy few days with the kids away with the outlaws, managed to ride twice and get 2 decent gym sessions in - will be feeling the DOMS by about Thursday morning I recon!

Had to drop my wife’s apple watch off to the store in basing-grad this lunchtime after the screen popped off - was sorely tempted by the fast food outlets, but kept it together enough to get a wholemeal roll with ham cheese and pickle from the bakers instead on the way back.

Hoping the food side of things will continue to be good now that the kids are back, but with another few weeks of summer holidays, it should be achievable.

On the scales for my mid week weigh in tomorrow - feeling good so far this week, hoping the numbers are with me!


Good avoidance of temptation @TommyD… I’m proud of you!

I’ve got back from my 2.5 hour, almost fully-fasted ride (ate HALF an energy bar to get me back the final 20 minutes as feeling the ‘bonk’ on the way)…but as well as being pretty smug about succumbing to only half the bar, as opposed to easily scoffing the lot, now I’m back at motorhome I’ve prepared and eaten my salad first, and have let things in stomach settle before I’m now about to make and eat the two scrambled eggs for the protein I know I need to keep all balance. All in all I’m in the Smug Zone…

Not calorie counting intake v output, but reckon I’m winning!


God effort @Zero4 - nothing worse than meeting the man with the hammer!


yes the aching is goood. gives me a sense of accomplishment as does the mere fact of going to the gym actually!

wow a 2hr 40 bike ride, great stuff, do you do them often? !! thats a myth for me at the moment i think! oneday!!!

No not 5:2 per se, more time restricted eating usually! I do try and do a 22/23 hr fast 2 or 3 times a week on my days off from the gym but recently upped my workouts to 6 days so its been tough but I’m hanging in there. 1 meal a day for the past 2 days! Trying to push my mind and body to see how far I can go!

and yes i most definitely do overeat lol hence being on the larger side of life!!! But no, when i’m locked in,im locked in!!! if i fall, I get backup and keep going. Hopefully this group will make those falls less frequent.


Yup!..keep on keeping on, that’s the mantra…oh, and ‘You can’t out-train a poor diet’…as always is the mantra…


Been to boxercise tonight. Had my tea afterwards. I ate half a tandoori chicken bought from asda halal section. They’re only small. Very nice with stirfry vegs. Checked my macros and was way down so ate a chicken thigh from tomorrow lunch and some almond nuts. Still below on my carbs, fats and protein and calories. There’s still room for more food but that’ll be it for today.
It’s my 30th wedding anniversary this weekend and I’m off down the smoke Saturday, and come back Sunday. Then we have a party Sunday afternoon till late. So a big weekend off the diet.


Felt like I had too many chips tonight, so I made myself walk an extra mile as my penance.


Alright all. Should be back on the exercise today. Back Issue has set me back a little and fcuked me off. Anyway long way to go in this so all systems go again.
Eating hasn’t been too bad but movement has been little to none. Bit of walking yesterday to stretch the back


I guess it had to happen at some point, and I’m guessing it won’t be the last time between now and Christmas, but I stepped on the scales this morning after 4 days of eating right and a decent amount of exercise only to find an increase of 1.4kgs - not a lot I know, but I was so sure of a decent loss since Saturday that I was not expecting a gain!

The good news is, that where previously, that would have been cause for a “■■■■-it breakfast” and off-piste trip to the golden arches for lunch, I’ve managed to identify it early, and steel myself to just do-better!

Healthy breakfast consumed, and onwards we go.
That was a close one!


Interesting that the site censored my post! - didn’t know it would do that! :wink:


Took my lunch at 11.30. 3 chicken thighs with a salad. Salad consists of lettuce, cherry tomatoes, spring onion, small avocado, cheese and 2 hardboiled eggs.
Good luck. Soon be the weekend


So far so good for me today, walked to & from the gym for my early session!! feeling a bit hydrated…apparently i neeed 6 litres of water per day!! WTF i’ll basically drown!!


@TommyD Keep going my friend!!

Do you use anything else to check progress???

you might already know this but scales are always the best indicator for progress!! try and check your BMI and muscle mass aswell…is it possible that you built muscle this week?

Try and do measurements aswell…your waist size may have reduced or body just changed shape which is also a good way to tell if your moving in the right direction.

Ultimately we wanna see those numbers on the scales come down so i feel your pain but keep going…keep moving and eating right then im sure those numbers will drop next week when you weigh in!!! after all its science