30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 12

Time is flying along lads.
I’m hoping for a big month. Dubai 30x30 challenge started this week. 30mim exercise for 30 days. 3 down and I’ve done 128mins of exercise already.
12 weeks in. Where are we all and what’s the plan? I’m gonna try stay off the booze for a bit anyway.

New week then lads,dwell done @Greenballs. Alcohol free from now you and me Greenballs.

I’m doing alternate days HiiT and other alternates Steady-state Wattbike. RowVember with @TommyD beckons from November 1st, so I’m up for a cracking week this, into full month of November. 196 lbs and falling…next Saturday I’ll be at record low for many a year…

I’m starting new thread tomorrow on HiiT (High Intensity Interval Training)…it could be something to read and, if you don’t join in from start, could very definitely benefit from in the future.

Good evening chaps. Had a busy weekend. Yesterday was a bit hectic as was fundraising from 8 am and never got home until 10pm. 1 bacon sandwich all day then a chippy on the way home. Drank far to much.
Today I went to watch my grandson play Liverpool away. What an amazing set up . Had a cup of home made soup from the posh food van on site. Got home after 4pm and had a roast pork diner.
I have nothing planned now until 16th November so going alcohol free until then. Going to try and up my exercise for this period and see if i can get back onto a serious pathway to weight loss.

Loss a lb in weight so I’m taking that. I think that makes 10 to go. 18 to get below the 300 mark. One step or pound to go.

Good luck everyone.


B: 3 boiled eggs, 3 wholemeal toast.
L: 2 small cheese salad wraps.
D: Small quiche.
S: Small fake white chocolate and raspberry Magnum
E: Couch to 5k week 1, run 1.
W: Over 2 litres.

Feeling pumped after that first run!

Evening all.
Breakfast was granola, milk and a coffee with cream
Lunch was a tuna salad wrap with spinach and cheese
Supper was two chicken quesadillas (2 wraps total) with chicken, cheese and spinach.
A bit of low Cal ice cream for a snack tonight

Iv startd off havin 2 chocolate rice cake things. Not sure what the plan is food wise the rest of the day. But i got a new gym plan thing last week so lookin forwars 2 1st full week of it. It was actually a right hassle cos they done it easier then my last 1 so i said no please i want ir harder so i can progress
…and the gym woman got annoyd with me cos she thought i was takin up 2much time askin an another 1. But then i spoke to this bloke nxt day n he got it sortd 4 us

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So something happened today. I broke 290 finally. I’ll leave the weight til Saturday but I was well chuffed today stepping on.
Did my spin class as per usual but I may have give it too much as I was wrecked after it. May rest tomorrow and walk in the morning.
Fried eggs with toast for breakfast today had this after the gym. Wife is sick so I got her to the docs and had a cereal bar while we waited. Lunch was a sandwich bap with cheese and chicken
Dinner potato and leek soup with hp brown sauce
Off the booze since Thursday. Seem to have had more this month than had for a long time. I work off a large calorie deficit anyway so looks like I can incorporate into a week if I need to.

Happy man today seeing that but I’ll try go lower this week.


Gym one has her priorities wrong. Tit

Lol aye i wasnt v happy she was acting like am pull some kind of scam just cos i want a program what is actually gonna push me :confused:

Probably in her interests to give you a programme which takes longer to bleed more money from you.

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I mind being heavier and I was playing football every week. Gym gave a program just because they had to. It was boring and being the lazy bollocks I was it gave me a reason not to go.
If only I could talk to that lazy bast@rd

Ha, if only we could all talk to the lazy b*stard behind us.

Fingers crossed we can all leave him in our wake and get this fat smashed.

Well started of well. Roast pork from yesterday and a salad. Tea was frozen chicken thighs with drumsticks and wings from asda. We shared a full pack between 3 of us. I had more than my lad and wife. With a mixed stirfry vegs. Pudding was some blueberries and strawberries with a big spoonful of full fat Greek yogurt.

@Drums1875…you still haven’t shared with us the size of the spoon…

Here you go gaffa.

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B: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, yoghurt and granola.
L: Soup and salad.
D: Falafel, hummus, halloumi, pita bread, stuffed vine leaves with rice, vegetable kebab with rice.
S: N/A
E: I’m contemplating day 2 of Couch to 5k but I’m in a hotel and I’m self conscious about going to the gym. I’ll try.
W: Over 3 litres.

B - Banana
L - Chicken Salad and Popcorn
D - Tuna Jacket Potato

Happy with what I have put in today. Got quite a bit of walking in as well. Running at 6am tomorrow and looking forward to it.

So i’ve just got back in from a run and I am very pleased with myself! My aim is to run around 8am when I am running but i’m dropping my wife off at work today as her car is in for a service. Not long ago I would have skipped today so was made up to be out at 6:05. I can’t recommend running early enough. You see so much other people don’t see and get to take so much in. I’ve started today really well.

Good day yesterday:

B - Egg and bacon, OJ, coffee
L - cherry toms, kiwi, banana
D - Chicken Jalfrezi, mixed veg. Blueberries + 0% greek yogurt.
S - None
W - 3-4 litres
E - Walked 7.3 miles

So this was a Protein box which was devoured. Steak, wholewheat pasta, Green Beans and Sweetcorn. Delicious