30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 12


Wtf !.. wouldn’t a ‘before’ photo have been nicer?.. we’re all quite capable of photographing pictures of food we’ve demolished! I could quite readily supply photo of empty bottles of wine I’ve pulverised.


Here’s some food I ate earlier @GPO1004 :


This hand held a spoon I used for my porridge :joy:


I’m sure it was nice @GPO1004 don’t mind ur man there.




Breakfast and lunch both in there.


And no spillage. Well done or is the tie hiding it. Don’t know how many times I miss my mouth.


It would have been nice to post the before pic but I obviously thought on after the event. Trust me, it was delicious!


Not many @Greenballs …or you wouldn’t be on this site :joy:


The tie hides the big gap that stretches out when I’m sitting down.


B - Banana
L - The Infamous missing meal!
D - McDonalds Signature Meal

E - 4km Run burning 385 kcal and walks burning 425 kcal

I ended up in McDonalds as I was looking after my son tonight and was planning to go somewhere decent but ended up getting him a Happy Meal and it was easy for me to get something whilst there. In the past I would have beaten myself up over this but i’m cool with it especially with the calories burnt.

Looking forward to tomorrow and posting pictures of actual food!


If it’s from McDonalds, don’t £ucking bother… it’s not real food!


Evening all.

B: Scrambled egg, beans, tomato, veggie sausage.
L: Salad.
D: Banana, 2 protein energy bars.
S: Salt and vinegar chickpeas.
E: Man v Fat football - didn’t get much game time but warmed up for a good 90 minutes. Hit 17.5k steps.
W: Over 2 litres.


Hey all, cheated a bit today.
Breakfast was an allbran cereal
Lunch was oatmeal
Supper was some breaded shrimp, green beans and some honey garlic noodles.
Evening was spent bowling and I grabbed some fries while there


Another good day yesterday:

B - Egg and Bacon, OJ, Coffee
L - Banana
D - BBQ chicken w/Sweet potato and stir fry veg. Peach melba yogurt smootie
S - none
W - 2L+
E - 6.2 mile walk


Where are you @TommyD ?.. you’re gonna have to break your silence tomorrow… or replace it with puffing and panting , it’s the first day of RowVember.

Pickle your £rse in vinegar coz it’ll need to be like leather …



Early run in the bag and ready for a good day


Who’s a good boy then, @GPO1004 ? There’s something satisfying about hitting a target you’ve set yourself… especially early in the day…and you get the rest of the morning to bask in smugness…


So after yesterday’s farce… here is what I had yesterday and I’m having again today as it is so good…


Got to the gym last night for an hour.
Lunch was 3 drumsticks with a salad.
Planned to go the gym again tonight.