30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 12


…but it’s still there!


Cheat and rest day today clocking in at 2,500 calories, 1,000 below my TDEE still!

B: Half an egg and cheese salad sandwich, 2 boiled eggs with spinach.
L: Paneer and lentil curry with rice and naan, flapjack.
D: Carrot and pumpkin seed salad, cherry peppers stuffed with goats cheese, falafel, courgette and halloumi pastry triangles, half an egg and cheese salad sandwich.
S: N/A
E: Rest day.
W: Over 3 litres.


Had 6 chocolate rice cakes, tomato and basil soup, 2 piece of bread n butter. Had 2 cut down 2day cos yesterday wasnt v healthy. Mite hav a hot chocolate later if am hungery


Bit of a half and half day. Ate well. Tea was steak with stirfry vegs and a couple of eggs. Good.
Missus sat with me eating a casserole and I new she wasn’t going to finish it. So I hung around and finished it off for her. Bad.
But on a good note I went to the gym afterwards. Even went on one of those concept rowers @Zero4 keeps harping on about. Only a 5 minute warm up, but the good thing is that I was able to get on and off it myself. To us really fat blokes it’s another small step to being normal. I’m going to start using this more often now.


Good boy @Drums1875… you’ll love to have it!


Lunch for me was peppered mackerel from Asda and a salad.
Had a sneaky peek at the scales this morning and it’s looking ok for another loss. Need to concentrate and focus


I’m a peppered mackerel man myself some days…good choice because, maybe surprisingly, it’s pretty filling alongside a salad too…


Had 3 of them packs of crispy slice thing its basically like garibaldis. 3 i each pack so 9. They r healthy. Had 6 chicket nuggets. Actually still rly hungry not sure what 2do rest of the day


Am not bein funny but i think am gonna smash this 30lb :slightly_smiling_face::facepunch:


That’s what we want to hear @Biffa94.
@Zero4 just had 2 haddock fillets from asda as well. So all fish day today. Stirfry vegs to accompany them.
Got to go to b&q to by a door and plaster board whilst I’ve got a big van.
Then hopefully ill get to the gym.
I’m gonna smash it this week. No beer for this weekend so hopefully that’ll give me a head start for next week.


How will you know @Biffa94 if you don’t weigh yourself ? !!


Ha good point! I suppose i wont kno 4 a fact but if i keep up diet like this i think itll work. Maybes off clothes? Idk


Just been to the gym and smashed it. Went on the rower only for 5 mins but felt fairly easily so going to get into it more.
Definitely getting stronger doing heavier weights and more reps. So yep feeling good.
Food wise excellent. Going in the shower now then bed to stay away from the fridge.
One more day to our next weigh in so do well tomorrow I should record a good result. Fingers crossed.


Excellent @Drums1875


@rkr786 weighed in at 17 stone this morning. Disappointed but feel like my behaviour is changing and that will come down


In more positive news I got a run in this morning. That’s three this week and I’ll be out again on Sunday


Morning, all, yesterday:

B: 2 hash browns, 2 veggie sausage, tomato, scrambled eggs, poached egg, beans.
L: Soup, salad, chocolate flapjack.
D: Mozzarella and basil pasta, Snack a Jacks, 3 x 5 calorie jellies.
S: Onion ring and a cheese bite from Burger King.
E: 5 a side football - forgot my shorts so didn’t play, pretty angry with myself for that - @rkr786 will testify.
W: Over 3 litres.


I testify!! :joy::rofl:

Good to meet ya yday mate :+1:t4:


You too, mate.


Really really good run today, last time I ran 5km my hip started bugging me, that was this spring. Well, with some good stretching I finally did it again! 5km without any walking, and now on to a day of staying within my goals.
Yesterday had some bran cereal for breakfast, with milk and a coffee
Lunch was oatmeal and a piece of toast.
Supper was a single slice of garlic bread and some leftover homemade lasagna… It had spinach… Soooo… Healthy? :sweat_smile:
Today the plan is similar breakfast and lunch,
Then stir fried veg and tofu for supper. Might do a bit of rice, but need to watch the carbs today.
Still… Stoked about that run.