30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 12


Not had owt 2 eat 2day yet, thinkin v seriously about it now tho cos am propa starving


I honestly cant put my finger on why am doin this whole 30lb by christmas thing…BUT im v v determined anyway!!!


Lunch was 3 drumsticks with a salad.
Tea is 3 sausages, 2 bacon, mushrooms and scrambled eggs.

Weigh in tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed for everyone.


A full 6lb loss for me this week on here. At the start I weighed in at 337 lb, and now 311lb. 26lb loss overall, a massive 6lb loss this week. My monthly group I weighed in 2lb higher on Tuesday from last Saturday as my weekend life style highers it. Not drinking this weekend so hopefully come Tuesdays weigh in I’ll be a couple more down.
I have to say it’s been a good week food and exercise wise. Get the weekend out the way and then push on to smashing the 30lb barrier. Then hopefully push on again to get below the 300lb Mark.

Today is already a good day.

Good luck everyone.


Good hustle, @Drums1875.

B: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, yoghurt and granola.
L: Lentil and spinach soup, pea and cheddar risotto.
D: Canneloni with broccoli.
S: N/A
E: Not feeling too well so didn’t get my Couch to 5k done.
W: Over 3 litres.


@rkr786 today’s weight is 270.4. Wanted more, but have now crossed the 20 pounds mark and look forward to breaking through into the 260s for next week.


195 lbs; back into bit of exercise now so hopefully …that’s a rubbish word when it’s under my control, so definitely I’ll be making better food and particularly ‘extras ‘ choices this coming month.


Will have to start posting the dailies again as I’m no longer triple posting.
Breakfast porridge
Lunch fried eggs and toast
Dinner haven’t had any yet

Snack bag of crisps earlier.

Heading out for a walk soon and making some soup for the week or few days. Not sure if I’ll get a dinner as I’m not hungry yet. Going on 8 here so may grab something quick when I get back.


I’ve had a great day out with the missus around Birmingham town centre. Loads of walking. Parked the car on level 4 and walked up the stairs on the way back.
Had a full English which was relatively small but hefty in price. 1 sausage, 2 bacon, fried egg, Portobello mushroom, black pudding, and beans, with a slice of brown toast.
Tea is chicken and chippy chips. Yep. Chippy. I’m looking forward to these. Also bought some welks and cockles from the fish market for later. If I ain’t drinking this weekend then I’m spoiling myself with food.


So I went out for my walk and turned it into c25k week one day one. Seemed easy enough on the road as I usually do it on treadmill. Not sure I could do this alongside spinning but we’ll see what the first few days bring


weigh in was a bit disappointing -0.2 lb, but I guess not altogether unexpected after my mid week meltdown (alcohol, cheese and chocolate). At least it was still a loss.

Today looked like being cr@p too, with the poor w/i result and my coffee maker f*cked this morning (I’m not good until mug 3 of the black stuff). But I decided to turn it around and went for a 9.75 mile walk ,15.7k steps, and 1167 calories. Ate lunch out, but it was only a 470 calories sandwich - I figured the walk allowed it. Then got back and made home made veggie soup - dinner was 2 bowls. Also spent an hour+ destroying nature in the garden. Totally knackered, but content, now… And the best news - I got me another coffee machine.


When you all feel like it. New thread


Can i just say tho, am not bein funny but iv not seen any slagging or derision tbh. I dont think i will cos its not my way but am defo able 2 take it if it comes my way haha


B: N/A
L: Egg and cress sandwich, Snack a Jacks, 2 x 5 calorie jellies.
D: Veggie burger and fries.
S: N/A
E: Went to a gig, knackered.
W: Over 2 litres.


Well @TommyD should get slagging and derision when he re-emerges onto this thread, coz he’s been let off quite lightly on the RowVember Challenge…turns up three days late and blames his missus, when he just didn’t fancy the exercise!

I’ve weighed in at unchanged 196 lbs but RowVember Challenge should be good for me…53,000 metres so far this month in first three days…one sachet porridge this morning then hit the Concept 2 rower before we head out for lunch with family.


Are you still doing ur gym work and bike. Those figures are impressive. I’ve done c25k last night but not sure it’s for me yet. May keep at it. Eggs and toast this morning with half coffee then some coco pops when got back from school as felt hungry.


Did you do 25k on rower straight off in one hit @Greenballs, or in chunks? I did a 5k at local gym, then had a phone call to make at specific time, then returned to knock out a 10k, so 15,000 for the day as I had to meet up with missus and cycling club chums who’d been out riding and one of them fixing a problem on my homegym Concept 2 which had been unavailable to me, but is again now!


No couch to 5k. It’s the running app. I won’t be rowing unfortunately


Ok. I dont mind if ppl do it 2 me just so yous kno


Hi all, yesterday I didn’t have a chance to weight in
Apparently I went up half a pound
@rkr786 I’m 257 this week