30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 12


Also, I’ve officially replaced my oatmeal at lunch most days with an omelette. 2 whole eggs and 2-3 egg whites. Add some onion or pepper and that’s most of my lunch. I might have a single piece of toast with it, but still less carbs. That was my lunch today, and felt full all afternoon. Pretty happy with that, and hopefully it will Help Kickstart some more weight loss.


I find eggs easy to eat and calorie wise very low. Omelette with onion pepper I had for a while and it filled me. With hp brown sauce as well


HP sauce?..you always have to put something on your plate to £uck it up, giving a nod to the unhealthy!..

How’s your Dubai fitness thingy proceeding for you @Greenballs?


Hard to beat a bit of brown sauce now.

This is my current situation on the Dubai fitness. So the just us 30min by 30 days. But I know I’ve prob done 30+ days of classes or walking in some form.


11 day streak?.. surely you could get arrested for that?..


@Greenballs and @Zero4 I’ve been using salsa, though I could see myself getting tired of the combination, so I might have to shake it up every so often.


I had soup earlier and had to have brown sauce in it. I blame the parents. My omelette filling is usually ham and cheese or peppers and onions. Then some Heinz beans on the side :+1:t2:


OMG, so your parents are still cooking for you?..


Can’t even mind the last time One of them cooked for me


Morning all.

Here’s the updated league table

Awaiting news of a weigh in I can’t recall seeing for last week for @Big-Bren

No weigh in added for last week (the week that’s just been updated) for @GPO1004? and @TommyD - no weigh ins for 2 weeks?

We still have some stragglers/individuals we lost sitting in the middle of the table…


@rkr786 Weighed in at 17 stone today. Really frustrated as I’ve had a pretty good week and i’ve also got two runs in. I’ve also been told twice that I’ve lost weight. I have to persevere and keep going.


@GPO1004 … sometimes it’s not EXCLUSIVELY about the scales, sometimes it can be the ‘look’ or maybe another notch in on the belt that signifies improvement…keep on doing (the healthy things) what you’re doing. :grinning:


table updated!


Very true @Zero4.

Went to look at T-shirt’s today I fitted one less X than I usually do. Tried on some jeans. Size down also.


Appreciate the kind words. Still very frustrating though. I’m feeling that i’m working too hard not to make this work so will continue…


So weighed myself before going for a run this morning… 16 stone 12 lbs. Just goes to show that the hard work hasn’t been going to waste


@GPO1004 Not to waste…off the waist!

Very seriously…trust the numbers, trust the actions.

If you calorie deficit and you keep doing some exercise, things happen.


True @Zero4 I bought some new jeans and a belt 2 months ago. They’re already loose and my belt is to big. Popped into see my brother in law last night s he’s broke his leg when pis@ed up and his missus said I look 10 years younger in the face. So go by your clothes. A good barometer for weight loss.


Love this, my new clothes are falling off me as well.


My missus said to me this morning ‘Do you like your new body?’… I said ‘It’s not a new body, it’s the same old one, just less of it!’