30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 13


13 weeks and here we are. Wtf. Well done those who have lasted from day one and also those who joined us on the way. 7weeks to go

30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 12

Can’t believe this group has been going so strong after all of these weeks.


Soz i was late 2 the party, trying hard 2 catch up lol. Do u reckon nearer the time theres gona b a thing about dealin with xmas day itself cos i usually do v bad eating wise that day n av got no excuse 4 it. All i can say its hard 2 distract urself cos nowheres open n every1 is busy


It’s up until Xmas. Like my final day is 21st December as that was the target I set myself. The guys maybe be xmas eve or whatever the last Saturday is. Then all bets are off. Relax then if we all want there may even be an Easter challenge.


Just finished the rounds of celebrating my birthday. Weight was down, so that’s a plus. I purchased a gym membership for my wife almost two years ago and she was going with a friend a few times, so I decided to get her her own membership so she could work out whenever she wanted. Well about two years later, she hardly ever goes and the money is just floating away. She decided for my 51st birthday to give me a minimum of going to the gym three days a week. That was my added goal last week, and was met. This will be the ongoing goal as we get closer to Christmas.

This week my added goal is to post more often. I read everybody’s replies and responses every day, but don’t always post. I used the excuse of by the time I get home from work, most of you are in bed as I live on the East Coast of the USA. It’s a cop out excuse for sure and I bought into it firmly. So my goal is to present in responses and then for next week, I plan to start posting what I am actually eating. I’ve tried my fitness pal and fail on that often.

Here’s to a great and very luck week 13. Came in at 270.4 this past weekend and so so so so much want to see the 60s next weekend.


Ah i see. I just mean in general i end up eating bad on christmas day n i dont want 2 set myself back after the progress i done. I might sleep all day so i dont end up over eat haha


Dec 21st it is then. Chill out over the Christmas holidays then onto the next challenge.
Still no alcohol so all good. Strawberries, blueberries with a spoonful of full fat for breakfast. Lunch was a tomahawk steak. Bloody massive and bloody nice. Mixed stirfry vegs alongside.

Last night I was going to have the shellfish I bought but going to take them to my mom and dad who love em.

Have a good end to the weekend lads.


B: N/A
L: 4 boiled eggs, spinach, 2 brown Warburton thins.
D: Soup with added broccoli and spinach, 1 Warburton thin.
S: Sweet and salty popcorn, butternut squash risotto.
E: Ankle injury.
W: Over 2 litres.


B - Bacon and Egg
L - Banana
D - 3 bean chilli with extra broccoli and califlower
S - None
W - 3-4 litres
E - swimming. Did first mile in 45 minutes then just messed around for a bit. May need to sleep for several dayzzzz.


B grapes
L none
T pork ,roast veg 1slice of garlic bread
Snacks 7squares of dark chocolate

Water none
Exercise walk


Been distracted by an unexpected trip away - (first world problems I know!) but back in the mix now, and only 45 miles or so behind @Zero4 in the rowing challenge. Time to charge the iPod and get some blisters!

How has everyone been getting on? - Not too much on the Halloween sweets I hope?


Another overcast day here in New Hampshire. It seems like the sun has been evading us for a few weeks now. Yesterday was okay eating wise, but did not manage to get five walking miles in.

Headed to the gym after work today to do the treadmill, so that will not be an issue today.

Planning on have a tunafish sandwich at lunch with jello and a Greek yogurt.


Am NOT happy cos the gym sent me a email sayin why havent i been and that i am.NOT motivated??? I got this cos i didnt log into the machine thing so they think i never even been
Am absolutely ragin that they tryna say am not motivated!!! This is after all the stress i had with it last week :frowning: :frowning: sometimes wonder why i bother even going when this is the hassle u get except they can think what they want, i kno i AM working DOUBLE HARD


Tea was salmon steak, and stirfry vegs and for pudding strawberries, blueberries and full fat Greek yogurt.

Off to the gym tonight. I have my first full week weigh in for my monthly group. Hopefully having 2 weigh in days may help keep me on course. Had a decent weekend with no alcohol so hopefully ill record a good loss . Today’s food well in the margins so fingers crossed.


You should let it pass. Just go in and work hard. It’s not for them it’s for you. Nice to follow up as no gym ever did for me.


Thats 1 way 2 look at i suppose mite of been good if id actuly stopped goin but i was just abit shocked cos iv hardly missed a single time. Iv just been ne ways they said sorry it was a mistake, i ran 20 mins n done some weight machines. Well ready 4 tea now hardly had owt all day lol


Least that’s sorted. Don’t forget to post your weight as we need to know where you are. Easier to keep track. Good man


I didnt take a start weight, what happens is every1s weightloss added up?


B 3x crispy slice things (basically garibaldis)
L 6x crispy slice things
T potato ham n cheese thing, crunchy nut cereal, 3 sqaures of chocolate
Water none
Exercise full on gym sesh :sunglasses:


Smashed the gym tonight with a 15 minute row and then some weights. Getting fitter and stronger every week. Got my first 30 day group weigh in tomorrow morning. Fingers crossed it’s good numbers.