30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 13


Been a bit absent recently for one reason or another, but I’m committed to shifting this flab so intend to get back on the wagon proper, starting tomorrow evening back at football. Ankle is well rested so will hopefully get some good game time in and the doctor gave me the all clear to exercise although I’ve been referred for a 24 hour ECG - I’ll pace myself, don’t worry.

B: 2 boiled eggs and spinach.
L: Falafel and hummus wrap, yoghurt with granola.
D: Cherry peppers stuffed with goats cheese, half an egg and cheese salad sandwich, low fat sweet potato salad.
S: Banana, tangerine.
E: Still injured so none. Hopefully be better for football tomorrow.
W: Over 3 litres.


Made it to the gym and walked about 7.5 miles today. Dinner was about 700 calories worth of pizza.


Great day today. Went running, despite the rain, and went and played a boardgame with a friend of mine.
Breakfast was cereal and a coffee.
Lunch was a 4 egg omelette, 2 with yolks and 2 just the whites. With a bit of cottage cheese, and some spinach, a little bland but not too bad. And one piece of rye toast with some jam

Took a picture part way through.
Supper was a stir fry with tofu and soba noodles. Lots of veg in it, and I tried sesame oil for the first time, delicious.
Snacks were a macintosh apple and some balking style yogurt.


Jumped on the scales this morning thinking I’ve got this and have put a lb on.:joy::joy::joy::rofl::rofl::rofl:
God knows why.
Anyway. Got till Saturday to shift some more.
Catch up later


I’ve been a bit light on posting on this thread if late and it’s maybe reflecting in my weight loss temporarily stalling, but RowVember with Tommy should have kick-started/rebooted the effort… we’ll see come weigh-in on Saturday.

It’s no good doing good efforts of rowing, 104,000 metres since Thursday if I don’t (1) eat healthily (2) keep calorie count down:

First, I’ve treated you to a picture of my nuts…no go putting that on YouTube and sharing, please. Second, the main event home salad of chicken breast, salmon with emdama soya beans salad, beetroot… with reserve Waitrose salad in case need extra. I’m reckoning under 1,000 calories the lot and sufficient protein around to get me through a little more rowing tonight. 11,000 metres before work today, so all is on track for good week.


Good stuff on rower @Drums1875…and no I’m not being condescending if you read of RowVember and challenge with TommyD.

I know you’re relatively new to the gym, so getting stuck in AND (it sounds like) enjoying it is great. You’re son will I’m sure already have advised you on rower, but for what it’s worth - EVERY time I get on the Concept 2 rower at the public gym that I alternate with my home gym, the control on the right side is set to 10.

I’d vouch that about every to££er in the gym who gets on the rower thinks you should whack it up to maximum and go like the clappers. In fact, @Drums you, and everyone else trying to get fit, and especially trying to lose weight, would be better setting to around 6, possibly 7, and ticking over nicely for half an hour in a nice steady-state…and NOT blasting it til you can’t breathe!! …and Yes, I do row at 6.5.

Don’t blow your bollix off on it Drums, not only should the dial be set to around 6.5, but the Welly you give the machine, and yourself, should also be around 6.5 out of 10 on perceived effort. If 10 on a scale of effort is top, top sprint…just cruise at just 65% of that and repeat it say three times a week, gradually increasing from your 15 minutes to half an hour, and I think you’ll find in three weeks (9 sessions), you’ll be feeling fine about it all…and yourself.


oh now you F@$king tell me! :joy:


More excuses!


Cheers for that. I’m just getting into it steady. My lad can’t train his legs at mo due to knee injury. He’s got another week of his own exercises before we can include leg work so I get in earlier than him to do the cardio first. I set it at 5 a I don’t know if 6 or 4 is harder. I just get on and go.

Food was a ham and cheese salad.

Don’t know what’s for tea. Will be going to the gym or boxercise tonight. It’s upto the wife. If she wants to box then it’ll be there, otherwise if she doesn’t want to I’ll meet my lad in the gym.


Election Day in the states today. This will be interesting. So far I’ve had my morning tea with skim milk and splenda. The wife said she wanted to go to the gym after work, so that makes my step goal easier.


5 is fine @Drums1875 . …and enjoyment paramount, keep doing it and feel-good factor will kick in and you’ll feel great…


B- 6 crispy slice things
L- box of cherry tomatos
T- absolutly loadsa branflakes + yogurt (massive bowl)
Water non
Exercise walk


I hav an absolute belta of a playlist 4 the gym 2moro its gona b propa hardcore every sense of the word, luv it


What do you actually do in the gym?..let us know what you’re planning for tomorrow…and good luck


Treadmill 5 min walk 15 min jog 5 min walk
6 weight/exercise machine 3×10 reps on each (i have 3 different selections, so swap them around) i dont do v heavy weights am not lookin 2 get pure dench lol
15 mins cross trainer


So I’m buzzing tonight. Dropped another 2.9kg this week so I’ve officially broken out of the 400lbs bracket. Never going back!

We also won 2 - 1 on the field which makes it so much sweeter. Add to that a hat-trick and 10% in site and I’m walking on air!

B: Scrambled egg, mushrooms, tomato, bubble and squeak.
L: Soup.
D: Banana, 2 protein energy bars.
S: Salt and vinegar chickpeas.
E: Man v Fat football.
W: Over 3 litres.

Let’s keep it going, gents, we’re all in this together and I’m not giving up now. Not again!


Carry on buzzing @atb88 … you’re doing really well, despite Pret a minger featuring in your life! :joy:


Haven’t been to Pr*t in months, mate!


Gettin!! Nice 1 :+1:t4:


Had roast pork and an omelette for tea. Went to the gym again and had another good session. No rower today as they were already in use. So hit the bike for 10 mins before the weights. Actually enjoying the sessions.

What music you got set up for tomorrow @Biffa94