30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 13


90s rave CLASSICS !! Get that high energy going !


For 3 YEARS i never even realised my membership included classes pmsl what a divvy. But am tryna see if i can make the circuit class tho cos if its ne tbing like what i done before i propa LUV IT!!

I had a false start doin the box fit FAR to many squats 4 my likin swear down i can hardly walk for 3 days after haha


£uck… I’ll offload the shares then!


Between that and McDonald’s


Didn’t get out for a workout today.
Yesterday I got in a good weights workout. For breakfast I had cereal and coffee with cream
For lunch I had a similar omelette to yesterday, with toast, peanut butter and jam.
For supper I made a couple wraps filled with tuna salad, cheese, spinach and tomato
We had a youth event we were helping with which involved baking muffins, ended up having a couple.


Went to the gym again to walk yesterday. Had headphones today and what a difference that makes. Helps the time go by faster.

Trying to get better with stress eating. I am feeling overwhelmed with just the things I need to do and so it has been really hard not to grad for the crap food. Luckily, there is none in the house and I have not been going out for a quick drive.


Lunch was 4 chicken thighs with a salad. ■■■■ me it’s ground hog day. Got a nice goat curry on the go for tomorrow though. Mmm


Nice 1 stay strong yea :muscle:


B- non
L- Had a skim milk coffee n egg mayonaise sandwich

Dunno what for tea but am at the gym in anyways


I love chicken wings. In fact chicken full stop. I could eat it every day no problem. But tonight I’m having a turkey wing. With stirfry vegs.
I’m going to try and get to the gym tonight on my own. That should be interesting.


If you have a phone with Netflix on it, download an episode or two, then prop it up on the treadmill, really speeds the time along


I’m pretty sure you can GET there on your own @Drums1875 …you’re a professional driver after all; but whethernyou £ucking DO anything when you get there is what counts…


Goat curry was mentioned to me tonight my a friend on dubai. How does it taste? I may be sampling in the very near future


Ah wicked, best with plantains LUSH


Regarding the goat curry, I marinate the meat in onions, garlic and Jamaican curry powder topping up with water for at least 2 days in the fridge covered tightly with cling film.
I then add it to the slow cooker with tinned tomatoes and tomatoe puree and put it on low for the day. I then leave it again over night and turn on to reheat when we get back home from work. I also put in chick peas for when it’s reheated. I fill the whole pot up as all my kids turn up with birds and grandkids in tow.


Gym done. How’s that @Zero4. What does it mean.
Also done 8 sets over 2 leg machine and 8 sets on 2 bench press machines.


Rest/cheat day -

B: 1/2 egg, cheddar and salad sandwich, yoghurt and granola.
L: Soup, vegan lasagne with salad, chocolate flapjack.
D: Rice stuffed vine leaves with sour cream, halloumi, vegetable kebab, bread.
S: N/A
E: Rest day.
W: Over 4 litres.

Not too unhealthy, football tomorrow and back to being good!

Have a good one, fellas.


It means you’re a £uckin’ athlete @Drums1875 ! :joy::joy: Well done.

The calories-,burned estimate (288) you can count as about correct. First, you can add some to it because you’re heavier than the assumed 80kgs that Concept 2 input as the default weight, BUT Second, then subtract the same amount because you’ll have burned calories just by being alive (breathing, pumping blood around body, generally moving)…in the half hour you were on the rower.

You’ve travelled 5,526 metres (centre, below thicker line)…and would have travelled 11,336 had you continued rowing at same pace for a full hour. You were rowing at a rate of 28 strokes a minute (top right)…and that makes you a #anker!

Actually, my usual distance stroke-rate is about the 30/31 mark, so all you actually need to do Mr Drums is to keep knocking out a similar time and distance to that above for, say, three times a week for two weeks, then your endurance will increase, and with that, an ability to do some longer rows and burn yet more calories and FEEL GREAT!

I salute you Mr Drums!


I’m absolutely back on the ball now, eating healthily only and hitting or surpassing my daily target on Concept 2 rower… I’ve today started a fresh 30-day group and have targeted an 8lb loss which should leave me another 6 after that by end of this Xmas thread to achieve my 30lb loss…


Cheers for that gaffa.
Lunch is turkey meat with a salad.
Got to take my grandson to training tonight so no exercise for me as won’t get home till well after 8pm where I’ve a goat curry waiting for me.