30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 13


Not training yourself tonight is no problem @Drums1875 , because of two things:

First, you need to recover decently, and not training every day helps this, plus…

Second, your enthusiasm is more likely to be retained when you’re not pressing yourself to go.

… that’s not to say that you shouldn’t, if you’ve got the opportunity, move around the pitch as you watch your grandson training. :grinning:


It’s in the academy. Not much room for parents to walk around as he’s in the dome. Just a viewing area. As you say, it won’t hurt having a day off. I’m actually going to struggle for the next few days as grandparenting is taking over.


Hi @Drums1875.

I reckon it means u r a hero.

Well done mate. I need some of your motivation right now, 'cos i’m losing the plot a bit, but i’ll keep on going and get my mojo back - or borrow someone else’s - i ain’t proud :wink:


What’s happening @Unimatrix0 ?..why do you think your mojo’s nipped off to?

Sometimes just doing something that takes you in the direction of your goal, even though you just don’t feel like it, can get you going again - be it just a couple of days eating only healthily, or getting some (extra) exercise in, as I say even if you don’t feel like it…do it on autopilot and trust the numbers. One of those actions, or especially a combination of the two, could see a couple of pounds drop off in a couple of days and you may just rekindle your efforts… TRUST THE NUMBERS - you create a calorie deficit, whether you feel inclined to do so or not…and weight will fall. You know it, because it’s worked for you in the past. :grinning:


What he said.




@Unimatrix0 thanks for that but I’ve just fell off the wagon. Lol

After eating my lunch at 11.45 I didn’t get home till after 8.30pm. My grandson had only toast for his tea and was going to eat when he got home. I asked his mom if I should get him fed before he came home saves her doing it and it won’t be to late for him. So asking what he wanted he said chippy. Well he had a couple of scollops and a sausage. Me, I caved in and had a sf chicken thigh and a scollop. We ate them in the car. Not to bad as long I don’t eat anything else.
Got home and my curry goat was ready with cauliflower rice and pea(kidney beans). So that was consumed.

I’ve got him tomorrow and he’s staying overnight so planned to go swimming so there’s my exercise. Only trouble is he wants to go for a balti later. Will need to keep things down to a minimum


Ok, derision and ridicule coming up - Where’s @TommyD disappeared to?

I miss him if you lot don’t…he was going to drive me to big targets on the Concept 2 rower and, apart from a couple of peeps over the parapet threatening a comeback he’s gone AWOL.

Now either he’s chugging out kilometre after kilometre in his nice, freshly painted house OR… he’s disappeared under a mountain of Terry’s Chocolate Oranges and needs our help.

£uck ‘Where’s Wally?’… where’s Tommy?


Av been pure clammin all day me. Had 4 chocolate rice cake bars, fat free cherry yoghurt, turkey sanwich and cherry tomatos. Plus milk (in coffee).

My pals comin round v soon after hes finish work, hav a feelin he’ll b wantin us 2 get a takeaway. Not sure what 2 do about that situation id not thought about it hmmmm


Get right back on the wagon, @Drums1875, you’ve smashed it so far.

Not long to go now, lads, let’s make the best of it!

B: Scrambled egg, fried egg, 2 hash browns, mushrooms, tomato, beans, bubble and squeak.
L: Soup, quiche with salad.
D: Egg mayo sandwich, Snack a Jacks.
S: 3 x 5 calorie jellies.
E: 5 a side football.
W: Over 4 litres.


You can still do your metres, no excuses. Just because @TommyD has disappeared doesn’t mean you can’t carry on!


Enjoy your night, mate, that’s the most important thing. If you go off the rails tonight, make it up over the week.

Make sure to make healthier choices as and when you can too, that’ll help.


Thanks @Drums1875, @atb88 and @Zero4. I just need to find the new me. The one that likes exercise. f’cknL, he hides well. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Ah good thinkin. Actually realised we was to skint, comes in handy 4 sumthing pmsl.

Means i can treat meself at the weekend, its my birthday so that my excuse lol. Hopefully ill dance it off saturday oioii!!


Its nice 2 hav a day out in durham which isnt 2 visit any1 in prison or go 2 some kind of unit, just good times :v:


good day yesterday for me.
Went for a 20 minute run, then came home, had a coffee and some yogurt
for breakfast once I got to work, I had some cereal with milk
Lunch was a 4 egg white omelette with mozerella cheese, peppers and onions, and a piece of rye toast with peanut butter and fruit jam.
Supper was homemade lasagna, courtesy of my wife.
had a bit of no sugar added ice cream for a snack.
Been tracking my weight this week, looks to be down again, which is good to see.


@Drums1875 …are you aware that a balti is NOT a cuisine from India, but was first dreamed up by Indians in Ladypool Road, Balsall Heath…shop restaurant called ‘Adil’s’. They had no alcoholic licence but you bought booze from off licence next door…and how we did!

We were regulars there in my 20’s when I was playing for Birmingham Rugby Club (now B’ham Solihull). We played out at Foreshaw Heath Lane, Wythall…then piled into Brum to extend lash-up once we’d finished at the clubhouse!

Now every Indian restaurant sells ‘balti’ but serves it as though it were just another curry, serving it on a plate, or in serving dish to transfer to your plate.

At Adil’s the whole idea was simples: You took your place at a square or bench table which was covered with those checked plastic tablecloths, ordered your lamb, chicken or vegetable Baltimore which was individually cooked in a ‘korai’, like a small wok with metal handles either side and bosh…the individual korai (no plates in sight) was plonked in front of you along with naan bread, no utensils, you picked up your scoff with the naan.

I’ve fairly regularly asked in Indian restaurants if they’re aware of the history of balti, and how true baltis should be served (if they were ever bothered about tradition), but I’ve not met an Indian that knew!

…but now you do and can inform your grandson of this useless information whilst you’re both stuffing your faces! :grinning:


@Unimatrix0…what exercise might/do you like, or more suited to?


Iv had a terrible day food wise.

B none
L 3 pasties, 2 chocolate muffins , kitkat
T chips and half a 12 inch kebab pizza

Its been a absolute disaster i dunno how i messd up so bad tbh. Am gona hav 2 major cut back 2moro


Actually even tho am givin it all that, am getting worried about 2 wear 4 my birthday 2moro cos i just feel fat an look bad in everything :frowning: i dont mean that horrible against ne1 else just how i get feeling