30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 13


B: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, nutty cocoa bircher.
L: Soup, pasta bake, quinoa chips.
D: Soup, wholemeal bread roll, 4 small goats cheese and caramelised onion pastries at 70 calories a pop.
S: 3 x 5 calorie jellies.
E: Rest day.
W: Over 4 litres.

Let’s try and have a good weekend and not do too much damage!


Ok lads. Weighing in at 287 this week. Same as Tuesday for group. Bit of a standstill since then but still down on last Saturday. 6 weeks to go and I look to have it under control.


@Zero4 thank you for your history lesson. I do know Adils, alfaisils, imrams, and saleems. All these claim to be the first balti houses and reside down ladypool rd and stoney lane. Connect that with kings and a couple more on Stratford road it then became known as the balti triangle. But I’m afraid there is a slight flaw. There are no Indians in that area. It’s populated by Kashmir people and the Pakistani side. This is the poorest side and is a big cause for war between India and Pakistan cus both want the Kashmir under their rule, but the Kashmiris want there own independence.
Also I lived on the 14 bus route which takes me through alum rock where they had their own curry houses. The dream house, Paris and the khyber house. These I would eat in regular firstly as a 15/16 year old and originally come in a crock soup type bowl. These curry houses also claim to be the first.

If you do go for a curry it’s probably run by Bengals. They’re easily to spot as they’re a small race of people and use loads of onions. I’m not a fan of these curries.

A lot of Indians live in handsworth smethwick area which birders the black country. Now these people can drink and love it. At the moment they’re buying up a lot of pubs and adding grills to them where they cook all types of Indian food, wings, drumsticks, chops, fish, tikkas, tandoori and curries. These are really taking off. Most have loads of teles in so you can go in there, watch the footy and have a beer with a mixed grill. My type of heaven.

Anyway, enough of Birmingham finist cuisine i ended up in a buffet style curry house. Again its run by Kashmiris. No alcohol allowed as its a proper Muslim place with its own prayer room. I find these far more authentic now with a few opening up lately. Took my 80 year old mom with us as gives them a choice of food to try. Both mom and grandson loved it.


Cheers, @Drums1875… interesting and good stuff. We don’t unfortunately have too many, if any, ‘proper’ Indian /Punjabi / Kashmiri or whatever down here…only ‘fine-dining’ cuisine stuff, in Bath or Salisbury…all others are just standard Indian restaurants that you’d follow us and give a swerve to, unless friends are congregating.

I’ve built up ‘library’ of around 12 Indian…and nearby, cookbooks, the authors are from different regions with subsequent views and recipes. Basically, I cook from scratch, and rarely do we eat Indians out. Actually the term ‘curry’ is not a true Indian term!

Enough of that… I’m off to the gym to give the Concept 2 rower a good old English tonking before the All Blacks game this afternoon.


I might just damage the Concept 2 rower @atb88 … except I’m an athlete, and I simply caress the ‘oars’ as I glide to victory! :joy::joy:


Hey all, good day yesterday, better morning today after my weigh in!
Breakfast was cereal and coffee
Lunch was 4 egg white omelette
Supper was leftover lasagna
Had a bit of snacking throughout the day, not too much, and my results during the weigh in were awesome.
Gonna stick with this omelette thing for the time being, seems to work well for me, for losing weight.


…just out of your own interest, maybe log the total (even if just approximate) number of calories in each day’s snacks once the day has finished…you may find that it is this total that could significantly be the difference between small weight loss and much, much bigger losses… :slight_smile:


Hope you’re all well, fellas. Keep making the good decisions instead of the bad and you’ll be good!

B: N/A
L: Mushroom soup, 2 brown Warburton thins, 8 falafel.
D: Wicked Kitchen cauliflower curry with mixed veg.
S: Planning on a tub of Halo Top birthday cake ice cream.
E: Wanted to get 20k steps done again today but got caught in the rain at 7k. Hit 10k in the end.
W: Proud of myself as weekends are usually a struggle with water - currently sitting at 3 litres, expect this to increase to 3.5 - 4.


The snacks weren’t what I typically have, and a 3.5lb drop has me quite happy
Snacks were things like a few spoonfuls of the chili made for the guys I look after at work, stuff like that.
But, yes they weren’t necessary.


…but, I could have added, sometimes the little snacks help to keep you on the straight and narrow at mealtimes too, so they’ll serve a purpose I’m guessing in that way? :grinning:


Sorry for this but I’m copying this over from my monthly group as I’m off to watch my grandson play Coventry now so here it is.

Had a right busy day yesterday. Left my house at 10am got home at 10.30 pm. Had raspberries, blueberries and full fat Greek yogurt for breakfast. Took my grandson to training and my plan was to walk around the licky hills for an hour. It tipped it down so had a walk around alvechurch, inbetween showers. Bought some sausage and bacon for Sun breakfast. Popped into a deli for a cuppa and the missus had a cake and I resisted.
Picked the lad up and I always take him to the local farm shop where we all had pork baps. Lovely. I buy cakes for him, his sister and mom and dad. And the missus has another. Again I resisted. Popped into the Birmingham dogs home as looking for a small dog to keep me company in my truck. By the time we finished running around dropping off my lad then went visiting and finally ended up at my mom’s at 8pm where we took in a pork pie. Had a quarter of it . Got home had 2 pieces of toast then bed. So low calorie intake, but high carbs and no alcohol.

This morning I’ve had 3 sausages, 3 bacon, mushrooms and scrambled eggs. 2 toast. For my lunch which will be a late afternoon one is roast chicken dinner.


I only had a bread bun + a kitkat all day yesterday 2 make up 4 how bad i done on thurs


Always good to work to balance everything out, but I would caution that if you eat to little, it can lead to a swing back effect and eating too much the next day.
@Zero4, exactly, that is why I typically try to stick to things like no sugar added pudding (50cal) and apples. I find they taste good, tide me over, and reduce cravings.
Yesterday I took it a bit easier, cereal for breakfast,
Lunch was 3 fried eggs and a couple pieces of toast,
Supper was homemade chili with some toast.
Snack was a mini coffee crisp (best chocolate bar ever… For us North Americans anyway lol)


Yes good point


@Greenballs - new thread?

B: 4 scrambled eggs with chives, 2 brown Warburton thins.
L: Vegetable wrap from Stamford Bridge. £6 for utter shite!
D: Wicked Kitchen mushroom bolognese, mixed veg, 2 brown Warburton thins.
S: 3 x 5 calorie jellies.
E: Rest day. Wanted to go to the gym because of the lack of walking yesterday but I’ll go tomorrow after work.
W: Over 3 litres.