30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 14


You know the drill

30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 13

Where’d 13 go? :joy:


What do you mean?:zipper_mouth_face::thinking:




Really getting into it now and looking forward to a strong finish. My wife has been to see her sister with our son this weekend so was away from home. In the past I would have got at least one takeaway and probably had a few beers. Instead I have had salad on both evenings when she was away and got a 4K run in on Saturday and a 6k run in on Sunday.


Good decisions @GPO1004


Good start to this week for me,CA cheeky little 7,000 metres / 409 calories burned on rower before work and vegetable smoothie for brekkie.

Sometimes it’s just that little ‘good’ decision you make @GPO1004 that can be difference between a good day and not-so-good …this morning, I knew I had vegetable smoothie in the car, so turning down the bacon roll with brown sauce that was offered to me was obviously the right thing to do…but it’s still tempting to be ‘bad’!


Its my birthday so my mate was on about us goin for lunch. Ill try 2 keep it healthy tho. Weightloss wise i feel like i done a fair bit, must b at least half a stone i reckon. I still hate how i look but it probs takes a while 2 show up


Had a nice weekend just pottering around spending time with the grandkids. Not over ate but no exercise and plenty of walking around. More importantly no booze. I’m saving up for this Friday as I’m away for the night.

Lunch was chicken leg and salad. Back in the gym tonight so get a good week in. I’ll weigh in Friday morning as no where near scales.


Fourteen weeks and I’ve lost 14 lbs. Slow but steady!


Thats mint mate nice 1


Busy day yesterday, had a birthday get together with friends, we had chicken quesadillas with sour cream, and homemade apple pie for dessert. Not the healthiest supper ever, will have to be careful the rest of the week.
Lunch was grilled cheese, and
Breakfast was cereal and coffee.
For exercise did my weightlifting routine.


Today had to finally move my run onto the treadmill, but got what felt like a great 20 minute run.
Breakfast was cereal and coffee
Lunch will be a 4 egg omelette with mozz cheese
Supper will be a tofu and veg stir fry with rice.


Cheese n ham toastie for lunch, plannin chicken for tea. Am i allowed some birthday cake or nah?


Beef and oxtail casserole for my tea. Plenty cooked and left over so I’ll be having some tomorrow.
Been the gym. Only 10 min warm up on the rower, 118 calories burnt. Then weights on the back.


B: 2 boiled eggs with spinach, yoghurt and granola.
L: Baked potato, cheese and beans, salad.
D: Onion and potato tortilla, half egg and cheese salad sandwich, cherry peppers stuffed with goats cheese.
S: N/A
E: N/A
W: Over 4 litres.


Spin class this morning. New variation of it started in the gym last week and I wasn’t keen on it. Did it today and I have to say I’m impressed. Good workout.
Only lost a lb on group this week but it’s still down. I’m in territory I haven’t seen in years when it comes to my weight.
Went back to gym today for the variation of spin. Some fancy new name. Quite liked it. Hope to get on a Rower but time was against me. Maybe a wee blast a rowcember🤔. I know we are all in groups so keep it going lads.


Sausage, egg and cheese sandwich on a croissant for breakfast. Early day at work today. Will be leaving around 2 and the wife and I will be heading straight to the gym to hop up on the treadmills.


@Greenballs … would you be allowed access to proper spin bike outside classes (ie) could you do your own workout on one of those ‘proper’ stationary bikes rather than those other hideous non-bike-like bikes that usually are available in gyms (where the set up is nothing like a road bike)?

If so, maybe to keep your’s and my enthusiasm going, maybe we could set up some challenge for December… RowCyclember!..

I’m a bit disappointed that Tommy wasn’t / isn’t able to challenge on rower, but I’ve definitely decided I’ll be continuing daily efforts on Concept 2 rower in December, but I’ve missed the Wattbike (similar to spinbike) so I’ll be seeking to combine the two.

Maybe the challenge should be 25% / 100% based on distance covered on each machine - metres rower, kilometres bike. Where I am required to quadruple your distance…if that (hopefully) doesn’t sound too condescending… I’m not sure what distances you might do, maybe we’d have to alter the ratio, but something to keep each of us motivated and stretched.


You mean the every day gym bikes. I could prob use the spin bikes outside of a class but I’m constrained by time as always. I think if they took away the 10.30 class I do I wouldn’t even get to the classes.