30lb xmas challenge. Posters may be subject to slagging and derision. Week 14


Just ate my lunch which was 3 chicken legs. These were really small hence the wife gave me 3. Salad.

My monthly weigh in this morning and I weighed in 3lb over from that group. But I’m actually 4lb over in this group. Need to get my shite together.

Boxercise tonight and left over casserole.


No breakfast mainly cos am rly skint n grocerys is abit low lol
Lunch egg salad sandwich on white bread
Tea am gonna hav branflakes n yogurt but got me usual routine at the gym 1st

The ppl were i volunteer got me a cake 4 my birthday, i dont rly kno what 2do with it, id feel propa guilty/ungrateful chuckin it but i cannit exactly eat it neither. I gave slices 2 ppl befor i gone home but theres still a fair bit left :confused:


Left over casserole from last night with sprouts, green beans and spring cabbage in the winter lol.

Boxercise done tonight. Need to shift those lbs I’ve put on.


@Drums1875 … it’s good you’re doing gym stuff that I know doesn’t necessarily come naturally to you according to your previous posts… it’s pleasing to see your posts relating to your being ‘on the move’ …keep it up!


Cheers gaffa. I’m actually enjoying it at the moment. The wife isn’t, so it’s a struggle to get her there. My lad came along with us tonight and really took him by surprise how intense it is. His girlfriend has just got home and sent a pic over of him sparked out. Ha ha ha, bless him.
They go travelling after Christmas for 3 months so won’t ha e a gym buddy. My other 2 lads arnt interested so downloaded the c25k app and going to give it a try.


Good evening, gentlemen! Hope I find you all well.

I’m buzzing again! Lost another 3.5lbs this week so I’m made up. Will hopefully hit 10% weight loss next week; I need 0.8kg!

We won 3 - 1 on the pitch tonight as well, second win of the season and second in a row!

Cheat day tomorrow - I’ll not go overboard but I’ll enjoy myself - really want the 10% next week!

Today was a good day food wise as always on weigh in day:

B: 1 hash brown, 1 veggie sausage, beans, scrambled egg, tomato.
L: Carrot, cumin and yoghurt soup.
D: Banana and 2 protein energy bars.
S: Salt and vinegar chickpeas.
E: Man v Fat football.
W: Over 3 litres.

Copied this from my IA, hope you don’t mind!


…a bit lazy @atb88 …get a grip😂 …good weightloss again though , well done.


Says the guy who knocked out a mere 10km on the rower yesterday.

Cheers buddy!


Good afternoon. Just ate my lunch which was ham and cheese salad. Feeling really stiff from last night’s boxercise. You can tell the difference from normal weights session. Where we concentrate on one area at a time on the weights, boxercise with circuit is an all round conditioning. It only means a good thing doesn’t it.

Copied over from my monthly group. Well done @atb88


One of the definite benefits @Drums1875 of getting into rowing is the fact that, unlike running and cycling (both of which I know you’re not into, to my knowledge)…you do NOT suffer the next day, nor the day after that, with muscle aches… typically with cycling and running in the quads, knees and/or calves.

In fact I’ve found rowing gives benefits of exercise with total weightlessness…like swimming…exercise OF the quads, hamstrings and upper arms, and very definitely of the heart but no sign of after effects. In fact you don’t even have to have a ‘rest day’ which, in all other forms of moving around, is not only recommended, but probably required by the participant without being prompted!

If you get to row at 6.5 out of 10 on an imaginary scale of perceived effort @Drums1875 …you will be THANKING me in a couple of weeks if you can manage at least three sessions a week X say half an hour. That rate of effort is in the fat-burning mode and you don’t go near to breathlessness.

How about you @atb88 …fancy gym-rowing?


Rower done. Spent hour an half in there. Hit a few new targets. Bench pressed 40 kg for the first time. Got down on the floor on my own, done leg raisers, and got up on my own. Woop woop. 3 sets up and down. So lots of positives tonight.

Any good @Zero4.


I realy admire that. Rower propa knacks my hands does ne1 else get that? Lol


B 4xdigestives
L banana + skim milk
T 2xcheese n onion pastys
Snack 2 mini cupcakes (they was tiny i swear down)
Water none
Exercise loadsa walking


You need to drink some water, young man! It really helps with the weight loss.

Yesterday’s effort:

B: 1/2 egg and cheese salad sandwich, a Grenade Carb Killa Peanut Nutter bar, nutty cocoa bircher.
L: Halloumi curry, naan bread, Quinoa chips, flapjack.
D: Chilli paneer starter, paneer curry with rice, cheese and chilli naan.
S: N/A
E: Axe throwing.
W: Over 4 litres.

It was a cheat/rest day.


Lol am terrible 4 water me, i dont even drink it when i exercise lol. Will hav 2 try if it helps.
Axe throwing ?? Lol sounds interesting


@Drums1875 …love it! We can welcome you to the 30 lbs Rowing Club soon !..another 20 minutes this week qualifies you for free membership :grinning:


Water is so beneficial to weight loss @Biffa94. It will help no end. You will lose far more weight quicker by keeping rehydrated and more alert, helps with mood etc.

Any way. Lunch jus been eaten as I’ve had a bump in my truck. Chicken breast salad


Bump in your truck?..


B: 2 hash browns, 2 veggie sausages, scrambled egg, fried egg, beans, tomato, fried bread.
L: Soup, risotto, flapjack.
D: Halo Top ice cream, 4 x 5 calorie jellies.
S: N/A
E: 5 a side football.
W: Over 4 litres.

All the best for the weekend, gents, stay strong!


sounds like a youf-amism :slight_smile: